Monday, March 30, 2015

So Now I am Leaving Newtown

Flip that's a bunch of holidays! (He asked for the update on dates) Umm yeah I'm not aware really of any of them yet. Yesterday Palm Sunday? If so, we saw a bunch of people parading saying that Christ would come yesterday and waving palms which was pretty messed up since none of that is supposed to happen until after he has come!

Umm yeah I'm not sure about what classes I should sign up, for but probably some basic freshman classes, probably stuff that isn't too hard so that I can ease back into things, especially if I only have a week or so before it starts! And yesa Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule would be really nice! And yes it would be freaking awesome if Tyson could do a semester with me! I mean sheesh if he's gonna be around for a long time after I get back, then he might as well go to school with me.  That would be cool! And he could help me because I'm sure I'm going to be freaking out and not understanding anything!

Dude that's sick that Tay is getting his Eagle done! He for sure needs to have it before I get home! Then he can drive me places and we can do all sorts of stuff together!!!!! It's great that so many people are willing to donate things for an eagle project! And it was cool how many people were willing to go out and help him to work! Here it can be a struggle to get people to show up for cleaning a lot of the time!

 And also a bunch of people are getting married! Whats up with that! I hear Jaren Weber got married? And verification on that? Sheesh it's really weird! I don't want to get married! How is that supposed to work out?!

Bekah: Hi bekah... are you dating my brother currently?

Ty: Sooo um this Bekah fellow seems to be like a lot of your time! Well then I suppose that's pretty cool because she is suuuper nice and fun so that will work out great! Thanks for helping out mom a bunch your doing great!

Gracie: Yay Gracie now can wear Earrings how cool!!! wowowowowowowowow I want to get my ears pierced! Here they usually get it done when they are babies. it helps distinguish the boys from the girls because in schools they have to have the same haircuts. I don't know where they do them here though.... hmmm that's interesting :P   Glad you could be strong for it!

Tali: Sorry they didn't want to play with you very much! If you came here you wouldn't want to sleep outside because if you did that then there is a pretty high chance that you will catch malaria and lots of people die from malaria so you need to be careful!

Tay: Dude keep on gettin it done! The sooner the better! I didn't really appreciate it until I got here and you feel way better being someone who go it than being someone who didn't get it! It's sick that you guys got a new horse that will be cool to come and check out when I get back!

So this week was just kinda packed with hard work and fun.
Transfer news came yesterday and so now I am leaving Newtown... I'm not sure where I am going, They said Ashtown, but then we discovered I was a terrible fit for that place, so we are going to try to change it, so I will hopefully be going somewhere else!

We went to the temple site and played basketball at the stake center there today and that was really fun, I wasn't very good and I didn't seem very athletic, but I had fun and it was a good activity that made me nap for 5 hours afterward :P

One of our investigators is preparing for baptism in 2 weeks so that is great and we are really excited for her! She is super sweet and was really wanting to make sure she was ready and committed before she joined the church and now she is here and she is loving it!

Elder Kouame is doing great! He is having a lot of fun and he has been opening up greatly since the time he first came to be my companion! I love him so much and I am sad to be leaving him! He is going to be a really great missionary!

Had 2 fun parties at my house.... ok so we didn't really do very much for the parties, but Saturday night we had a pizza party and then Sunday night we had a pack you bags and burn all our rubbish party. That was pretty fun when we would pick someone up and roast them over the fire or when we had people jumping through the flames! Yeah we are pretty hard core!

Umm yeah sorry not as entertaining this week but I am kinda distracted since I have to take care of a bunch of missionaries tomorrow and I will be the only senior companion amongst the group! We will see how that works out while all the other guys bail on me :)   We got this!

Love Elder Legg

 Yeah Dad I am trying to work really hard and to be obedient and to be different than the usual missionary here. To be honest the average missionary here kinda sucks really bad so I don't want to be like that , I might not have as much numeric success as some other guys but I know I am having more spiritual success than a lot of them, My district leader is going home tomorrow and it was interesting because I think he was a pretty ok missionary, but it seemed like people really struggled to open up to him and share with him their concerns. We just received a referral from him who lives on the border of the areas, He has been teaching her for months with little to no progress, She comes to church and has fellowshippers but she wouldn't go for baptism and she wouldn't tell him any concerns. My companion and I come in with her for one day find out all her feelings on baptism settle everything and she then asks us for  her to be baptized on the 12 of April so success there. Way my sickest investigator in this area right now!
> Its good all the horses are going well and it's sick that you got such a sick deal on Smooth! Way to go! I'm glad Sierra is still doing well! How old is he now?! Flip it's gonna be sick to ride horses when I get home!
> Love Elder Travis Legg

Monday, March 23, 2015

I was Just Embarrassingly Unathletic.... I'm Not Even Fat Now!

