Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission Report

Travis will be reporting his mission this Sunday, August 23rd at our Stake Center at 9 am.  All are welcome.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


So it's been 2 years of struggle and strife, of pain and shortcomings. 2 years of awesome!!!
I hope all of you have enjoyed this trip as much as I have and I hope y'all will stay tuned for Part 2 starting 2016 when Tyson goes out on a mission!
I know that I have made a difference here in Ghana. And I know that I have touched the lives of many people!
One challenge I have for all of you out there... I would challenge you to read the Book of Mormon and Ask God if its true. Doesn't matter if your LDS, or any other Christian denomination.  Doesn't matter if you don't believe in God, or you hate church.  I dare you to read that book. It's interesting hearing things from back home and hearing what people there think is happening in Africa. Being here I've been able to see how ignorant a lot of our claims are.  It works in reverse too.  A large quantity of Ghanains are ignorant about America. So it is inside and out of the church. People are ignorant. I know that the book of Mormon is true and whether you do or not what do you have to lose? A few minutes? A few hours? Nothing of consequence I'm sure, but no one will lose knowledge.  No one will get dumber reading this book. If nothing else it's got some nice stories inside. If your afraid that's fine, but remember your 20 year old friend almost died in Africa because of this book.  Don't let him almost have died in vain :P
I love you guys so much and thank you all for your support!!!!!
See you soon!!!!!

Love Elder Travis Scott Legg

Odds & Ends & Last Minute Ramblings

Haha no I think I should be ok... I'm not totally sure but I think so . I have like 500 cedis saved up and it should buy a bit i just hope it gets everything I want.

Ty: That's so sick dude your doing all sorts of sweet stuff! We will have to do something cool next week!

Dad: Haha don't worry we will do some relaxed hunting trip or something this year so that should be a good activity :)

Yeah ill see you really soon!

Hmm we shall see I guess. First I need to figure out if I will be in school or what over the summer. (Being a BYS counselor)

That sounds just like such a fun trip you are going to have to tell me all about it when I get back!
What the what even he is going there, that's so weird! Oh well now we just have to get him there!
YEah those kids aren't serious! They need to be more careful! Are you sure I cant get a motorcycle? I'll always wear a helmet.  (I said no way) Hehe ok ok if you say so! Then I guess I'll work on getting a car ugh. Yeah let's not get a new truck! We don't need that get me a new car!!! Or dad a new car and I'll drive the focus! That would be way sick!!!!

Gracie hehe don't let her see her room until I get back and we can see it together ;)

Ty Good luck bro! Get everything ready for me to get home!

Hey mom can you have that chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the freezer when I get back? and some pot stickers? (Today got 4 containers of the ice cream, getting Pot Stickers tomorrow)

The ice cream and pot stickers will be for my midnight snack and breakfast!!!!!! woop woop!!!

Nope the internet isn't fast enough to see it here but I think I can see it in a few days! (Gracie learned to ride a bike in OR & we sent him the video)

Oh my goodness goobers! That's awesome! (Taylor & Tali arguing through email to Trav)

I'm not sure if I will go to kalli's, like I want to, but I also want to go to our ward.. we shall see when the time comes. We start at 10 right? Maybe I can go to both? Ok I'll decide Saturday where I will go.
Yeah I emailed him and told him to come. My goal is to have more people than any other return missionary!!!  see you friday!
You can just bring your cute selves... ok and a junior bacon cheese burger!!! or ice cream... or pot stickers... ok no we will have to do that Saturday, just bring yourselves! (I asked what he wanted at the airport)

Everyone should come to the airport, not everyone should come to dinner, but if most people want to then that's ok!
Yeah just you wait! It's going to be pretty sweet when you see me in my normal proselyting wear! Just be careful my trousers will be really tight,  and I already tore them last week!
I'm strong enough for anything! (I told him I might tackle him at the airport)
I lost 20 lbs, so I went down to 145 but I'm still pretty big, I think I've gained most of it back. I eat a ton now so it should be ok.
My hair is pretty long, so be ready for that. I was going to get it cut in June but then I was in the hospital! And I saw tyler's hair and I didn't want that so I just left it. It was just too short, I'm more of a long hair guy.But I'll get a haircut in like December! December so I can get a special haircut before Star Wars comes out!

I have 4 trou left, 1 has red oil spilled all over it from service, 2 have split crotches, and the last one I pooped in last night on accident :) So I'm getting my really slim black ones fixed today! Yeah I want to go clothes shopping or to steal a bunch of Tys'.
I will be no jacket and short sleeve shirt and my surprise mystery item :)
Nope my mystery item is not a monkey, nor is it a red carpet but there is some red on it!
No not those pants. The red oil stains are on my khaki trou. We had a big stake men cooking eating party, They use red oil a lot for cooking here.
Um seeing that many white people is going to freak me out for sure but no problem I'll get over it! (at the airport)
BBQ would be sick!
I don't really need an open house, maybe a big family dinner at our house after my home coming talk?

Hahah oh goodness mother I'm just glad everything has been a success! I hope I can touch someone's life back home. I didn't see your half of the past 2 years, but I hope I made a difference. (I told him he always makes a difference in my life)
Hehe are they good differences or bad differences? 

We played some football, then washed some clothes,not me of course. Then we are here emailing! Later I'll go eat some oatmeal!
I'ts just strait white oats that I'll add strawberry flavoring and sugar to.
Yeah I scored like 5 of the 5 goals I think? It was sick we, got to play on a big field with big goals instead of the normal small stuff!

Now are you going to be that vigilant with Tyson and Taylor? (emailing each week)
Or am I the favorite so you treat me the best?!!!
So who is really the favorite mom? (I told him they are all my favorite)
You can't say we are all your favorites!! That's like saying all the churches are correct as long as they are worshiping God. Which is not true!!! 
Hehe oh man just wait until Tay, Ty, and I have our male dominance fights! It is so on!!!
Yaayyyyyy I get home soon!!!! (They wrestle, & Tay said he won't wrestle him but wants to race him in a mile)
And Tay is a pootinany, who said he was running on the beach and what not. I haven't done anything in 2 years! Man up I'll take you all on at the same time!!!

I've decided I'm watching frozen on Friday night so get that ready too... unless I'm really tired but  I doubt it!

Hospital Trip Number 2‏

So sorry this has taken so long to get to you............... but here it is!

So you're aware, hopefully, of what happened the first time I was in the hospital. I got out of there on Saturday and laid around for 3 days. Then I went full speed ahead. My new area had so any wonderful people I felt guilty giving anything less than the small 100% that I had. So we went out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had to do a little extra resting in the morning, but I was ok. When I woke up Friday morning I could tell something was wrong, and so could the other guys in my apartment. I decided I'd take a small nap and if I felt better when I woke up then we would go out. I slept for 7 hours woke up and started vomiting. Sadly the only thing I had eaten was sokings, which is dried kasava all groud and then made like malto meal but cold. So I just vomited a bunch of gnasty grainy kasava!. I called President and told him something was wrong. I started taking an oral set of malaria treatment that we had at the apartment. I needed some anti nausea medicine so I called some apartment mates that were out and asked them to bring me some. When they got home they couldn't stop giggling. They told me to read the instructions. The medicine that they had bought was not to be taken orally, but they were rectal capsules... yeah so of course to stop my nausea I die not take the pills, but I just toughed it out. By the time Sunday came around Doctor Hill the mission doctor is in my ward and wanted to do a check up on me. He was concerned because I was unable to stand for more than a few minutes. I was really pale, and even though I had been sitting under a fan in cold weather for 90 minutes I was still sweating profusely. He wrote me up a lab test sheet and told me to go to the hospital the next morning and get tested.

