Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Don't Think You're a Failure, Are You?

I'm workin on it, (a health update) the network has been down for like 4 weeks, so we are running on a network that should only support 1 computer, but is trying to hold up 10 of them!!!

Yeah my liver function was like double what it's supposed to be, but yeah it was improvement because at first it was like quadruple! (liver test results)

I don't know what they have a Chuck O Rama. I had wanted Golden Corral because it has tons of different types of food... I guess if Chuck O Rama is better it's fine. I'd kinda rather Golden as far as I know. (Chuck O Rama is much closer to the airport.  So I was just trying to get him to food sooner)

Yep I just found that out when Sam emailed me and then I told you, wow I look like a total bum because Sam had already talked to Tyson about knowing Vandy's family. Ugh oh well. That's sick! I want Sam to get with Vandy's sis because she's a cute girl and her last boyfriend was a goob and Sams wayyy better!!!

Tali: Are you excited to go to Oregon? Or would you rather go to Mexico with mom and dad & Tyson? Personally I would choose Mexico because I am much more used to that weather now! Good luck with selling your hats!

Tay: Wow cousins just like you and Hunter that's sick! Glad you guys had tons of fun at BYS! How did Tyson like it? Do you know if he was a good counselor?

Yeah so that's sick for Gracie, I didn't realize when she was collecting the driftwood that she was making wind chimes!

Man Cancun is going to be so sick! You guys are going to have so much fun. Have a great time mom, dad, and Ty.  You will love your trip! Make the most of it!  (Graduation trip to Riviera Maya)

Ok so here's the deal mom........ you don't need to stress yourself too much about emailing next week. BUT just to inform you........ you have never missed a week of emailing thus far, and you only have 2 more chances to email me like this. So if you fail on the 2nd to last time emailing it will be a terrible fail.  And I don't think you're a failure, are you? No? Ok then email me this coming week :P (I was worried about how I'd contact him from Mexico. Knowing I hadn't missed a week emailing, and knowing that he knew that I hadn't missed. But I figured out how to get an email or 2 out to him, so I wasn't a terrible failure :) )

Nah I'm cool with anything! (I asked him if he had any souvenir requests for us) Yeah I have almost all my African fabric things made, I still have your gift, my gift, and the family's gift in the making. But other than that everything else seems to be coming along.  Next week, Wednesday, I'll go to the art market and get some wood stuff and some kente stuff.

Umm not sure yet.(getting a job)  I have the when down.. start of October. I was thinking I'd apply at like some law firms or some of the hospitals around for a travel abroad doctor.

Sweet Sanders

Hi Sister Legg,
  So good to hear from you.  I'm sorry I don't read myLDSMail email account very often as you can see.  I use my personal gmail account for all emails but have kept this account open just in case.  Now I'm sure glad I checked this today.
  You are so kind to send us your appreciation.  Thank you.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your wonderful son.  He is an amazing young man and a wonderful Missionary.  He kept such a great attitude through his entire ordeal and was always thankful.  I can tell he has been taught by a great mother.
  We try to do some things with the missionaries who don't feel good to get their minds off how they feel.  Since KFC is the only US fast food in Ghana, it is a simple choice what to purchase.  Both your son and the other sick Elder from their mission were really excited to get some wonderful tasty food they recognized.  I had both Elders come into one room and we had a little picnic.  The nurses couldn't figure out what was going on because that never happens here.  To say the least, the time was very special for all involved and fun as can be.  Even though both Elders didn't feel good, it brightened their day and it was worth every minute.
  I'm happy for you to have your son return shortly.  I'm sure it will be a great reunion.  Best wishes and thank you.  Elder and Sister Sanders from Layton, UT

Monday, July 20, 2015

Doxy Makes Me Puke....... A Lot

Yeah I'm feeling alright now. I just have abdominal pains a lot but other than that it's ok.

Ok well that's way sweet of you to recognize them like that! (Emailing to thank the doctor and couple who took care of him at Nyaho) Thanks for always being the best mom!!!