Yeah Elder Kouame is freaking sick. He is one of my best companions so far honestly. The language thing isn't great.  So socially we don't really click, but he has a similar teaching style to me and he is a really humble sick companion. I have had a lot of prideful companions that I struggle with internally, but he is really cool.

That sounds like Choir tour was suuper sick!!!!!! Ok so let's get something strait though... Tyson and Bekkah are together now? Flip what took to long?! I'm pretty sure I have been suggesting that for like 18 months!!!

Ty: Dude im super pumped for you to get your call to be honest! I hear all sorts of stories about other missionaries family members not going.  And I know that serving a mission is the right thing to do no matter how hard it is or how many crappy experiences you have while your serving.  It is absolutely worth it. So you and bekkah?! what the what!?!\

Tay: Really already the biggest flirt sheesh! You sure you weren't trying because it definitely sounds like you were trying at least a little bit! (Tay got the Biggest Flirt Award for choir tour, and he said he didn't even try.  As a Freshman he was pretty impressed!)  Flip I haven't been a flirt in forever, but I do fear that some people take my fun loving kinda nature to be flirty every now and again!

Tali:  So is right now spring break or it just ended or what? I didn't even know it was that time of the year! When is conference and when is Mothers Day? Its gotta be coming up soon right? Wow did you know that when I call on Mothers Day that will be the last time you hear my voice until I come home! woop woop!

Gracie: Sheesh mom and dad are already letting you get your ears pierced? Flip I'm 20 years old and I still don't get to have my ears pierced what's up with that?!

So this week was pretty sick.  We had a ton of fun and worked medium hard! yeah yeah!

Umm for the first time in a month we had investigators at church yesterday, which was a wonderful blessing, because it's been really frustrating working so hard and being so sure that all the people who promised you are really going to come, and then they don't show up! But some suuper not serious investigators that I actually dropped a few weeks ago showed up and one lady that was just referred to us from the other Ward showed up. The later woman is really cool and I was really happy that she came!

Today we played the most intense game of Red Rover I have ever seen in my life! We thought it would be better to play with sisters than American Football, but we were completely wrong. I got severely clothes-lined, and bit a chunk out of my lip. Elder Clark got destroyed By Elder Wickham. Elder Bowden got smeared by Elder Giles, and Sister Kabuye got pummeled by Elder Bowring. It was crazy because the lines are just holding on with death grips and the runners are coming as fast and as hard as they can. Elder Clark and I Caught a missionary that just body slammed our arms and we held him in the air. It was insane! Then after we played some football and I was just embarrassingly unathletic! I don't even want to try again because I did absolutely nothing! Flip I didn't realize how bad it is. I am not even fat now! I slimmed back down so I'm like 165lbs and I don't look chubby, but im just suuuper weak! Oh well I'll get to gymin and then I'll be really strong when I get back... probably not :)

Yeah and Saint Patrick's Day was suuper awesome! I looked real nice with my green socks and my trou rolled up. The mustaches didn't stick suuper well in the humidity, but we had a really swell district meeting with them on! Thank you so much mom for giving us a great St Patrick's Day!

Oh by the way the Miamaids sent a nice little package/letter thing for Valentines Day, I think, and it was really nice so thank you to them!