That next morning Elder Baguley and I went to the hospital, got me some blood drawn, then went and bought a new battery for his camera. We were able to visit Elder Van De Graff in his room where he looked like he was going to die from either malaria, or enjoyment. His urine was almost black, but his mini fridge was full of food and stuff. Also his television was working all day long and his bathroom had hot water. It was sweet! By the time I got back I was ready to pass out. I told my companion I needed to sleep before we could do anything. I woke up 4 hours later to a missionary shaking me telling me President wanted to talk to me. I go the phone and president told me to pack my bags and get back to the hospital in an hour and that I was going to be there for a few days.

We  finally got there and I had to go to the emergency room to meet a special doctor there who was going to admit me. I felt kinda bad because all these.. like 3 or so people were coming in and out as emergencies and I looked perfectly fine. I got hooked up to another IV, but we had to wait for the nurse to be free to take me to a room. I said a little prayer asking that I could get a single room like Vandy's, or one a little bit bigger. I tell you what, God really does answer prayers! When I got to my room it was directly across from Vandy's, but mine was a little bigger with a bit better bathroom and more couches. hehehe.

I was hooked up to an IV and received another set of malaria treatment and they got me on an oral treatment too. From Monday night until Friday afternoon I was stuck in bed.... sorry guys it's just still funny because yes I was severely sick, but compared to how I was, I started to feel great, and I just got to chill with the Television all day long :) Don't get the wrong idea. I still had to sit to urinate and I had to lay down in the bathtub to shower, but I was in bed most of the time just doin my thing!

After I got out I just went home baptized some people and continued proselyting!
One day the Sanders brought Vandy and I KFC and we hung out with them for a little while.
One night I woke up to my IV pouch pouring water on me because I rolled over and yanked my IV out that was pretty scary! A couple times my IV got backed up with blood, and that was not nice.
Now I'm not really up to snuff, but you can't really tell. I try to keep the suffering inside so I can do what I'm supposed to. I'm still tired a bunch, but I struggle sleeping.  My poops are poorly colored and really runny,,, in fact I may or may not have pooped my pants last night, but no big deal. But on the outside I'm cool and collected!
So is the tale of the Dying missionary :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Don't Think You're a Failure, Are You?

I'm workin on it, (a health update) the network has been down for like 4 weeks, so we are running on a network that should only support 1 computer, but is trying to hold up 10 of them!!!

Yeah my liver function was like double what it's supposed to be, but yeah it was improvement because at first it was like quadruple! (liver test results)

I don't know what they have a Chuck O Rama. I had wanted Golden Corral because it has tons of different types of food... I guess if Chuck O Rama is better it's fine. I'd kinda rather Golden as far as I know. (Chuck O Rama is much closer to the airport.  So I was just trying to get him to food sooner)

Yep I just found that out when Sam emailed me and then I told you, wow I look like a total bum because Sam had already talked to Tyson about knowing Vandy's family. Ugh oh well. That's sick! I want Sam to get with Vandy's sis because she's a cute girl and her last boyfriend was a goob and Sams wayyy better!!!

Tali: Are you excited to go to Oregon? Or would you rather go to Mexico with mom and dad & Tyson? Personally I would choose Mexico because I am much more used to that weather now! Good luck with selling your hats!

Tay: Wow cousins just like you and Hunter that's sick! Glad you guys had tons of fun at BYS! How did Tyson like it? Do you know if he was a good counselor?

Yeah so that's sick for Gracie, I didn't realize when she was collecting the driftwood that she was making wind chimes!

Man Cancun is going to be so sick! You guys are going to have so much fun. Have a great time mom, dad, and Ty.  You will love your trip! Make the most of it!  (Graduation trip to Riviera Maya)

Ok so here's the deal mom........ you don't need to stress yourself too much about emailing next week. BUT just to inform you........ you have never missed a week of emailing thus far, and you only have 2 more chances to email me like this. So if you fail on the 2nd to last time emailing it will be a terrible fail.  And I don't think you're a failure, are you? No? Ok then email me this coming week :P (I was worried about how I'd contact him from Mexico. Knowing I hadn't missed a week emailing, and knowing that he knew that I hadn't missed. But I figured out how to get an email or 2 out to him, so I wasn't a terrible failure :) )

Nah I'm cool with anything! (I asked him if he had any souvenir requests for us) Yeah I have almost all my African fabric things made, I still have your gift, my gift, and the family's gift in the making. But other than that everything else seems to be coming along.  Next week, Wednesday, I'll go to the art market and get some wood stuff and some kente stuff.

Umm not sure yet.(getting a job)  I have the when down.. start of October. I was thinking I'd apply at like some law firms or some of the hospitals around for a travel abroad doctor.

Sweet Sanders

Hi Sister Legg,
  So good to hear from you.  I'm sorry I don't read myLDSMail email account very often as you can see.  I use my personal gmail account for all emails but have kept this account open just in case.  Now I'm sure glad I checked this today.
  You are so kind to send us your appreciation.  Thank you.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your wonderful son.  He is an amazing young man and a wonderful Missionary.  He kept such a great attitude through his entire ordeal and was always thankful.  I can tell he has been taught by a great mother.
  We try to do some things with the missionaries who don't feel good to get their minds off how they feel.  Since KFC is the only US fast food in Ghana, it is a simple choice what to purchase.  Both your son and the other sick Elder from their mission were really excited to get some wonderful tasty food they recognized.  I had both Elders come into one room and we had a little picnic.  The nurses couldn't figure out what was going on because that never happens here.  To say the least, the time was very special for all involved and fun as can be.  Even though both Elders didn't feel good, it brightened their day and it was worth every minute.
  I'm happy for you to have your son return shortly.  I'm sure it will be a great reunion.  Best wishes and thank you.  Elder and Sister Sanders from Layton, UT

Monday, July 20, 2015

Doxy Makes Me Puke....... A Lot

Yeah I'm feeling alright now. I just have abdominal pains a lot but other than that it's ok.

Ok well that's way sweet of you to recognize them like that! (Emailing to thank the doctor and couple who took care of him at Nyaho) Thanks for always being the best mom!!!

Hey that's fantastic! Finally he is getting himself together!!!
Yeah I don't want to sell bug spray!!! Yeah imma get a better job!... (We shall see)
When am I getting a smart phone? (He's a little excited about this, since he hasn't had one before)
Yeah... can we get the other type of anti malaria meds? Doxy makes me puke... a lot
Funny thing is doxy is, in fact, a med that we use back home fore acne, but for acne it needs to be a higher dose. So it's lame weak sauce!
Hehe yeah imagine what would have happened if I did take doxy and got sick! Because that happens way more often than missionaries getting sick without taking it.
Haha not really because the dosage is too low to do anything.(I asked if at least his face is cleared up) I need to take 2 or 3 pills a day and my body can barely handle 1.

Yeah he's a nice guy hes trying to help, still not my favorite fellow though.
By the way if you want to get in contact with Elder Van De Graff's family the Heads know them. I'm not sure if they are in the same ward or what but if you contact Sam he could definitely get you in contact with them! 

Can you find out about me meeting with President Evans after I get home and getting released and what not. That night after dinner would be ideal.
Yeah probs like 8-9 is when I'll be back and free.  And maybe his house or the stake center? Why don't you call him? It'd work better than an email :)
Nothing really urgent just want to know the deets about me getting released!

