Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Not Yelling!......... I'm typing loudly!!!

(Response to our 11/17/14 email)
Ok well then don't send any more packages! (I told him how much it cost to send his Christmas packages) I need things when I get home! I can survive off of sadness and misery here! But I do really neeed that computer that was supposed to be my 18 bday present! (oh, he's still plenty sassy!!)

My companion is sweet and we are having a ton of fun!

Ooo purple nails! Don't worry right now I am working on growing my hair out, and then I will get purple extensions tied in! :) (I've got sparkly purple nails right now, & don't worry, if anyone's getting purple extensions it's me!! )

Yeah Imma get some bead ties, don't worry! (We keep seeing pictures of other missionaries wearing cool beaded ties)

Oh come on mom, if he can just play here, it's not really a problem then right! But he's not kissing any girls until hes 16 right? (his girl crazy brother)
Tay:  How many stake dances do you go to?
Ty:  So you don't like TVHC (Treasure Valley Honor Choir) huh? But you're still good at basket ball? Good because did you see my jersey!!??  I'm the boss now! (there are pictures of him in his jersey that he loves in a previous post)
Tali: Are you sure it wasn't scary?  Or are you just telling me that those crazy kids are just makin up stuff!
Gracie:  So did you like Box Trolls or it was just too scary for your liking?
Ok so I'll try to put stuff in this week's email!

(Response to our 11/23/14 email)
Yeah so light was on, I had no meetings, but instead the internet providers shut themselves down for a week and a half!  It just came back on Saturday evening!!! (reason for no email last week)

Yes, yes, I failed to send in my emails this week.  I understand, but I am not to blame.  I mean you could try to put the blame on me, but honestly, as I previously mentioned.......I live out in the middle of the rain forest.  So technology is a bunch of junk.   For a little over a week and a half the internet providers shut themselves off for no reason!   Also one of the phone service providers was shut off and having problems for a long time.   I'm not sure what is going on, but they say they are working on it.  Also our power company has been having a bunch of problems!  It got so bad that we literally had a full on revolt at their center and an angry mob came and attacked the place until the light was turned back on!  It was really sweet, because the center is in my area :) hehe.... now I'm not saying I was a part of the mob, but I coulda been!

Mom what year was it where I broke my lip and I didn't have to sing, but I still got to hang out at TVHC? (He took an elbow to the face & he bit through his lip during an indoor soccer game and had to have his lip stitched back together at the ER)

Man I can't wait till I get home and rock school, then rock work, then rock wifing, then rock early marriage. And just show these people what life's supposed to look like!  Then Ty and Tay can go on mish, come back, and I can watch them do it too!

Ty: Ok ok I get that TVHC sucks, but still you just gotta make the best of it!  Imagine if you had to go there with your lip ripped in half, and you weren't even allowed to sing!  That was actually really fun!
Tay:  Were there any cute girls in the choir?  Not many, but you got all the ones that were there? Hey good work on you talk bro! (He gave a talk at church this past Sunday)
Gracie: Isn't Paranorman old and we've seen it before?
Tali:  I'm not yelling!... I'm typing loudly :P  (They manage to argue even thousands of miles apart.  He grumped her about asking about snow in Ghana.  So she grumped him back & said he didn't have to yell at her. & that was his reply)  So how was Tay's talk?  Did he do good?

Yeah for Thanksgiving I am trying to set up some turkey bowl. (football game they play here Thanksgiving morning)  I want to find an American football, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim, so instead we might just go out and play basketball or soccer. And so far Imma try to make some mashed yam and gravy... it'll be pretty sweet.  In my apartment we are 3 Americans and 1 Filipino, so we can all celebrate it!  I'm not totally sure though, so we will see what happens.

So yeah sorry but I don't have anything to say because my time is up and my head is going to explode because I'm so tired! We have power off so much here, I no longer sleep, and this morning I had my eyes sealed shut with goop.  It was freaking nasty.  Love you thiiiiis much!
Love Elder Legg

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making Friends & Changing Lives (pictures)

Eating in a hut

Trav Around Town (pictures)

Talia says to see how many different animals you can find in this picture! 

Time for climbing trees.  He might need some practice.

Two seasons:  dry and wet.  This must be from the wet season.

Check out this structure.

Eating Ghanaian Style (picture)

Banana Muffins

Making Fufu

Eating Fufu
(at least he put his tie in his will stay clean)

Making Time for Sporty Fun (pictures)

Basketball time.  Check out the flag & barbed wire behind them.

Group photo:  Trav is in the center

Apparently, he didn't make it in time to pose. 

Do you like my new jersey??

What do you think?

I love it!

Look how tall it makes me look.  That's a full sized fridge behind me! :)

I've got some serious moves in this jersey!

Those socks totally complete the look!

Elder Legg on the Loose in the Jungle (pictures)

Lost in the jungle already??
What could he be looking for?

Oh good! They found the path.

Elder Fairwell

Is that a fanny.........or a fanny pack??

Good to know, when he comes home he has a future in jungle modeling!

Could stay here over night if they can't find their way back.
Oh good, they found water! :) A sip of that would sure taste refreshing.

What a goofball! Glad he still has his sense of humor!

Elder Fairwell wants some fresh water too.  Yum!!
Nothing like fresh, clean water to wet your whistle after a long, hot day in the jungle.
Maybe a nice, roadside meal is a better way to end the day.