Haha well it's good that Tay is getting everything rolling! He is a stud! (for his Eagle project)
Wow are you sure Gracie can handle having her ears pierced? (she survived......barely!!)
Yeah he is a good guy. He just doesn't know yet how to be a good missionary, but sheesh who's to say that I do? Many a people will say I have no idea what I'm doing, and I'd agree with them!
Well good luck with all your work!
Love Elder Legg

Monday, March 16, 2015

Imma Look Like a Goofy White Guy With a Moldy Mustache Tomorrow!!!!!! And Dare to be Driven

Woop woop! Yeah I did get the St. Patrick's Day package.  Is that really tomorrow? Imma look like a goofy white guy with a moldy mustache tomorrow!  Flip some people are really gonna enjoy mustache and rolled up trou Elder Legg!!!! (I sent him some assorted, stick on, green mustaches and fun St. Patrick's Day socks)

Choir tour sounds like its gonna be so much fun! Next year I am going to be eligible to be one of the adults right? Yeah I'll be 21 in case you were all wondering!!
I still think its a load of malarkey that Kayla is coming home so early!  I still wont believe that she ever even went out and served! She was never gone!!!!
Tay: Dude I'm glad your doing so good with your Eagle!  It takes a lot of work, and it can be really rough. But when you work really hard, your hard work always pays off. I was thinking yesterday about how when we get to a service project I always can out work my companions. Now that may have to do with most of our service projects being work that the women are supposed to do. And Africans are very particular about their work roles so they don't want to work, or I woulda just been a super awesome sister.  I don't know, I just know that I have a goal in mind and I want to accomplish it the best I can, so that when it's done it's done and they will all know that its done :) You've got this!!!

Tali:  Yet again another sick week for the infamous Tali!   Sorry that Mr. Kershaw is going to be a math teacher that is no fun! I wouldn't want to be a math teacher! I"d be like a party teacher or a lunch teacher or something!
Ty:  Sheesh doing a bunch of work! What did you have to do with dad to set up for stake conference? We just had ward conference and we had to set up for that which was no fun.  Good thing I'm now in a little branch, our first Sunday as our own branch we had 45 members there including all the kids. So it was rough, but we were up to like 75 or something this week! Yeah bro you can read my blessing :)
Gracie: soooo um how many times do you just get to go by yourself into town and get milkshakes? I never even get to do that! I think I Have only even been to that place twice ever!
So um this week I have been sick yet again so I don't have too much to say... but I'll tell you all about how sick my companion is--my French speaking one.

So I think I just had a bit of a mega cold, or when Elder Curtis of the Seventy came to visit he got me sick. Since I'm pretty allergic to authority :P Hehe  but stuffy nose, chills, hots, sore throat, aches, headache, all the good stuff. My companion had to lead out in everything and we only left the house a good handful of times, but he did super well! We weren't really sure what all he could do because he's so quiet, but he freaking dominated! Did all the aspects of missionary work and just acted really driven! I was excited!!!!

Something has really been on my mind this week and it's the crappy way that humans look at what has been set before them and follow those standards.  They'll step out in little ways, but as a general idea they will stay inside the lines. All throughout school we hear about thinking outside the box, about going against the flow, and being an individual.  But as we grow up and get farther in school and into the "real" world we are told to stay in line, follow the normal thing, so that all the traffic can flow smoothly. We put a speed limit on learning, working, living, loving. All the things that matter to us supposedly have limits. We had mission tour this week and we talked about doing impossible things. To be honest I really didn't like the talk or the idea that was conveyed because even though we were told to do more there were still guide lines keeping us inside what we were already doing.  It wasn't about changing your actions, but more of just changing your focus. At least that's how I felt. Here we have some ideas about missionary work, and they set limits on how we do what we do. Some missionaries work smart, meaning they effectively plan and do everything within a short area so they minimize work and maximize results.  These missionaries usually start late and quit early. Then we have hard working missionaries, who go out on time, come back on time, and bust their butts the whole time they're out.  But for some reason they still only do as much work as the smart missionaries. The question used to be which one of these missionaries are you going to be??   So I would jump back and forth depending on who my companion was, and neither one of them was satisfying  to my idea of what a missionary should/could do. Mission isn't about the numbers that we report or record, but it is about those lives that the numbers represent. I have been thinking about an idea of a driven missionary, not one that is hard working, nor one that is effective, but just one that does their best no matter the situation because they have a sincere desire to help those around them. Driven by what they know, and what they desire, pushing them past the politics of mission, past the before set ideals, and putting them in an isolation of their own success.  Knowing at the end of every day that they really helped people and loved it! I want to do my best and it's hard, but my companion and I are trying and with each day we have improvement.
Look at what you do in your life, and see what you need to do to change.  What you're doing to better fit who you really are.  When you are who you are, and you act like what you want inside, others will see that impact around you, and they will have a desire and a drive also!!!