Ok enjoy your meal with them because soon you will be going to lunch with me a lot because we haven't gotten together all 2014 or 2015!!!! (I was excited to be going to lunch with my BSU girls & haven't seen them in a whole year)
Yeah people can come to dinner with us! (after we pick him up at the airport)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

On The Mend


As a follow up to the voice message I just left, I went with your son to his follow up doctor’s  appointment. Everything seems like it is back to normal. Your son said he gets tired but less so  every day. The doctor encouraged him to continue taking folic acid (Vitamin C ) and said that would pass. The doctor requested a liver function test just for documentation purposes and said that from observation he could see things were okay. The results of the test will be available tomorrow.


Liver function test results are back. Results are good. All values in normal range or improving. Your son also told the doctor the tiredness is improving. Good news.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Doing Everything I'm Supposed to & I Will Be OK

Yeah I know a lot of missionaries here that have had malaria and to be honest mine and Vandy's case was one of, if not, the worst case I have ever heard of. If I hadn't been forcing myself to eat and allowing myself to vomit so much then I would still be in the hospital right now and I would have needed the blood transfusions. I know that you and mom need me to be ok so I have done everything I can to get better. I feel so sick when I drink and eat but they say it will help, so I do it. They say I need to go out and do stuff to build up my energy so I do even though I get massive headaches and I almost pass out all the time. But I will be ok I'm doing everything I'm supposed to and I will be ok.

Top Goal Scorer was Walking Around Zombie Status With Low Blood Levels

Yeah don't worry it is coming. Right now the internet is absolutely
terrible and I'm trying really hard to try to get back to everyone that
had to extend their sympathies. Ok ok I will be trying soon to send 
you all exactly what happened but I just don't have time right now I
am coming. I got you guys pretty well the details of the first hospital trip
so soon I will get you the details of the second hospital trip!

Yeah so I'm sick but I'm getting better, president Hill didn't think it
was malaria until we went to the second hospital a week later. It's
been pretty rough, but I had a wonderful time at the second hospital.
Once we stopped dealing  as much with president and started
working with the missionary health adviser and a doctor couple from
the other mission things got a lot nicer because they cared
and wanted to help.

Ok so for right now I am ok you don't really need to do anything. I
just had a severely resistant strain of malaria, and I was poorly
treated for it at first. The West African missionary doctor was in
Ivory Coast for the first week we were in the hospital and that was a
big part of the problem. He got back and found out about us and was
really mad. So he got us into a nice hospital and got us proper care. I
just finished my 4th set of malaria treatment, 2 oral sets of Coartem,
and 2 sets through an IV. I got to meet with a really qualified doctor
who is some sort of internal specialist, so she helped a lot and that
was good. The second trip to the hospital was waaayy nicer. I spent 5
days in the hospital with my own room, a mini fridge, a television,
and air conditioning. That was really nice. I had nice people coming to
visit me every day and I even got KFC delivered, and we had a small
party in Elder Van De Graffs room.
For right now I should be ok, now that people with actual medical
experience are on my case. I will be coming home when my mission is
finished. You can all probably just relax. At this point the only
thing we are watching is if my liver damage doesn't improve or my
hemoglobin level drops. If the first happens I will get on some
medicine or something. And if the later happens I will get a blood
transfusion. I would have gotten one already, but it's a lot harder for
us to get blood through the church. We need to know the donor and know
all their background information.  The other missionary has already had one
blood transfusion and he will be getting another one. I'm doing good
because I ate more. So I vomited more, but I got more nutrients in my body.
The people that we are getting blood from are like the senior
missionary couples so the blood is clean. We only will do it with our
own blood. I won't have a blood transfusion unless my hemoglobin level drops
and at this point that shouldn't happen.
When the malaria parasite enters your liver it
transforms into a blood attacking liver destroying parasite. The urine
becomes closer to a brown color because all of your red blood cells
are getting attacked and you urinate out all of the dead ones. The
only reason my urine clear is because I pee like a thousand times a
day trying to flush out my system. I woke up 5 times just last night
to pee and my urine is still more yellow than it should be. In low
quantities it looks clear but when the whole urine is gathered it
looks pretty dark.
But I should be ok don't worry. I am in my area right now.

Yeah I just got called from pres hill this morning about it woop woop!!!!! Sooo
excited! Now I can come home early and it doesn't really have to be for
sickness :) (his travel itinerary change that I got back on the 9th)

Tali: Keep cleaning those carpets! I want to come home to a clean house!
Quick save them don't let them die out there all alone!!! (our friends truck 
broke down and Tali & Scott went to rescue them)

Tay:haha Yeah 4th of July here wasn't a big deal, we kinda missed it
but glad you loved it! Yeah imma have to pack pretty soon too hehehe sooo
awesome! I'm so pumped I'll be home really soon!!!

Ty: We played a nice match of USA versus Ghana today and we won
9-2 which was cool because the top goal scorer was walking around
zombie status with low blood levels :) hehe yeah I was the zombie, and 
umm its not low blood sugar, it's low blood, my hemoglobin is suuper low. 
It should be around 15 and I'm at 8 or 9 :) BYS sound like its
going to be fun!

Ok so first there are 2 Hills. Prez hill and Doctor hill. Doctor hill
is the West Africa mission medical adviser. And he has been really
helpful! He was pretty much the only reason I got real treatment.
President hill visited me at the hospital like twice when I was
there the second time and once the first time. The medical people
from the other Accra mission visited me like 5 times and bought me KFC,
and they don't even have to have anything to do with me! They were
really nice. pres and his wife don't like them. They are the
Sanders. President seemed pretty annoyed when he talked to me too, but
that's ok because when I was chilling with Doctor hill he was pretty
mad  and felt that he was being irresponsible and not good it was nice.
I'm still disappointed in President Hill with how 
he is handling it, even now, but he can do his own thing.
He has gotten an earful from Salt lake telling him to contact mom.
so hopefully he called you, he told me that he called you.
I'm glad he finally did something. He feels it is better to
withhold info so that you don't freak out. I think its better to be
honest so you don't have to worry.
Me and Dr hill talked about it and he said he can't contact you.
He really wants to and he feels like he should be able to, but he can't.
First I was in Deseret hospital Wednesday to Saturday, then the next
week I proselyted all week from Tuesday to Sunday, then I went to
Nyaho clinic from Monday to Friday. The specialist isn't at Nyaho.
She just kinda works around. I'm not sure if I'll see her on this Wed.
But I will see a doctor who was in charge of my case. All of the
parasites should be dead at this point. The only thing that is wrong
at this point is the liver damage and my blood trying to grow back, but
that can't happen until my liver heals. Yeah all the info I want to
learn I get from Doctor hill. He told me all the good stuff.

I got out this past Friday and I have been in my area since then.
Moving all my stuff up would be sweet mom thank you so much you're the best!!!
(doctor, dentist, eye dr appts)

Yeah well I'm ok so that's the big news right now!!! 
Don't worry as long as I don't have a fever I will be ok. I still
have 2 weeks to relapse! Worse than me was a missionary that came from
the other mission that goes home in 1 week and he crashed his bike and
now doesn't remember the past year of his mission!!!
I got that when I got out of the hospital the first time. thank
you so much you're the best!!!! (the very last package I sent him)

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Since I had not heard from you and in case you may not have seen my earlier note, l  thought I would send another email letting you know that your son was released from the hospital yesterday. He told me the doctor requested a routine follow up visit on Wednesday.