Hey that's fantastic! Finally he is getting himself together!!!
Yeah I don't want to sell bug spray!!! Yeah imma get a better job!... (We shall see)
When am I getting a smart phone? (He's a little excited about this, since he hasn't had one before)
Yeah... can we get the other type of anti malaria meds? Doxy makes me puke... a lot
Funny thing is doxy is, in fact, a med that we use back home fore acne, but for acne it needs to be a higher dose. So it's lame weak sauce!
Hehe yeah imagine what would have happened if I did take doxy and got sick! Because that happens way more often than missionaries getting sick without taking it.
Haha not really because the dosage is too low to do anything.(I asked if at least his face is cleared up) I need to take 2 or 3 pills a day and my body can barely handle 1.

Yeah he's a nice guy hes trying to help, still not my favorite fellow though.
By the way if you want to get in contact with Elder Van De Graff's family the Heads know them. I'm not sure if they are in the same ward or what but if you contact Sam he could definitely get you in contact with them! 

Can you find out about me meeting with President Evans after I get home and getting released and what not. That night after dinner would be ideal.
Yeah probs like 8-9 is when I'll be back and free.  And maybe his house or the stake center? Why don't you call him? It'd work better than an email :)
Nothing really urgent just want to know the deets about me getting released!

Ok enjoy your meal with them because soon you will be going to lunch with me a lot because we haven't gotten together all 2014 or 2015!!!! (I was excited to be going to lunch with my BSU girls & haven't seen them in a whole year)
Yeah people can come to dinner with us! (after we pick him up at the airport)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

On The Mend


As a follow up to the voice message I just left, I went with your son to his follow up doctor’s  appointment. Everything seems like it is back to normal. Your son said he gets tired but less so  every day. The doctor encouraged him to continue taking folic acid (Vitamin C ) and said that would pass. The doctor requested a liver function test just for documentation purposes and said that from observation he could see things were okay. The results of the test will be available tomorrow.


Liver function test results are back. Results are good. All values in normal range or improving. Your son also told the doctor the tiredness is improving. Good news.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Doing Everything I'm Supposed to & I Will Be OK

Yeah I know a lot of missionaries here that have had malaria and to be honest mine and Vandy's case was one of, if not, the worst case I have ever heard of. If I hadn't been forcing myself to eat and allowing myself to vomit so much then I would still be in the hospital right now and I would have needed the blood transfusions. I know that you and mom need me to be ok so I have done everything I can to get better. I feel so sick when I drink and eat but they say it will help, so I do it. They say I need to go out and do stuff to build up my energy so I do even though I get massive headaches and I almost pass out all the time. But I will be ok I'm doing everything I'm supposed to and I will be ok.

Top Goal Scorer was Walking Around Zombie Status With Low Blood Levels

Yeah don't worry it is coming. Right now the internet is absolutely
terrible and I'm trying really hard to try to get back to everyone that
had to extend their sympathies. Ok ok I will be trying soon to send 
you all exactly what happened but I just don't have time right now I
am coming. I got you guys pretty well the details of the first hospital trip
so soon I will get you the details of the second hospital trip!

Yeah so I'm sick but I'm getting better, president Hill didn't think it
was malaria until we went to the second hospital a week later. It's
been pretty rough, but I had a wonderful time at the second hospital.
Once we stopped dealing  as much with president and started
working with the missionary health adviser and a doctor couple from
the other mission things got a lot nicer because they cared
and wanted to help.

