Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Want to Live on My Very Own Island

I know Tay mentioned they were moving but you haven't told me where they are moving!
Yeah I need her email! some one get on that? I only have her mission one! So I need her normal one! Who can get that for me?! Um yeah get on facebook and send her a message and ask for it :) Yeah just tell her im a psycho and im interested and Id like to email her! Sweetness!! You're the bomb mom!!! Oh dang mom you're the best!~ (I got ahold of his friend and she sent her email, so I sent it to him while he was still online)

Hi tay!

Ty: Dude you did all sorts of awesome! Man your such a boss! You are now finished with high school which is sick and now you just get to party until I get home which is going to be way cool!!!!! Miss you bro but I'll see you soon!

Yeah I want to have my associates by the end of 2016, so we will see what we have to do to make that happen when I get home!
Umm yeah for him, he's a sweet guy but 25 and nothing going for him, hasn't finished school nor has he done anything with his life so now he is here I guess just uses scriptures like its a never ending supply of candy! It's so annoying, anytime he talks people just groan, especially the other missionaries. It's so hard to try to help him but I'm doing my best! The chance of him being my comp for more than a transfer is extremely low, but the chance of me staying in this area until I finish will be really high.
yeah the area sucks soooooo bad! I ride 45 minutes from my terrible crappy apartment then just get depressed by the investigators that we are seeing. I drop someone every day. It'pretty horrid. I hope I don't finish my mish like this, but it is possible.  We will change apartments relatively soon. We were supposed to move a month ago, but we will be out of here before I get home that's for sure! But yeah it's all good I guess

Ok yeah I read it but I will answer them now! (this was from a game we played at Tyson's Senior Night--how well do you know your senior?  They'd ask a question and the Seniors would get their answer.  Then they'd ask the parents what they though the senior would say, & then they would reveal their answer.  I wanted him to try and answer what he thought Tyson had said...but he'd already read my other email so he answered for himself)
My favorite color is blue     (Tyson: green)
Dad's humor is like a 7.223  (Tyson said a 2--we like to torture him!)
My favorite Disney princess is Obviously my girl Snow White!!!! mmm  (Tyson: Belle from Beauty and the Beast)
If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life it would be pizza because its incredibly versatile! (Tyson:  Hawaiian Haystacks)
Which celebrity would you want to meet? I want to meet Haiden Pantierre!!! she's smokin! (Tyson:  Adam Levine.....but that's more for Gracie & I)
In 5 years I see myself living in somewhere with a sweet 4 seasons with my super sweet wife! Or alone wolfin it on an island that I own.  (Tyson:  in college)
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I want to live on my very own island!!! Sooo badly!!!! (Tyson:  Idaho)
My favorite holiday is now the 4th of July because I recognize what an incredible country we live in!
 (Tyson:  Christmas)
Favorite type of food.  I like american food because we eat the most meat! (Tyson:  Mexican)
My favorite book  is The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles by Julie Andrews (Tyson:  Anything written by Rick Riordan)

Favorite movie is either Winnie the Poo or Little Nemo. (Tyson:  Spirit--a cartoon horse movie)

Flip that is so crazy that Erica is back too! I remember when she was just barely going out like last month and how we were praying for her because her back was troubling her! How in the world are all of these people coming home when I'm still here I just don't understand how it is even possible! To be honest! I still haven't even hit the winter of 2013!  I'm still just sitting here in good ole summer! I don't know how it is possible to be stuck in a crazy limbo summer! (Erica said she can't wait for Trav to get home & she was sad to get her missionary plaque back) I want to be home now too so it's only fair I guess! Yeah that's gonna be weird but oh well I'll love getting to hold my plaque and rock that around as an RM!!!!

That's so crazy that Tyson is done with high school and seminary! He has nothing to look forward to now except me coming home!!!! woop woop!!!! But really that's the craziest thing ever!~ I left when he was still a sophomore in my mind and now imma come back and he's this big bad man!

Yeah sorry the time is running low because my companion has been freaking out the whole time that we need to hurry to Family home evening!!!

Gracie: wow I don't think I got any awards when i was in 6th grade or at least none that I remember! (she got the outstanding student award from her language arts teacher and the perseverance award from her science teacher) And when I finished high school I only got the Choir award but that was flippin awesome so no problem!