I will be happy to update you on the follow up visit once it occurs. I spoke to him this morning and he said he feels great, just gets tired more easily than usual. I asked him to pace himself and rest as needed.
Pres. Hill

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tired But Feeling Well

Sent:Fri 7/10/15 3:49 PM
Your son was released from the hospital today and has gone back to his apartment. The antibiotics he received along with his own natural immune system have kicked in and there is no remaining infection. In addition to the anti-malarial medications he received through an IV, he has also completed a regimen of additional medications to ensure he malaria is gone. He will have a follow up visit with the doctor next week just as a precaution. I spoke to him just a few minutes ago and he said that he is tired but feeling well.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions that I might address.

President Hill


Thursday 06 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 9373
Departure 06 August 10:10 PM Accra Kotoka Intl

Arrival 07 August 07:00 AM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Duration 06:50 (Non stop)

Equipment BOEING 777-200/300
Meal Breakfast
Operated by Klm Royal Dutch Airlines, KL590
Friday 07 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 057
Departure 07 August 10:35 AM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Arrival 07 August 01:20 PM Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl

Duration 10:45 (Non stop)
Booking status Confirmed
Class Economy (H)
Baggage allowance 2PC
Seat 26E confirmed for Travis Scott Legg
Equipment BOEING 767-300
Meal Lunch
Friday 07 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 4509
Departure 07 August 05:06 PM Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl

Arrival 07 August 06:18 PM Boise Air Term Gowen Fld

Duration 01:12 (Non stop)
Booking status Confirmed
Class Economy (U)
Baggage allowance 0PC
Seat 13C confirmed for Travis Scott Legg
Operated by Skywest Dba Delta Connection,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

No Infection or Malaria Detected

Sent: Thu 7/09/15 2:34 PM

Good news. At this point, the malaria and infection are gone. His own immune system has kicked in and he is doing well. No infection or malaria detected. He will likely get released from the hospital  tomorrow and go back to his area. His apartment has some supportive missionaries who can help monitor things as well, if needed, but at this point he is doing fine.. I will also encourage him to ease back into a normal day—take it easy for a while. Of course, Dr. Hill and I will both check in with him in the coming days to ensure that everything is progressing as expected.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Urine Is Clear!!

Sister Legg,

I am so sorry that you did not receive these two previous emails. As I said on the phone, I will send you an email each day for the next few days. Please let me know anytime you have questions or would like to visit further on the phone about your son’s progress.

President Hill

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 7:18 PM
Sister Legg,

I saw your son a few minutes ago and he is doing well. He says he is tired but otherwise said he feels fine. He is being treated for malaria but looks well, is eating well, and improving his strength. His urine, sometimes an indicator of a problem, is very clear which is also a good sign.  

Please let me know if you have any questions that I could answer.

President Hill

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 12:09 AM

Sister Legg,

I received an email today that you and your  Stake President were inquiring about your son’s health. Since you and I have corresponded directly in the past, please feel free to write to me on any questions you may have if you wish to do so.

Your son was in the hospital for malaria last week and was treated and released last weekend. He and I have talked almost every day since then and he told me that he mostly felt  good Monday to Friday, but sometime on Friday he began to feel weak and tired and his urine was darker than normal.  Since he was still having some problems, we decided to have additional lab work done today (Monday). Based on that lab work, he may still have malaria so he was readmitted to the hospital this evening about 9 pm and will undergo further testing and possible treatment in the next few days.

He is in very good spirits and does not look sick or unhealthy. I think he may have played sports today. While malaria is certainly something to watch and get treated, he is not in any imminent danger. I will keep you updated on his status as things progress in the next few days. Please let me know anytime you may have any questions.

President Hill

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So You Can See My Post Mission Glow

Hey sorry I wasn't around, everything is ok... now. Don't worry I'm fine I'm sure I'll say something about it soon.
Haha I'm glad you are doing so well in the Library! That's such a sick calling for you, you gonna be the best!!!
Holy cow Ty is now an Elder!!!! Flip that's insane! I wasn't even thinking about that and now he's already that huge?!
Yeah I am trying to plan the best way that I can come through those doors. I was thinking I would bring a big old red carpet with me so that I could have someone roll it out as I walk elegantly or something cool like that so you can see my post mission glow :P (I've told him to run through the glass doors at the airport when he comes home)

Ty:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck man getting ordained an Elder! now you can go about healing the sick and raising the dead! That's freaking crazy bro!!!! Yeah i never really went to FHE or Institute but I'm totally down to go if you wants to take me!

Tay: How fast are you trying to get sheesh! Yeah when I get back I need to you time my mile so that I can see how fast I still am and then I can work my way up until I can beat you :P

Tali: Wow your room is going to be all cute and new when I get back so that will be sweet! Are you excited to have your own room?

Love Elder Legg

Accra Flooding (pic)

This picture is literally a 5 minute walk from my house. You can see the church from where that camera was, not in the pic though, it's just down the road. 
This picture was in an article written about the flood and gas station explosion in Accra.  I sent the article to Trav & this is what he said about the picture. 

Malaria 2+. Blood Pressure 60 Over 20

(We did not hear from him last Monday 6/22)
Ok sooooo don't freak out. I don't want to down play this one, because I want you to know what has gone down.
2 weeks ago I got a bit of a cold and it was just kind of going around, I was pretty much better by Thursday.
Saturday morning Elder Van De Graff was feeling kinda sick, but we all went our ways and did our thing. By 2pm he was back in the apartment with a 102 fever.
Around 6pm a large rainstorm started and my companion and I got stuck in it.  We waited at the Sisters' apartment for the rain to let up so we could get home. By this time I had developed the chills. When I got home we, both Vandy and I, were feeling a little cold. At about 10 pm both of us went into convulsions with 102 fevers and we were freezing.
Elder Barnes gave us fever reducers and wet rags and began fighting the fevers. We were able to sleep after some time.
Sunday we spent all day in bed and didn't go to church. We had to move my mattress onto the living room floor so that I could be more easily taken care of.
We had to give Vandy a blessing in the middle of the night and I passed out mid blessing, luckily on my mattress.
Monday morning I was feeling much better, so I went with Barnes to get yogurt to help settle Vandy's stomach. When we returned I collapsed on my bed vomited, and began shaking again, and slipped back into my fever.
Tuesday we had to move to a new apartment and Vandy and I just had to lay on my mattress in the corner while they moved all our things out.
Tuesday night I began vomiting everything I tried to put into my body ( we had both already been vomiting multiple times before now) Vandy's stomach began killing worse than the already unbearable pain. We had called President Hill Sunday and he was aware of our sickness this whole time.
By Wednesday morning at like 4 or 5 we couldn't handle it any more and we called again to ask to go to the hospital. We had to wait almost until the afternoon until we finally had the clearance to go to the hospital.
On the trip from the house to the car I puked twice.  And on the car ride we were incoherent. The taxi took us to the hospital and they had to help us into wheelchairs. Luckily we got taken care of quickly. As soon as we were brought into the consultation room they got us on stretchers. They had to put us on an IV because we were severely  dehydrated. Since I had vomited so many times it was really difficult for them to find a vein or anything to put mine in. At first they stabbed it into a tendon.
They put us in the hall at first so that we could get easy emergency access. There I began shivering uncontrollably again until a nurse noticed and threw some blankets on me. We then were pumped with medicine to help the pain, and the fever, and the dehydration.
We were in the hospital until Saturday.
Last night was the first time I have been able to eat in over a week. And we are still in recovery, Transfers were this past Wednesday and I still haven't gone to my new area nor have I gotten my new companion.
Mom I'm ok now. I'm trying to tell you exactly what happened because you deserve to know.
When we got to the hospital we had 2+ malaria, which is very severe. Our blood pressure was 60 over 20. The doctor said if we had been even an hour later things would have gotten critical and we would have... well I'm sure you all know what the end result of malaria is.
Right now we sleep close to 18 hours a day and we can barely walk. I'm crazy queezy, but I will be ok.
I love you guys thanks for helping protect me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Look Like Neapolitan Ice Cream!

