Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Malaria 2+. Blood Pressure 60 Over 20

(We did not hear from him last Monday 6/22)
Ok sooooo don't freak out. I don't want to down play this one, because I want you to know what has gone down.
2 weeks ago I got a bit of a cold and it was just kind of going around, I was pretty much better by Thursday.
Saturday morning Elder Van De Graff was feeling kinda sick, but we all went our ways and did our thing. By 2pm he was back in the apartment with a 102 fever.
Around 6pm a large rainstorm started and my companion and I got stuck in it.  We waited at the Sisters' apartment for the rain to let up so we could get home. By this time I had developed the chills. When I got home we, both Vandy and I, were feeling a little cold. At about 10 pm both of us went into convulsions with 102 fevers and we were freezing.
Elder Barnes gave us fever reducers and wet rags and began fighting the fevers. We were able to sleep after some time.
Sunday we spent all day in bed and didn't go to church. We had to move my mattress onto the living room floor so that I could be more easily taken care of.
We had to give Vandy a blessing in the middle of the night and I passed out mid blessing, luckily on my mattress.
Monday morning I was feeling much better, so I went with Barnes to get yogurt to help settle Vandy's stomach. When we returned I collapsed on my bed vomited, and began shaking again, and slipped back into my fever.
Tuesday we had to move to a new apartment and Vandy and I just had to lay on my mattress in the corner while they moved all our things out.
Tuesday night I began vomiting everything I tried to put into my body ( we had both already been vomiting multiple times before now) Vandy's stomach began killing worse than the already unbearable pain. We had called President Hill Sunday and he was aware of our sickness this whole time.
By Wednesday morning at like 4 or 5 we couldn't handle it any more and we called again to ask to go to the hospital. We had to wait almost until the afternoon until we finally had the clearance to go to the hospital.
On the trip from the house to the car I puked twice.  And on the car ride we were incoherent. The taxi took us to the hospital and they had to help us into wheelchairs. Luckily we got taken care of quickly. As soon as we were brought into the consultation room they got us on stretchers. They had to put us on an IV because we were severely  dehydrated. Since I had vomited so many times it was really difficult for them to find a vein or anything to put mine in. At first they stabbed it into a tendon.
They put us in the hall at first so that we could get easy emergency access. There I began shivering uncontrollably again until a nurse noticed and threw some blankets on me. We then were pumped with medicine to help the pain, and the fever, and the dehydration.
We were in the hospital until Saturday.
Last night was the first time I have been able to eat in over a week. And we are still in recovery, Transfers were this past Wednesday and I still haven't gone to my new area nor have I gotten my new companion.
Mom I'm ok now. I'm trying to tell you exactly what happened because you deserve to know.
When we got to the hospital we had 2+ malaria, which is very severe. Our blood pressure was 60 over 20. The doctor said if we had been even an hour later things would have gotten critical and we would have... well I'm sure you all know what the end result of malaria is.
Right now we sleep close to 18 hours a day and we can barely walk. I'm crazy queezy, but I will be ok.
I love you guys thanks for helping protect me.

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