Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Part 2........as Promised

When Travis' mission ended he promised continued missionary adventures through his brother Tyson when he went on his mission.  Well that mission begins tomorrow.  You can follow Tyson's mission adventures in the Georgia Macon Mission at eldertysonlegg.blogspot.com

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission Report

Travis will be reporting his mission this Sunday, August 23rd at our Stake Center at 9 am.  All are welcome.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


So it's been 2 years of struggle and strife, of pain and shortcomings. 2 years of awesome!!!
I hope all of you have enjoyed this trip as much as I have and I hope y'all will stay tuned for Part 2 starting 2016 when Tyson goes out on a mission!
I know that I have made a difference here in Ghana. And I know that I have touched the lives of many people!
One challenge I have for all of you out there... I would challenge you to read the Book of Mormon and Ask God if its true. Doesn't matter if your LDS, or any other Christian denomination.  Doesn't matter if you don't believe in God, or you hate church.  I dare you to read that book. It's interesting hearing things from back home and hearing what people there think is happening in Africa. Being here I've been able to see how ignorant a lot of our claims are.  It works in reverse too.  A large quantity of Ghanains are ignorant about America. So it is inside and out of the church. People are ignorant. I know that the book of Mormon is true and whether you do or not what do you have to lose? A few minutes? A few hours? Nothing of consequence I'm sure, but no one will lose knowledge.  No one will get dumber reading this book. If nothing else it's got some nice stories inside. If your afraid that's fine, but remember your 20 year old friend almost died in Africa because of this book.  Don't let him almost have died in vain :P
I love you guys so much and thank you all for your support!!!!!
See you soon!!!!!

Love Elder Travis Scott Legg

Odds & Ends & Last Minute Ramblings

Haha no I think I should be ok... I'm not totally sure but I think so . I have like 500 cedis saved up and it should buy a bit i just hope it gets everything I want.

Ty: That's so sick dude your doing all sorts of sweet stuff! We will have to do something cool next week!

Dad: Haha don't worry we will do some relaxed hunting trip or something this year so that should be a good activity :)

Yeah ill see you really soon!

Hmm we shall see I guess. First I need to figure out if I will be in school or what over the summer. (Being a BYS counselor)

That sounds just like such a fun trip you are going to have to tell me all about it when I get back!
What the what even he is going there, that's so weird! Oh well now we just have to get him there!
YEah those kids aren't serious! They need to be more careful! Are you sure I cant get a motorcycle? I'll always wear a helmet.  (I said no way) Hehe ok ok if you say so! Then I guess I'll work on getting a car ugh. Yeah let's not get a new truck! We don't need that get me a new car!!! Or dad a new car and I'll drive the focus! That would be way sick!!!!

Gracie hehe don't let her see her room until I get back and we can see it together ;)

Ty Good luck bro! Get everything ready for me to get home!

Hey mom can you have that chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the freezer when I get back? and some pot stickers? (Today got 4 containers of the ice cream, getting Pot Stickers tomorrow)

The ice cream and pot stickers will be for my midnight snack and breakfast!!!!!! woop woop!!!

Nope the internet isn't fast enough to see it here but I think I can see it in a few days! (Gracie learned to ride a bike in OR & we sent him the video)

Oh my goodness goobers! That's awesome! (Taylor & Tali arguing through email to Trav)

I'm not sure if I will go to kalli's, like I want to, but I also want to go to our ward.. we shall see when the time comes. We start at 10 right? Maybe I can go to both? Ok I'll decide Saturday where I will go.
Yeah I emailed him and told him to come. My goal is to have more people than any other return missionary!!!  see you friday!
You can just bring your cute selves... ok and a junior bacon cheese burger!!! or ice cream... or pot stickers... ok no we will have to do that Saturday, just bring yourselves! (I asked what he wanted at the airport)

Everyone should come to the airport, not everyone should come to dinner, but if most people want to then that's ok!
Yeah just you wait! It's going to be pretty sweet when you see me in my normal proselyting wear! Just be careful my trousers will be really tight,  and I already tore them last week!
I'm strong enough for anything! (I told him I might tackle him at the airport)
I lost 20 lbs, so I went down to 145 but I'm still pretty big, I think I've gained most of it back. I eat a ton now so it should be ok.
My hair is pretty long, so be ready for that. I was going to get it cut in June but then I was in the hospital! And I saw tyler's hair and I didn't want that so I just left it. It was just too short, I'm more of a long hair guy.But I'll get a haircut in like December! December so I can get a special haircut before Star Wars comes out!

I have 4 trou left, 1 has red oil spilled all over it from service, 2 have split crotches, and the last one I pooped in last night on accident :) So I'm getting my really slim black ones fixed today! Yeah I want to go clothes shopping or to steal a bunch of Tys'.
I will be no jacket and short sleeve shirt and my surprise mystery item :)
Nope my mystery item is not a monkey, nor is it a red carpet but there is some red on it!
No not those pants. The red oil stains are on my khaki trou. We had a big stake men cooking eating party, They use red oil a lot for cooking here.
Um seeing that many white people is going to freak me out for sure but no problem I'll get over it! (at the airport)
BBQ would be sick!
I don't really need an open house, maybe a big family dinner at our house after my home coming talk?

Hahah oh goodness mother I'm just glad everything has been a success! I hope I can touch someone's life back home. I didn't see your half of the past 2 years, but I hope I made a difference. (I told him he always makes a difference in my life)
Hehe are they good differences or bad differences? 

We played some football, then washed some clothes,not me of course. Then we are here emailing! Later I'll go eat some oatmeal!
I'ts just strait white oats that I'll add strawberry flavoring and sugar to.
Yeah I scored like 5 of the 5 goals I think? It was sick we, got to play on a big field with big goals instead of the normal small stuff!

Now are you going to be that vigilant with Tyson and Taylor? (emailing each week)
Or am I the favorite so you treat me the best?!!!
So who is really the favorite mom? (I told him they are all my favorite)
You can't say we are all your favorites!! That's like saying all the churches are correct as long as they are worshiping God. Which is not true!!! 
Hehe oh man just wait until Tay, Ty, and I have our male dominance fights! It is so on!!!
Yaayyyyyy I get home soon!!!! (They wrestle, & Tay said he won't wrestle him but wants to race him in a mile)
And Tay is a pootinany, who said he was running on the beach and what not. I haven't done anything in 2 years! Man up I'll take you all on at the same time!!!

I've decided I'm watching frozen on Friday night so get that ready too... unless I'm really tired but  I doubt it!