This week was pretty cool! The flooding was pretty much cleared up and I found out from the newspapers that most of the people who died in that explosion were prostitutes.
YEah on my thumb it is all getting much better. On my back I'm now getting some sweet wounds! We went to the beach last Monday and I came back with a medium burn, but as the week progressed it just got worse until I just had this scabby oozing mess across my back! It's still mostly scabbed up and I look like Neapolitan ice cream! So that's sick! We got some big old stocks of aloe vera and rubbed it on a ton!
Also on the sickness note umm I have 3 weird lumps that have appeared on my neck... like it's pretty bad you can't normally see them, but when I turn my head to the right then this big one pops out just above my collar bone... we will see if it gets better or worse. Right now they are just medium uncomfortable so that's not even bad!

Cool hopefully I can get out way early.... on that note, the end of this month will begin my last full transfer so I have been buying lots of cool stuff. Got some backpacks for the 3 boys (Ty, Tay, Me) got a lion, a small turtle, some coconut purse thingys, a necklace, some sweet paintings, a hippopotamus, masks and some other sick things. I will withdraw the last of my money tomorrow... so I don't need money now but if in July you could put some in so I can buy more stuff since I will definitely be coming to a close and then I can grab some more things. :) Mom I got you a cool wooden carved bowl and it's purple (winky face)

Gracie: How come you don't like starting new things? You need to jump in head first, just don't get bumps on your head like Tali hehehe. You did great though!!!! (she was a counselor in training at a science camp)

Tali: Sorry about your head, but its good that you did so well! You so totally rock! Sorry your hurt your head! That's not fun! I hope you feel better soon! (At the same science camp---Tali was a participant.  Tali's group built a go kart and she was the driver.  One of their front wheels got stuck and she face planted into the cement--while being pummeled by water balloons--it was great!)

Tay: Man I have always wanted to catch a sturgeon!  Heheh I love when you get to go many much days with the same pair of under ware! Who is your home teaching companion?

Ty:  DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEEEE you're soooo old what the freak!!! How is it possible that you got this old now?!!!?!?! Wo which was better Jurassic World or Mall Cop 2? Good luck with everything! You da bomb!

It's freaking nuts that Ty is that old! I don't know how in the world that happened?!?!?
Umm is it bad I'm kinda glad I don't have to go to another family reunion! Umm not in a bad way! I just don't like the hassle....
Who is Tyson's home teaching companion? Do you think I could be it when I get home?! Yeah and I want a sick job when I get back... maybe like in October...
Ohhhh snap! That's so sick! Congrats! You will love that one! I hope you enjoy it as much as you think you will!!! (I'll now be working in the library at church instead of teaching)

Yeah you know how Jenna moved to Bountiful!?? Elder Barnes, who is in my apartment, went to school with her!!!!
Please don't be expecting me to be all spiritual and fake sounding all the time when I get home! Imma be crazy and abnoxious! (Hopefully that's not too much worse than his usual obnoxious self!!  His spelling is hopeless now!)
Elder Legg

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Best Leaks Ever!

Yeah I'm doing much better! I'm almost all cleared up. Just a little soft new skin and some sweet scars! But other than that everything else is totally taken care of!

We heard a lot about about the explosion and the flooding. In total we have been told that the death toll is over 200 and they have still been finding bodies. It was really close to us. Not suuper close, but if it was like my house here was our house there it'd probably be the Little Leggs Daycare in town that got blown up.  About 15 minutes from my house and like a 2 minute walk from my apartment mates area :) Lightning struck our dry line in our yard and there was tons of flooding all over the place! So pretty close, but it didn't effect us at all. And everything was cool with us, no flooding, just a little leakage! Don't you love it when your roof gets a leak, but the water just rolls down the wall into the shower........ so you don't even mind it! Best leaks ever! The big one made itself a little stream that just led its way out the front door, so we left that one alone too :P

What's with all the people I know going to crazy town?! I'm so glad I have a plan for the future and I'm actually going to have something going for me! It's like meeting young adults here and them trying to challenge me that they are doing more in their lives. But they have no jobs, no school, and they live with their moms, but treat their moms like crap.  Then I'm sitting here halfway around the world all alone, just loving my mom :)

We went to the beach today as a combined bi-zone activity and we had a wonderful time!!!! We played soccer, my team won. Then we played volleyball, my team won. Then we played American football, my team won. Then the suuper sick Welsh lady there got some water for us and Sister Namudu brought me food because she is awesome. So I was the only person there with food :) It was fantastic!
Tali:  Well that's good that you had a good week! Hope you keep having fun!!!

Tay: Yeah dude get your Eagle scout stuff finished! When are you going to get your license? I'm definitely not taking you to school every day :P

Gracie: Wow that's great that you had such fun at girls camp! I'm glad you let me know all the stuff that you did there.... yeah I'm doing much better! Thanks for the Prayers!

Tyson:  Dude how old are these cute girl councilors?? And are they in need of a missionary to write?! Flip that sounds like you are having a ton of fun and you are going to do great!!!!

Man see here the phone stuff is so much easier! But you can easily drop a ton of money if you are not careful. You can buy any phone you want and you can just choose your service by buying a sim card from any market for like 2 Cedis, then you buy some credit and use it any way you like :) What a bunch of chumps! You need to just threaten their lives and tell them you'll only bring half of what they request! (I told him I went into Sprint & Verison trying to figure out what I'm going to do with our service)

A little rushed because the Cafe man is trying to shut us out since he already caused a ton of problems for us today oh well!

Have a fantastic week!
Love Elder Legg

Monday, June 1, 2015

That's About As Real As It Gets!

Ok so were you guys going to redo the girls rooms?! If you were you should have them get the 2 smaller rooms so that when I get back I can have the girls room after Tay turns 16 so he can have the big one after Ty leaves and he gets old enough.

Well flip mom what the heck why in the world does she think that she is old enough to go to girls camp!!!! Flip I haven't even gotten to go to that yet!!! I want to go so bad! My wife better be a gosh dang young women's leader at some point! Or I'll have to be a bishop of stake president but that doesn't look likely!

It's so crazy that Even Jeremy is back! Before it was just the girls but now my bros are getting back too! Gosh dang it I'll be back so soon!!!!!

Gracie: Good luck at girls camp! Have tons of fun! You are so lucky, I wish I could go with you!

Tay: Wow what a stud bro! So you're dope in everything manly! How's stuff with church? How are your bros? Y'all got potty mouths and actin like punks? Got any girlfriends yet? :P good luck!

Ty: Dude you're turning into a hard core cowboy now too! Dude make tons of money because when I get back you're going to have to take me out for food all the time :P maybe.... but don't worry. Imma hook you up with all sorts of cool stuff when I get back! I might be pants at life, but I've learned some cool stuff about computers and making my life more fun!! :)

Tali: Dude wow you're doing all sorts of stuff! I'm glad you at least give me some information everyone else just says small things and doesn't give me any details! Yeah you got that right :)

Ok so I don't have much for stories this week because I really only did one thing all week, CAUTION for all women and those with faint hearts you might not want to read this

Here's me, I'm Elder Legg a 5'8" missionary and there isn't much more wastes of space than I, for the last 6 days my number one activity has been laying in bed... butt neked!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop...
This is my tale.

