Monday, June 1, 2015

That's About As Real As It Gets!

Ok so were you guys going to redo the girls rooms?! If you were you should have them get the 2 smaller rooms so that when I get back I can have the girls room after Tay turns 16 so he can have the big one after Ty leaves and he gets old enough.

Well flip mom what the heck why in the world does she think that she is old enough to go to girls camp!!!! Flip I haven't even gotten to go to that yet!!! I want to go so bad! My wife better be a gosh dang young women's leader at some point! Or I'll have to be a bishop of stake president but that doesn't look likely!

It's so crazy that Even Jeremy is back! Before it was just the girls but now my bros are getting back too! Gosh dang it I'll be back so soon!!!!!

Gracie: Good luck at girls camp! Have tons of fun! You are so lucky, I wish I could go with you!

Tay: Wow what a stud bro! So you're dope in everything manly! How's stuff with church? How are your bros? Y'all got potty mouths and actin like punks? Got any girlfriends yet? :P good luck!

Ty: Dude you're turning into a hard core cowboy now too! Dude make tons of money because when I get back you're going to have to take me out for food all the time :P maybe.... but don't worry. Imma hook you up with all sorts of cool stuff when I get back! I might be pants at life, but I've learned some cool stuff about computers and making my life more fun!! :)

Tali: Dude wow you're doing all sorts of stuff! I'm glad you at least give me some information everyone else just says small things and doesn't give me any details! Yeah you got that right :)

Ok so I don't have much for stories this week because I really only did one thing all week, CAUTION for all women and those with faint hearts you might not want to read this

Here's me, I'm Elder Legg a 5'8" missionary and there isn't much more wastes of space than I, for the last 6 days my number one activity has been laying in bed... butt neked!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop...
This is my tale.

Chapter One:
Sunday starts out and my "thumb" turned kinda dark red and hurt a bit, I just left it alone until Tuesday when the pain changed.

Chapter 2:
So Tuesday  I can barely walk from district meeting because a small sore has developed on the bottom of my "thumb" and it stings really bad. I text Sister Hill and get some medicine that should help, I then lie in bed all day with some medicinal cream rubbed on my "thumb".

Chapter 3:
Wednesday I wake in a crying stupor, my "thumb" is now 3/4ths covered with a bloody oozing sore and a large blister has developed on the top near my "nail". I again stayed in bed but told President Hill and we called Doctor Hill, the missionary doctor, and came up with 3 possibilities.
 1: Caused by friction.
 2 I got a bacterial infection.
 3 I got a gnasty STD... yay

Chapter 4:
Thursday morning arrives and I'm definitely not doing any better, so despite the rain we rush to the hospital. The Lab tells us they can't take the urine or swab tests unless its first thing in the morning, so I have to come back in the morning. They do proceed to take a large quantity of blood from my arm to have that tested.

Chapter 5:
Head back to the hospital first thing in the morning with my urine and swabs in hand. Finally the first good news I've had all week comes. No, I DO NOT have Syphilis. And no I don't have diabetes!!!! yeah yeah!!!

Chapter 6:
I laid in bed for the next few days going between crying, screaming, moaning, sweating, partying! Slowly with the new drugs I have been prescribed it has started to improve.  The sore/ oozing has decreased greatly but now there's lots of blood...

Went to the hospital for the last of my results and... No, I DO NOT have Chlamydia.  No, I don't have Aids or any form of STD.  No, I don't have a bacterial infection... I'm completely healthy... Freak this is a load o' junk!!!  You mean to tell me that I've been sitting here with all this pain and I'm totally fine?!?! So what you're telling me this was all my imagination! I don't think so!!!!!!
Oh well I just have to be healed by next week Monday when we go to the beach! We don't usually go because there is only one really nice beach and it's kinda far away. All the rest of the beaches are covered in poop so we don't want to go there!!!!

Yeah so that was my crazy crappy week. Still lots of blood on my "thumb" and still pretty messed up. But definitely better than before! Haha loveed this week! Sorry if that's nasty for y'all but I'm just tryin to keep it real and that's about as real as it gets!
Love you guys!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Legg

PS.... (I asked about meds & his previous run ins with staph infections & MRSA)
Yeah well you see I got a staff infection on my forehead the Thursday before. It's been the worst one in a while, so I had actually been on amoxacillin since Thursday! That's why we ruled that out since it didn't get bad until I had taken drugs already for 5 days! 
I'm on 3 antibiotics right now. In one sitting I had to take 3000ml of drugs! That freaking sucked! I'm on some weird things. All the names are different, so I'm not sure.

(For his display case, I told him an authentic, used shirt would represent his experience better than a new one)  Ok yeah I can get a really thrashed shirt together that's a good idea actually!!!
I'll decide if I have a tie that I really like and I'll see what I can do with it! My really thrashed shirt is messed up on the back and around my waist so that wouldn't really work but I'll get one thrashed in the front.
A pic of me in what? a thrashed shirt?
Yeah I got one to her and she replied :) I just said hi and asked her what's up and asked how she's doing normal stuff. What should I say to her? Should I ask her out or something?!

Sweet so yeah I'll get back for the games so that'll be sweet!!! (Tay High school soccer starts the Saturday after he's due back)  Yeah I'll get back and I'll whip Tay into shape! I'll show him who's the alpha male and I'll throw down!
I want to get back as early as possible but whatever.

Flip man! Everyone is getting home! I have emailed that guy every week since I got here and now he is back but I'm still doin the same old!!! Oh well I'll get back soon! We will see how I will do with the glass doors! (We've gone to the airport to welcome a couple missionaries home, one ran to the glass doors that opens to the families, others have taken their sweet time, I told him he is to run!) Yeah, I'm not going to tome home and testify that i loved my mission. mine is one of those things in my life where i will value it the farther I get away from it :)

I need to go get measured for a suit soon but it's all good.(I told him his friend Jeremy came back from Spain with some nice suits) I don't know what color I should get. I was thinking very dark purple? What do you think? Black is too normal, too many people choose grey, blue is too easy to mess up. I don't know! I will talk to the guy when I go see him see what he wants!

I just got  through the  last package of drink mixes so that's all good. Nothing like a package from your mom to remind you how awesome she is and that someone in the world really loves you. Thanks for the package!

Let me just do it on the Aug.23rd that would be easier because then I could just start my post mission beard :) (to report his mission at church)
Also can I go down to Malad--it's right near Utah State University, but in Idaho----on the 27th weekend in September for Elder Hoskins homecoming? I can go Thursday after school and come home Monday :) It'd work and I got it all planned out :) I'm having him move it to the next weekend after my birthday.
He's like my best friend in this mission! We came together and we have been around each other a couple of times. I kinda want to do this one on my own. Like my first big thing alone, just being an adult. I have other road trips I want to do with Tyson!

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