Tali: Welcome back from Wyoming!  I bet you loved that and now your just about or already done with school so that must be wonderful! Good luck with all the fun summer that is ahead of you! You'll do great!

Yeah in the ward that I am serving now we are 6 missionaries, my companion and i, then 4 sister missionaries. It's sweet because me and the 2 senior sisters have banded together to make a huge goal of having family home evening every day, so we have been finding tons of members to have awesome family home evenings with!

Also today we went to the temple site to play basketball and that was cool.   There were nearly 100 kids there between the 2 missions that were invited.  So I was kinda tossed from team to team, because they all thought I sucked.  But the games were only to 7, so it was kinda quick but once I got warmed up we played the last game to 21 and I scored 15 points leading my team to the win.  Gosh I played post on offense and then I played up top on defense. Between Elder Hoskins and I, we got like 20 steals so that was awesome and I had bunches of rebounds and i just wooped on everyone! it was sooo sweet!!!!

Well that was my awesome week! We will see how incredible the coming one can be made!

Love Elder Legg

Umm yeah my ties and shirts are all suuuuuper nasty! If I have an awesome one to bring home I will, but do you think we could just get a new white shirt for it? Yeah I would love that it's suuuper cool! (a shadow box with his shirt, tie, missionary tag and a few other items)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dumped a Flock of Cockroaches out of My Area Book

Umm well Ty don't worry about it things move on whether you want it to or not but the cool thing is that you never are losing what you had before but you just keep adding to the cool stuff you experienced! The summer is freaking sick and you're still going to go to school when fall runs around. you got this and you don't need to worry about anything because imma be way more freaked out when I get back so I need you put together so you can hold me by the hand and help me everywhere!
Nope no postcard from Tia.

Yeah good thing your list is getting smaller. I'll hopefully send the list soon and then have Tyson research it and see if there are any other things that I may have missed or that were rater R in my already made list and then we can watch them all!!!!
Yay! I love the dentist!!! (I told him I already have his appointment scheduled for when he comes home)
Gracie: wow just a bunch of cleaning huh! wow when do you finish up school?!

Tay: sheesh dude careful with the RV don't you know that's what I gotta drive when I get home!

Ty: dude flip your doing all sorts of stuff! man I always love finals! If you just put in some effort during the semester then you know whats going to be on the test usually!!! Don't worry about finishing school dude it'll be sweet and you'll enjoy it! Everything is going to be great I promise!

Haha yeah that's so sick man I always wanted to be a councilor! That would be the bomb!!! (Tyson will be a BYS counselor)

Hmm I don't really know what to say this week! 

Got transferred to my new area. this apartment it pretty trashed because missionaries are completely pants at taking care of things. It's also blazing hot in this apartment! My companion is a really sweet guy. His name is Elder Samuel. He is from Nigeria, he is 25, he has been on mish for 6 months and this is his only area so far. Also my area is suuper far from my apartment so that's really fun when I get to ride really far out there every day! Oh well it's fun I guess. 
In my apartment is Elder Barnes from Utah, and Elder Van de Graff from Utah, the later is from my MTC so we came at the same time and he is a cool guy!

Yeah mostly just chilled and worked in my new area so not a whole lot. Usually I got something but I don't feel like stretchin a story to make it awesome today. Today I ripped a door off its hinges with my bare hands, then I punched a hole through it then I smashed my head through it. It was sick! Got a little scratch by my eye but not a big deal. the neighbor got a little worried by the crashing and yelling, but we soothed her fears so its alright!

Yep love you guys have a spectacular week!
Love Elder Legg

Gosh I'm so sick of crappy kids going to central/south america and thinking their missions were difficult and crazy! My goodness everyone and their dog went south stop chumpin it!!!
heheh that's sweet though.

Roo was a sister missionary. barely even counts. Mold on the wall is normal! Mold only sucks when you wake up, rub mold off  yourself, then shower, rub mold off your shirt before you put it on then rub mold off your scriptures before you study. That's a normal day. Dumped a flock of cockroaches out of my area book last night that was sick!

Yeah I'm suuuper pumped to get home!!! I love being here but I so badly want to just finish! goodness!!!

Yeah ummm well you never even told me Sam was moving!!!!! flip mom!!!
Soooo Amandas mom seems like she likes me? think I got a chance? you should plant some seeds and hook somehting up!!!!! what is Amanda up to?
Yeah everyone should come to my homecoming!!!!