Chapter One:
Sunday starts out and my "thumb" turned kinda dark red and hurt a bit, I just left it alone until Tuesday when the pain changed.

Chapter 2:
So Tuesday  I can barely walk from district meeting because a small sore has developed on the bottom of my "thumb" and it stings really bad. I text Sister Hill and get some medicine that should help, I then lie in bed all day with some medicinal cream rubbed on my "thumb".

Chapter 3:
Wednesday I wake in a crying stupor, my "thumb" is now 3/4ths covered with a bloody oozing sore and a large blister has developed on the top near my "nail". I again stayed in bed but told President Hill and we called Doctor Hill, the missionary doctor, and came up with 3 possibilities.
 1: Caused by friction.
 2 I got a bacterial infection.
 3 I got a gnasty STD... yay

Chapter 4:
Thursday morning arrives and I'm definitely not doing any better, so despite the rain we rush to the hospital. The Lab tells us they can't take the urine or swab tests unless its first thing in the morning, so I have to come back in the morning. They do proceed to take a large quantity of blood from my arm to have that tested.

Chapter 5:
Head back to the hospital first thing in the morning with my urine and swabs in hand. Finally the first good news I've had all week comes. No, I DO NOT have Syphilis. And no I don't have diabetes!!!! yeah yeah!!!

Chapter 6:
I laid in bed for the next few days going between crying, screaming, moaning, sweating, partying! Slowly with the new drugs I have been prescribed it has started to improve.  The sore/ oozing has decreased greatly but now there's lots of blood...

Went to the hospital for the last of my results and... No, I DO NOT have Chlamydia.  No, I don't have Aids or any form of STD.  No, I don't have a bacterial infection... I'm completely healthy... Freak this is a load o' junk!!!  You mean to tell me that I've been sitting here with all this pain and I'm totally fine?!?! So what you're telling me this was all my imagination! I don't think so!!!!!!
Oh well I just have to be healed by next week Monday when we go to the beach! We don't usually go because there is only one really nice beach and it's kinda far away. All the rest of the beaches are covered in poop so we don't want to go there!!!!

Yeah so that was my crazy crappy week. Still lots of blood on my "thumb" and still pretty messed up. But definitely better than before! Haha loveed this week! Sorry if that's nasty for y'all but I'm just tryin to keep it real and that's about as real as it gets!
Love you guys!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Legg

PS.... (I asked about meds & his previous run ins with staph infections & MRSA)
Yeah well you see I got a staff infection on my forehead the Thursday before. It's been the worst one in a while, so I had actually been on amoxacillin since Thursday! That's why we ruled that out since it didn't get bad until I had taken drugs already for 5 days! 
I'm on 3 antibiotics right now. In one sitting I had to take 3000ml of drugs! That freaking sucked! I'm on some weird things. All the names are different, so I'm not sure.

(For his display case, I told him an authentic, used shirt would represent his experience better than a new one)  Ok yeah I can get a really thrashed shirt together that's a good idea actually!!!
I'll decide if I have a tie that I really like and I'll see what I can do with it! My really thrashed shirt is messed up on the back and around my waist so that wouldn't really work but I'll get one thrashed in the front.
A pic of me in what? a thrashed shirt?
Yeah I got one to her and she replied :) I just said hi and asked her what's up and asked how she's doing normal stuff. What should I say to her? Should I ask her out or something?!

Sweet so yeah I'll get back for the games so that'll be sweet!!! (Tay High school soccer starts the Saturday after he's due back)  Yeah I'll get back and I'll whip Tay into shape! I'll show him who's the alpha male and I'll throw down!
I want to get back as early as possible but whatever.

Flip man! Everyone is getting home! I have emailed that guy every week since I got here and now he is back but I'm still doin the same old!!! Oh well I'll get back soon! We will see how I will do with the glass doors! (We've gone to the airport to welcome a couple missionaries home, one ran to the glass doors that opens to the families, others have taken their sweet time, I told him he is to run!) Yeah, I'm not going to tome home and testify that i loved my mission. mine is one of those things in my life where i will value it the farther I get away from it :)

I need to go get measured for a suit soon but it's all good.(I told him his friend Jeremy came back from Spain with some nice suits) I don't know what color I should get. I was thinking very dark purple? What do you think? Black is too normal, too many people choose grey, blue is too easy to mess up. I don't know! I will talk to the guy when I go see him see what he wants!

I just got  through the  last package of drink mixes so that's all good. Nothing like a package from your mom to remind you how awesome she is and that someone in the world really loves you. Thanks for the package!

Let me just do it on the Aug.23rd that would be easier because then I could just start my post mission beard :) (to report his mission at church)
Also can I go down to Malad--it's right near Utah State University, but in Idaho----on the 27th weekend in September for Elder Hoskins homecoming? I can go Thursday after school and come home Monday :) It'd work and I got it all planned out :) I'm having him move it to the next weekend after my birthday.
He's like my best friend in this mission! We came together and we have been around each other a couple of times. I kinda want to do this one on my own. Like my first big thing alone, just being an adult. I have other road trips I want to do with Tyson!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Want to Live on My Very Own Island

I know Tay mentioned they were moving but you haven't told me where they are moving!
Yeah I need her email! some one get on that? I only have her mission one! So I need her normal one! Who can get that for me?! Um yeah get on facebook and send her a message and ask for it :) Yeah just tell her im a psycho and im interested and Id like to email her! Sweetness!! You're the bomb mom!!! Oh dang mom you're the best!~ (I got ahold of his friend and she sent her email, so I sent it to him while he was still online)

Hi tay!

Ty: Dude you did all sorts of awesome! Man your such a boss! You are now finished with high school which is sick and now you just get to party until I get home which is going to be way cool!!!!! Miss you bro but I'll see you soon!

Yeah I want to have my associates by the end of 2016, so we will see what we have to do to make that happen when I get home!
Umm yeah for him, he's a sweet guy but 25 and nothing going for him, hasn't finished school nor has he done anything with his life so now he is here I guess just uses scriptures like its a never ending supply of candy! It's so annoying, anytime he talks people just groan, especially the other missionaries. It's so hard to try to help him but I'm doing my best! The chance of him being my comp for more than a transfer is extremely low, but the chance of me staying in this area until I finish will be really high.
yeah the area sucks soooooo bad! I ride 45 minutes from my terrible crappy apartment then just get depressed by the investigators that we are seeing. I drop someone every day. It'pretty horrid. I hope I don't finish my mish like this, but it is possible.  We will change apartments relatively soon. We were supposed to move a month ago, but we will be out of here before I get home that's for sure! But yeah it's all good I guess

