Monday, July 20, 2015

Doxy Makes Me Puke....... A Lot

Yeah I'm feeling alright now. I just have abdominal pains a lot but other than that it's ok.

Ok well that's way sweet of you to recognize them like that! (Emailing to thank the doctor and couple who took care of him at Nyaho) Thanks for always being the best mom!!!

Hey that's fantastic! Finally he is getting himself together!!!
Yeah I don't want to sell bug spray!!! Yeah imma get a better job!... (We shall see)
When am I getting a smart phone? (He's a little excited about this, since he hasn't had one before)
Yeah... can we get the other type of anti malaria meds? Doxy makes me puke... a lot
Funny thing is doxy is, in fact, a med that we use back home fore acne, but for acne it needs to be a higher dose. So it's lame weak sauce!
Hehe yeah imagine what would have happened if I did take doxy and got sick! Because that happens way more often than missionaries getting sick without taking it.
Haha not really because the dosage is too low to do anything.(I asked if at least his face is cleared up) I need to take 2 or 3 pills a day and my body can barely handle 1.

Yeah he's a nice guy hes trying to help, still not my favorite fellow though.
By the way if you want to get in contact with Elder Van De Graff's family the Heads know them. I'm not sure if they are in the same ward or what but if you contact Sam he could definitely get you in contact with them! 

Can you find out about me meeting with President Evans after I get home and getting released and what not. That night after dinner would be ideal.
Yeah probs like 8-9 is when I'll be back and free.  And maybe his house or the stake center? Why don't you call him? It'd work better than an email :)
Nothing really urgent just want to know the deets about me getting released!

Ok enjoy your meal with them because soon you will be going to lunch with me a lot because we haven't gotten together all 2014 or 2015!!!! (I was excited to be going to lunch with my BSU girls & haven't seen them in a whole year)
Yeah people can come to dinner with us! (after we pick him up at the airport)

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