That's sick that she had so much fun! Ty and I are going to take a trip there before he goes for mish right? That'd be sick!! (Jackson Hole, Wyoming where my stepbrother lives now)
Yeah I'm excited for some quiet days!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cat Tacos

Ok yeah I'm going to borrow a phone from some girl but she has gone to the mall so we are waiting for it. Also it was just light out and the service has been off all day! I'm at the cafe because we are totally on the in with the cafe owner and my companion is skyping his fam. (he didn't call when he was supposed to on Mother's Day, he called later)  They aren't actually open today but her boss is letting us use his laptop. She kicks us out but we are like her best friends!
Our phones are being dumb. All the other guys couldn't hear their families very well and they kept getting shut off.

You didn't get me anything for graduation.You said luggage and I said no. So you didn't get me anything. Don't give him luggage! Mine is so trashed! The color is changed, it has rips on it, the zippers are broken, the lining is ripped! It's terrible that i brought it to Africa!!!!
Maybe some candy.... I thought you counted my senior trip as my grad present. Yeah don't make luggage a present! so not nice! ill just carry everything I have with me! but yeah we need to go on a family vacation when I get back!!!

Wow so all that group is going out now?! (I told him about some of the kids going out on missions & coming home) That's freaking weird!!! Gosh dang it i don't feel like i'm as old as i am and that means they should be way younger!!!

Flip Rafes place sounds sick!!! Why do we not have a zip line at our house?! Yeah we need more than a steep mountain to make a zip line!

I told President Hill I need to come home tuesday or monday or else I need to come home earlier.
They are pretty crappy about us getting home. You will probably get something in 2 months.(I told him a friend of ours whose daughter comes home in Dec already has all of her her coming home details & paperwork. & I haven't heard anything and Aug is just around the corner) Yeah well if i can get home a little earlier that would be better so i had a little better time to prepare! 

Yeah im glad I was able to have such a wonderful mother who could help me see that past 12th grade I still have life going and i need to keep living it!!!

I had a place like that in Newtown.(we went to a graffiti alley) Ok well I will hopefully call you soon! But i'm getting out of the Cafe!

Monday, May 11, 2015
I sure hope i can make something good of what has been given to me!!! im trying to do my best!

Gracie: yeah I liked the name Gyata (jata)

Tay: oh goodness why you waiting to the last minute to get all your stuff done?! sheesh i always do my work as soon as I get it!

Ty: dude im pumped to be roomies! we are going to have tons of fun just flexin! doin some guys guys stuff!
yeah i slept really well! the rain last night helped lower the temperature so that was awesome! but yeah I took a little nap and enjoyed this afternoon with light off! but now im back how are you?>!

wow thats pretty sweet! yeah lots of people have a connection to this place so thats pretty interesting!!!

wooooooooooo calling home!!!!!!!!! I/m so glad i got to do that! my companion and i were having some trouble! Elder Miller wanted to skype his family so Aunty Peace the cafe  attendant next to her house and her boss the cafe owner came on their off day to come and allow him to borrow their laptop and chat with his family so i got to see them and that was really sweet! then the lady who stays next door to us Sister Peace allowed me to borrow her phone because the missionary phones are really terrible and the speaker and microphones dont do verry well. problem with her was she went to the mall yesterday and wasnt around for me to use her phone until it was almost night time! good news for that is we had a party going on all night and it was sweet!

Ty: wow that is good that the yard sale was so successful! hope the jammie run was nice!!! and i hope that you wooped in some volleyball missionaries!

Tay: wow horse trip into the mountains sounds so sick!!! I want to ride horses! yeah bro just plow through that school work because your going to be finished with school really soon!

Gracie: thats good that you still are the bomb diggity on drama! you are the drama queen!  so what do I have to do to get me some baby dragons?

Tali: good luck with your trip! i know you are already gone but maybe mom can say hi to you or something over thephone or I will just see you when you get back!

woo so umm this week we had some small fun stuff to do!

had a big old mission tour where 3 general authorities came and talked to us about some things we can do to be better missionaries. we had Elder Curtis, Elder Vincent, and Elder Evans. hta was really sweet to be able to talk to everybody and to have some nice inspirationan and drive to continue on the work!

also we... killed and at a cat last night.... woop woop!!!!  we went to a members after church where we were met with a dead cat! so we skinned it up and gutted it and took it home to cook! chopped it into pieces and boiled it! you wouldnt believe it but it is suuper tasty! jusst a fun way to try some new foods, try you some cat tacos!