Ok yeah I read it but I will answer them now! (this was from a game we played at Tyson's Senior Night--how well do you know your senior?  They'd ask a question and the Seniors would get their answer.  Then they'd ask the parents what they though the senior would say, & then they would reveal their answer.  I wanted him to try and answer what he thought Tyson had said...but he'd already read my other email so he answered for himself)
My favorite color is blue     (Tyson: green)
Dad's humor is like a 7.223  (Tyson said a 2--we like to torture him!)
My favorite Disney princess is Obviously my girl Snow White!!!! mmm  (Tyson: Belle from Beauty and the Beast)
If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life it would be pizza because its incredibly versatile! (Tyson:  Hawaiian Haystacks)
Which celebrity would you want to meet? I want to meet Haiden Pantierre!!! she's smokin! (Tyson:  Adam Levine.....but that's more for Gracie & I)
In 5 years I see myself living in somewhere with a sweet 4 seasons with my super sweet wife! Or alone wolfin it on an island that I own.  (Tyson:  in college)
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I want to live on my very own island!!! Sooo badly!!!! (Tyson:  Idaho)
My favorite holiday is now the 4th of July because I recognize what an incredible country we live in!
 (Tyson:  Christmas)
Favorite type of food.  I like american food because we eat the most meat! (Tyson:  Mexican)
My favorite book  is The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles by Julie Andrews (Tyson:  Anything written by Rick Riordan)

Favorite movie is either Winnie the Poo or Little Nemo. (Tyson:  Spirit--a cartoon horse movie)

Flip that is so crazy that Erica is back too! I remember when she was just barely going out like last month and how we were praying for her because her back was troubling her! How in the world are all of these people coming home when I'm still here I just don't understand how it is even possible! To be honest! I still haven't even hit the winter of 2013!  I'm still just sitting here in good ole summer! I don't know how it is possible to be stuck in a crazy limbo summer! (Erica said she can't wait for Trav to get home & she was sad to get her missionary plaque back) I want to be home now too so it's only fair I guess! Yeah that's gonna be weird but oh well I'll love getting to hold my plaque and rock that around as an RM!!!!

That's so crazy that Tyson is done with high school and seminary! He has nothing to look forward to now except me coming home!!!! woop woop!!!! But really that's the craziest thing ever!~ I left when he was still a sophomore in my mind and now imma come back and he's this big bad man!

Yeah sorry the time is running low because my companion has been freaking out the whole time that we need to hurry to Family home evening!!!

Gracie: wow I don't think I got any awards when i was in 6th grade or at least none that I remember! (she got the outstanding student award from her language arts teacher and the perseverance award from her science teacher) And when I finished high school I only got the Choir award but that was flippin awesome so no problem!

Tali: Welcome back from Wyoming!  I bet you loved that and now your just about or already done with school so that must be wonderful! Good luck with all the fun summer that is ahead of you! You'll do great!

Yeah in the ward that I am serving now we are 6 missionaries, my companion and i, then 4 sister missionaries. It's sweet because me and the 2 senior sisters have banded together to make a huge goal of having family home evening every day, so we have been finding tons of members to have awesome family home evenings with!

Also today we went to the temple site to play basketball and that was cool.   There were nearly 100 kids there between the 2 missions that were invited.  So I was kinda tossed from team to team, because they all thought I sucked.  But the games were only to 7, so it was kinda quick but once I got warmed up we played the last game to 21 and I scored 15 points leading my team to the win.  Gosh I played post on offense and then I played up top on defense. Between Elder Hoskins and I, we got like 20 steals so that was awesome and I had bunches of rebounds and i just wooped on everyone! it was sooo sweet!!!!

Well that was my awesome week! We will see how incredible the coming one can be made!

Love Elder Legg

Umm yeah my ties and shirts are all suuuuuper nasty! If I have an awesome one to bring home I will, but do you think we could just get a new white shirt for it? Yeah I would love that it's suuuper cool! (a shadow box with his shirt, tie, missionary tag and a few other items)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dumped a Flock of Cockroaches out of My Area Book

Umm well Ty don't worry about it things move on whether you want it to or not but the cool thing is that you never are losing what you had before but you just keep adding to the cool stuff you experienced! The summer is freaking sick and you're still going to go to school when fall runs around. you got this and you don't need to worry about anything because imma be way more freaked out when I get back so I need you put together so you can hold me by the hand and help me everywhere!
Nope no postcard from Tia.

Yeah good thing your list is getting smaller. I'll hopefully send the list soon and then have Tyson research it and see if there are any other things that I may have missed or that were rater R in my already made list and then we can watch them all!!!!
Yay! I love the dentist!!! (I told him I already have his appointment scheduled for when he comes home)
Gracie: wow just a bunch of cleaning huh! wow when do you finish up school?!

Tay: sheesh dude careful with the RV don't you know that's what I gotta drive when I get home!

Ty: dude flip your doing all sorts of stuff! man I always love finals! If you just put in some effort during the semester then you know whats going to be on the test usually!!! Don't worry about finishing school dude it'll be sweet and you'll enjoy it! Everything is going to be great I promise!

Haha yeah that's so sick man I always wanted to be a councilor! That would be the bomb!!! (Tyson will be a BYS counselor)

Hmm I don't really know what to say this week! 

Got transferred to my new area. this apartment it pretty trashed because missionaries are completely pants at taking care of things. It's also blazing hot in this apartment! My companion is a really sweet guy. His name is Elder Samuel. He is from Nigeria, he is 25, he has been on mish for 6 months and this is his only area so far. Also my area is suuper far from my apartment so that's really fun when I get to ride really far out there every day! Oh well it's fun I guess. 
In my apartment is Elder Barnes from Utah, and Elder Van de Graff from Utah, the later is from my MTC so we came at the same time and he is a cool guy!

Yeah mostly just chilled and worked in my new area so not a whole lot. Usually I got something but I don't feel like stretchin a story to make it awesome today. Today I ripped a door off its hinges with my bare hands, then I punched a hole through it then I smashed my head through it. It was sick! Got a little scratch by my eye but not a big deal. the neighbor got a little worried by the crashing and yelling, but we soothed her fears so its alright!

Yep love you guys have a spectacular week!
Love Elder Legg

Gosh I'm so sick of crappy kids going to central/south america and thinking their missions were difficult and crazy! My goodness everyone and their dog went south stop chumpin it!!!
heheh that's sweet though.

Roo was a sister missionary. barely even counts. Mold on the wall is normal! Mold only sucks when you wake up, rub mold off  yourself, then shower, rub mold off your shirt before you put it on then rub mold off your scriptures before you study. That's a normal day. Dumped a flock of cockroaches out of my area book last night that was sick!

Yeah I'm suuuper pumped to get home!!! I love being here but I so badly want to just finish! goodness!!!

Yeah ummm well you never even told me Sam was moving!!!!! flip mom!!!
Soooo Amandas mom seems like she likes me? think I got a chance? you should plant some seeds and hook somehting up!!!!! what is Amanda up to?
Yeah everyone should come to my homecoming!!!!

That's sick that she had so much fun! Ty and I are going to take a trip there before he goes for mish right? That'd be sick!! (Jackson Hole, Wyoming where my stepbrother lives now)
Yeah I'm excited for some quiet days!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cat Tacos

Ok yeah I'm going to borrow a phone from some girl but she has gone to the mall so we are waiting for it. Also it was just light out and the service has been off all day! I'm at the cafe because we are totally on the in with the cafe owner and my companion is skyping his fam. (he didn't call when he was supposed to on Mother's Day, he called later)  They aren't actually open today but her boss is letting us use his laptop. She kicks us out but we are like her best friends!
Our phones are being dumb. All the other guys couldn't hear their families very well and they kept getting shut off.

You didn't get me anything for graduation.You said luggage and I said no. So you didn't get me anything. Don't give him luggage! Mine is so trashed! The color is changed, it has rips on it, the zippers are broken, the lining is ripped! It's terrible that i brought it to Africa!!!!
Maybe some candy.... I thought you counted my senior trip as my grad present. Yeah don't make luggage a present! so not nice! ill just carry everything I have with me! but yeah we need to go on a family vacation when I get back!!!