Ok so for right now I am ok you don't really need to do anything. I
just had a severely resistant strain of malaria, and I was poorly
treated for it at first. The West African missionary doctor was in
Ivory Coast for the first week we were in the hospital and that was a
big part of the problem. He got back and found out about us and was
really mad. So he got us into a nice hospital and got us proper care. I
just finished my 4th set of malaria treatment, 2 oral sets of Coartem,
and 2 sets through an IV. I got to meet with a really qualified doctor
who is some sort of internal specialist, so she helped a lot and that
was good. The second trip to the hospital was waaayy nicer. I spent 5
days in the hospital with my own room, a mini fridge, a television,
and air conditioning. That was really nice. I had nice people coming to
visit me every day and I even got KFC delivered, and we had a small
party in Elder Van De Graffs room.
For right now I should be ok, now that people with actual medical
experience are on my case. I will be coming home when my mission is
finished. You can all probably just relax. At this point the only
thing we are watching is if my liver damage doesn't improve or my
hemoglobin level drops. If the first happens I will get on some
medicine or something. And if the later happens I will get a blood
transfusion. I would have gotten one already, but it's a lot harder for
us to get blood through the church. We need to know the donor and know
all their background information.  The other missionary has already had one
blood transfusion and he will be getting another one. I'm doing good
because I ate more. So I vomited more, but I got more nutrients in my body.
The people that we are getting blood from are like the senior
missionary couples so the blood is clean. We only will do it with our
own blood. I won't have a blood transfusion unless my hemoglobin level drops
and at this point that shouldn't happen.
When the malaria parasite enters your liver it
transforms into a blood attacking liver destroying parasite. The urine
becomes closer to a brown color because all of your red blood cells
are getting attacked and you urinate out all of the dead ones. The
only reason my urine clear is because I pee like a thousand times a
day trying to flush out my system. I woke up 5 times just last night
to pee and my urine is still more yellow than it should be. In low
quantities it looks clear but when the whole urine is gathered it
looks pretty dark.
But I should be ok don't worry. I am in my area right now.

Yeah I just got called from pres hill this morning about it woop woop!!!!! Sooo
excited! Now I can come home early and it doesn't really have to be for
sickness :) (his travel itinerary change that I got back on the 9th)

Tali: Keep cleaning those carpets! I want to come home to a clean house!
Quick save them don't let them die out there all alone!!! (our friends truck 
broke down and Tali & Scott went to rescue them)

Tay:haha Yeah 4th of July here wasn't a big deal, we kinda missed it
but glad you loved it! Yeah imma have to pack pretty soon too hehehe sooo
awesome! I'm so pumped I'll be home really soon!!!

Ty: We played a nice match of USA versus Ghana today and we won
9-2 which was cool because the top goal scorer was walking around
zombie status with low blood levels :) hehe yeah I was the zombie, and 
umm its not low blood sugar, it's low blood, my hemoglobin is suuper low. 
It should be around 15 and I'm at 8 or 9 :) BYS sound like its
going to be fun!

Ok so first there are 2 Hills. Prez hill and Doctor hill. Doctor hill
is the West Africa mission medical adviser. And he has been really
helpful! He was pretty much the only reason I got real treatment.
President hill visited me at the hospital like twice when I was
there the second time and once the first time. The medical people
from the other Accra mission visited me like 5 times and bought me KFC,
and they don't even have to have anything to do with me! They were
really nice. pres and his wife don't like them. They are the
Sanders. President seemed pretty annoyed when he talked to me too, but
that's ok because when I was chilling with Doctor hill he was pretty
mad  and felt that he was being irresponsible and not good it was nice.
I'm still disappointed in President Hill with how 
he is handling it, even now, but he can do his own thing.
He has gotten an earful from Salt lake telling him to contact mom.
so hopefully he called you, he told me that he called you.
I'm glad he finally did something. He feels it is better to
withhold info so that you don't freak out. I think its better to be
honest so you don't have to worry.
Me and Dr hill talked about it and he said he can't contact you.
He really wants to and he feels like he should be able to, but he can't.
First I was in Deseret hospital Wednesday to Saturday, then the next
week I proselyted all week from Tuesday to Sunday, then I went to
Nyaho clinic from Monday to Friday. The specialist isn't at Nyaho.
She just kinda works around. I'm not sure if I'll see her on this Wed.
But I will see a doctor who was in charge of my case. All of the
parasites should be dead at this point. The only thing that is wrong
at this point is the liver damage and my blood trying to grow back, but
that can't happen until my liver heals. Yeah all the info I want to
learn I get from Doctor hill. He told me all the good stuff.