Love Elder Legg

yeah im back on because the light came back on! woop woop!
yeah the were really good! not even joking! no my stomach is totally ok! (the cat tacos)

nope no way but hopefully for a while! because i like talking to my mommy!
eah i got that lagoon trip!!!
yeah well do something fun for tyson because he is awesome!

nope he hasnt told me anything about that! but thatd be good. Ill go to live with him in italy!!!!(his friend Austin)

you could only think of frozen that I muight have missed and want to watch. I just wrote down a list of 97 movies that are sick and have come out after me, the list lasts until the end of 2015. so yeah soon ill send that to you to get thinking. I dont know their ratings so a few might be R so you can remove those but most of them I think are good.

97 MOM!!!!!
yeah all the hunger games, the hobbit, maze runner, enders game! theres a ton!!!! 
the maze runner 2 is about to come out!!!
also teenage mutant ninja turtles
avengers 2
big hero 6
both parts for hobbit have come out!!!
lego movie
guardians of the galacy
stup up 5
a freaking ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nope no moneys on movies... but get them
also how to train your dragon 2
and so many others don't worry next week if I got the time or sometime soon i will send the list to you

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/4 Final Packages Sounds Great

Yeah man we have been looking at some of Connor's pic and he is having so much enjoyment!!!! (his good friend on a mission in Fiji)The beach is so sick!!!!!!
We are supposed to take a dewormer every  6 months,  but they don't really put an emphasis on it so hardly anyone even knows that you are supposed to. But imma take a big one before I come home!
You're gonna get used to me being out here, then imma be back ! So that's going to be weird!
Ok final packages sounds great! (I told him we mailed a package last week and will only send one more before he's back, so we can measure his return in # of packages to be sent)

What phone number should I call? When do you have church? I'll call late in the evening here?
I will maybe call at 7 my time and then you can receive it at like 1 your time? Sound like a plan?

5/1 Light Off All Week

Hey I'm glad everything is going so well!  Sorry I was just now able to get on because we have had light off all week.  It was pretty crazy!

I'm still worried about my housing! If I got to pick a room I'm down to have the room that the girls are in right now :) That would be coool!
Yeah I don't understand how everyone is already coming home! I'm just starting to feel like I've got mission figured out....... at least in part, but I guess not!
Haha that's good that Tay is doing so well! I hope hes being as sweet as he can be!
Tyson is such a stud! I hope that when I get home I'll still be able to dance, at least a little, because I've watched so much terrible dancing here that it's just pathetic. And I'm sure now I'm totally pants at it.

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh children please! Hopefully they try something while I'm there.  I'm so ready for a massive fight! (I told him about a family he knows who likes to "correct my behavior" at any public occasion--making mountains out of mole hills.  It's gone from mildly annoying, to amusing & laughable to us!!) I've been dealing with Nigerians who would threaten to stab you, as soon as look at you. And I've been listening to foolish small boys try to use the Bible to "finish" me for 2 years. I'm so tired of babies trying to throw a fit for stupid things. 
Today I was 10 minutes late to personal study, because I had to go to the toilet really bad right in the middle of getting ready.  So that took like 45 minutes, and some missionary had the nerve to tell me I wasn't using the Lord's time properly! I almost kicked him out a window! Ridiculous!
Well I Love mom don't worry!

This past week we have done some fun stuff! 
WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!!!! Woop Woop! This is my first time going here and it was awesome! Yeah I definitely love the beach and I am soooo going to live on one when I'm older!!! Of course we didn't get to swim, but we could put our feet in the water. And we know a lady from Wales that owns a bar there and has a volley ball net there that she lets us use, so we played a big game of beach volley ball and my body turned so red it was sick! I only got a few pics but I'll send those when I can!
That was the main thing, sorry like no time today because light just came and it will soon go ugh. It's been mostly good but this week has been rough!
Love Elder Legg

4/27 Kicked out of Cafe Again

Ok well if they think they can split up I have no problem sharing or sleeping in a tent or something!

Yeah we get some sick people and some more baptisms week! we are killin it!

Ty dude you'er having tons of fun!
Sorry getting kicked out of the cafe again today so I gotta go. I will try to get on small tomorrow and tell you about my week!