Wow so all that group is going out now?! (I told him about some of the kids going out on missions & coming home) That's freaking weird!!! Gosh dang it i don't feel like i'm as old as i am and that means they should be way younger!!!

Flip Rafes place sounds sick!!! Why do we not have a zip line at our house?! Yeah we need more than a steep mountain to make a zip line!

I told President Hill I need to come home tuesday or monday or else I need to come home earlier.
They are pretty crappy about us getting home. You will probably get something in 2 months.(I told him a friend of ours whose daughter comes home in Dec already has all of her her coming home details & paperwork. & I haven't heard anything and Aug is just around the corner) Yeah well if i can get home a little earlier that would be better so i had a little better time to prepare! 

Yeah im glad I was able to have such a wonderful mother who could help me see that past 12th grade I still have life going and i need to keep living it!!!

I had a place like that in Newtown.(we went to a graffiti alley) Ok well I will hopefully call you soon! But i'm getting out of the Cafe!

Monday, May 11, 2015
I sure hope i can make something good of what has been given to me!!! im trying to do my best!

Gracie: yeah I liked the name Gyata (jata)

Tay: oh goodness why you waiting to the last minute to get all your stuff done?! sheesh i always do my work as soon as I get it!

Ty: dude im pumped to be roomies! we are going to have tons of fun just flexin! doin some guys guys stuff!
yeah i slept really well! the rain last night helped lower the temperature so that was awesome! but yeah I took a little nap and enjoyed this afternoon with light off! but now im back how are you?>!

wow thats pretty sweet! yeah lots of people have a connection to this place so thats pretty interesting!!!

wooooooooooo calling home!!!!!!!!! I/m so glad i got to do that! my companion and i were having some trouble! Elder Miller wanted to skype his family so Aunty Peace the cafe  attendant next to her house and her boss the cafe owner came on their off day to come and allow him to borrow their laptop and chat with his family so i got to see them and that was really sweet! then the lady who stays next door to us Sister Peace allowed me to borrow her phone because the missionary phones are really terrible and the speaker and microphones dont do verry well. problem with her was she went to the mall yesterday and wasnt around for me to use her phone until it was almost night time! good news for that is we had a party going on all night and it was sweet!

Ty: wow that is good that the yard sale was so successful! hope the jammie run was nice!!! and i hope that you wooped in some volleyball missionaries!

Tay: wow horse trip into the mountains sounds so sick!!! I want to ride horses! yeah bro just plow through that school work because your going to be finished with school really soon!

Gracie: thats good that you still are the bomb diggity on drama! you are the drama queen!  so what do I have to do to get me some baby dragons?

Tali: good luck with your trip! i know you are already gone but maybe mom can say hi to you or something over thephone or I will just see you when you get back!

woo so umm this week we had some small fun stuff to do!

had a big old mission tour where 3 general authorities came and talked to us about some things we can do to be better missionaries. we had Elder Curtis, Elder Vincent, and Elder Evans. hta was really sweet to be able to talk to everybody and to have some nice inspirationan and drive to continue on the work!

also we... killed and at a cat last night.... woop woop!!!!  we went to a members after church where we were met with a dead cat! so we skinned it up and gutted it and took it home to cook! chopped it into pieces and boiled it! you wouldnt believe it but it is suuper tasty! jusst a fun way to try some new foods, try you some cat tacos!

Love Elder Legg

yeah im back on because the light came back on! woop woop!
yeah the were really good! not even joking! no my stomach is totally ok! (the cat tacos)

nope no way but hopefully for a while! because i like talking to my mommy!
eah i got that lagoon trip!!!
yeah well do something fun for tyson because he is awesome!

nope he hasnt told me anything about that! but thatd be good. Ill go to live with him in italy!!!!(his friend Austin)

you could only think of frozen that I muight have missed and want to watch. I just wrote down a list of 97 movies that are sick and have come out after me, the list lasts until the end of 2015. so yeah soon ill send that to you to get thinking. I dont know their ratings so a few might be R so you can remove those but most of them I think are good.

97 MOM!!!!!
yeah all the hunger games, the hobbit, maze runner, enders game! theres a ton!!!! 
the maze runner 2 is about to come out!!!
also teenage mutant ninja turtles
avengers 2
big hero 6
both parts for hobbit have come out!!!
lego movie
guardians of the galacy
stup up 5
a freaking ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nope no moneys on movies... but get them
also how to train your dragon 2
and so many others don't worry next week if I got the time or sometime soon i will send the list to you

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/4 Final Packages Sounds Great

Yeah man we have been looking at some of Connor's pic and he is having so much enjoyment!!!! (his good friend on a mission in Fiji)The beach is so sick!!!!!!
We are supposed to take a dewormer every  6 months,  but they don't really put an emphasis on it so hardly anyone even knows that you are supposed to. But imma take a big one before I come home!
You're gonna get used to me being out here, then imma be back ! So that's going to be weird!
Ok final packages sounds great! (I told him we mailed a package last week and will only send one more before he's back, so we can measure his return in # of packages to be sent)

What phone number should I call? When do you have church? I'll call late in the evening here?
I will maybe call at 7 my time and then you can receive it at like 1 your time? Sound like a plan?

5/1 Light Off All Week

Hey I'm glad everything is going so well!  Sorry I was just now able to get on because we have had light off all week.  It was pretty crazy!

I'm still worried about my housing! If I got to pick a room I'm down to have the room that the girls are in right now :) That would be coool!
Yeah I don't understand how everyone is already coming home! I'm just starting to feel like I've got mission figured out....... at least in part, but I guess not!
Haha that's good that Tay is doing so well! I hope hes being as sweet as he can be!
Tyson is such a stud! I hope that when I get home I'll still be able to dance, at least a little, because I've watched so much terrible dancing here that it's just pathetic. And I'm sure now I'm totally pants at it.

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh children please! Hopefully they try something while I'm there.  I'm so ready for a massive fight! (I told him about a family he knows who likes to "correct my behavior" at any public occasion--making mountains out of mole hills.  It's gone from mildly annoying, to amusing & laughable to us!!) I've been dealing with Nigerians who would threaten to stab you, as soon as look at you. And I've been listening to foolish small boys try to use the Bible to "finish" me for 2 years. I'm so tired of babies trying to throw a fit for stupid things. 
Today I was 10 minutes late to personal study, because I had to go to the toilet really bad right in the middle of getting ready.  So that took like 45 minutes, and some missionary had the nerve to tell me I wasn't using the Lord's time properly! I almost kicked him out a window! Ridiculous!
Well I Love mom don't worry!

This past week we have done some fun stuff! 
WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!!!! Woop Woop! This is my first time going here and it was awesome! Yeah I definitely love the beach and I am soooo going to live on one when I'm older!!! Of course we didn't get to swim, but we could put our feet in the water. And we know a lady from Wales that owns a bar there and has a volley ball net there that she lets us use, so we played a big game of beach volley ball and my body turned so red it was sick! I only got a few pics but I'll send those when I can!
That was the main thing, sorry like no time today because light just came and it will soon go ugh. It's been mostly good but this week has been rough!
Love Elder Legg

4/27 Kicked out of Cafe Again

Ok well if they think they can split up I have no problem sharing or sleeping in a tent or something!

Yeah we get some sick people and some more baptisms week! we are killin it!

Ty dude you'er having tons of fun!
Sorry getting kicked out of the cafe again today so I gotta go. I will try to get on small tomorrow and tell you about my week!

Monday, April 27, 2015