I got out this past Friday and I have been in my area since then.
Moving all my stuff up would be sweet mom thank you so much you're the best!!!
(doctor, dentist, eye dr appts)

Yeah well I'm ok so that's the big news right now!!! 
Don't worry as long as I don't have a fever I will be ok. I still
have 2 weeks to relapse! Worse than me was a missionary that came from
the other mission that goes home in 1 week and he crashed his bike and
now doesn't remember the past year of his mission!!!
I got that when I got out of the hospital the first time. thank
you so much you're the best!!!! (the very last package I sent him)

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Since I had not heard from you and in case you may not have seen my earlier note, l  thought I would send another email letting you know that your son was released from the hospital yesterday. He told me the doctor requested a routine follow up visit on Wednesday.

I will be happy to update you on the follow up visit once it occurs. I spoke to him this morning and he said he feels great, just gets tired more easily than usual. I asked him to pace himself and rest as needed.
Pres. Hill

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tired But Feeling Well

Sent:Fri 7/10/15 3:49 PM
Your son was released from the hospital today and has gone back to his apartment. The antibiotics he received along with his own natural immune system have kicked in and there is no remaining infection. In addition to the anti-malarial medications he received through an IV, he has also completed a regimen of additional medications to ensure he malaria is gone. He will have a follow up visit with the doctor next week just as a precaution. I spoke to him just a few minutes ago and he said that he is tired but feeling well.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions that I might address.

President Hill


Thursday 06 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 9373
Departure 06 August 10:10 PM Accra Kotoka Intl

Arrival 07 August 07:00 AM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Duration 06:50 (Non stop)

Equipment BOEING 777-200/300
Meal Breakfast
Operated by Klm Royal Dutch Airlines, KL590
Friday 07 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 057
Departure 07 August 10:35 AM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Arrival 07 August 01:20 PM Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl

Duration 10:45 (Non stop)
Booking status Confirmed
Class Economy (H)
Baggage allowance 2PC
Seat 26E confirmed for Travis Scott Legg
Equipment BOEING 767-300
Meal Lunch
Friday 07 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 4509
Departure 07 August 05:06 PM Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl

Arrival 07 August 06:18 PM Boise Air Term Gowen Fld

Duration 01:12 (Non stop)
Booking status Confirmed
Class Economy (U)
Baggage allowance 0PC
Seat 13C confirmed for Travis Scott Legg
Operated by Skywest Dba Delta Connection,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

No Infection or Malaria Detected

Sent: Thu 7/09/15 2:34 PM

Good news. At this point, the malaria and infection are gone. His own immune system has kicked in and he is doing well. No infection or malaria detected. He will likely get released from the hospital  tomorrow and go back to his area. His apartment has some supportive missionaries who can help monitor things as well, if needed, but at this point he is doing fine.. I will also encourage him to ease back into a normal day—take it easy for a while. Of course, Dr. Hill and I will both check in with him in the coming days to ensure that everything is progressing as expected.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Urine Is Clear!!

Sister Legg,

I am so sorry that you did not receive these two previous emails. As I said on the phone, I will send you an email each day for the next few days. Please let me know anytime you have questions or would like to visit further on the phone about your son’s progress.

President Hill

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 7:18 PM
Sister Legg,

I saw your son a few minutes ago and he is doing well. He says he is tired but otherwise said he feels fine. He is being treated for malaria but looks well, is eating well, and improving his strength. His urine, sometimes an indicator of a problem, is very clear which is also a good sign.  

Please let me know if you have any questions that I could answer.

President Hill

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 12:09 AM

Sister Legg,

I received an email today that you and your  Stake President were inquiring about your son’s health. Since you and I have corresponded directly in the past, please feel free to write to me on any questions you may have if you wish to do so.

Your son was in the hospital for malaria last week and was treated and released last weekend. He and I have talked almost every day since then and he told me that he mostly felt  good Monday to Friday, but sometime on Friday he began to feel weak and tired and his urine was darker than normal.  Since he was still having some problems, we decided to have additional lab work done today (Monday). Based on that lab work, he may still have malaria so he was readmitted to the hospital this evening about 9 pm and will undergo further testing and possible treatment in the next few days.

He is in very good spirits and does not look sick or unhealthy. I think he may have played sports today. While malaria is certainly something to watch and get treated, he is not in any imminent danger. I will keep you updated on his status as things progress in the next few days. Please let me know anytime you may have any questions.

President Hill