(This was from a different email about a comment I made last week.  If it seems disjointed)
My area is full of Crazy people!!!!!! Freak I have honestly never seen so many psychos in one place! My companion also thinks that Ghanains are all crazy! hoy cow!
One investigator just kept crying at us this week asking us why we don't believe in Jesus Christ. (we do) Then we found out that she's a severe Alcoholic! 2 people that I was bankin on for baptism like 2 months ago have been taught more than 10 times and still don't know anything about the Gospel other than it's true. Members don't know where the Book of Mormon comes from.  People don't understand that one church is different from another.  Nothing, just no comprehension, even of who is Jesus Christ and God they have no idea!
Umm he never gave me a release date, but he said I could get home the 30 days early. Maybe you could send a follow up email?
Yeah sorry I didn't have much to say this week because I'm kinda tired of me telling you guys gruesome tales of my suffering.  All you need to know is there have been some bloody boogies, some passing out, some expired medication taking, and some huge water overdosing! And now minus the headache, the boogie filled nose, and the swollen throat, everything is great!!!
Love Elder Legg

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yeah I Just Don't Really Blend In....It's Just Not Me!

Yeah flip ok so I have had some troubles following the rules in the past, but right now I'm am doing my best to be exact. I don't do anything I'm not supposed to, without permission from my leaders and I'm going crazy with my work so that I can try to break out of the usual work that we do here and enter into a new level where we can put out some serious soul saving!!!! (I was busting his chops about last week's shenanigans)  Haha yeah I've had a couple weird dreams where I either beat them up or chop them to pieces with that guys cutlass! It's kinda weird!

(I suggested trying to blend in & lie low after last week's adventure here's his reply)
Haha yeah I just don't really blend in... it's just not me! I don't want to blend in with anything! If I want to blend in with someone else that means someone else has already done it, and I am trying to be them.  But I don't want to be them I want to be me! And whether that's good or bad I'm gonna do it!
And.. well I definitely can't do that this week.  I just shattered everyone's ideas about how much you can teach. For us 20 is good........ 25 is way good............ 30 is suuuper good............ 35 is crazy good........... and 40 is unheard of.  Unless the person is crap and was just going for numbers.  So I taught 51:) and every single area I hit or killed the standard of excellence and it was cool because I  had to go on exchange with the zone leaders this week and when I was with him we taught 11 that day, usually a good day is 6 :)

Ok so for the stuff I will see what I can get that is colorful.  Usually the wood stuff they just sand it and use black shoe polish on it to give it color, but hopefully there are some with some beads on them that will add a little color.  Also the masks aren't really animals, they have animals, and they have masks... the mask are kinda like the Indian stuff in AZ... but I haven't actually been there before so we will see what we can find!  (the kids told him what kind of treats they want him to bring them)

Yeah fufu is strait up cassava and plantain finish. They have something called neat fufu here and we will see if I can bring that. It's pretty similar, but not totally the same. (Tyson wants him to bring the makings for fufu)

Ty: flip dude you hang out with Bekah a bunch that's cool! She's really nice! flip is league of legends good? I've seen it a little but I don't think I've ever played it!

Tay: yeah dude well I work from 8 in the morning until 930 in the evening and im freaking bustin a butt trying to help people :) so let's both just keep up the good work ok! Get your Eagle! The missionaries here that don't have it just aren't as cool as those that do :) (Trav has his)

Tali: ooo you always get to go to friends houses! I never got to go to friends houses, lucky!I wish I was as cool as you! sheesh how come mom likes you so much!

Gracie: what the What you got 2 milkshakes walking down the street.  That would be way cool!  Are you sure your old enough to be walking down the street by yourself? :P

Ok so sorry if these stories are short but I'm low on time and I gotta hurry to family home evening!!!!

So went on exchanges with the zone leaders. Started out rough because he doesn't really like me. So the whole first half of the day he just has the feel of "I'm a way better missionary than you and you don't know how to do anything."  That lasted until we reached the first person I knew and we started fetching water for them. He was able to complete 1 trip with yellow water jugs. They're about 5 gallons-ish. I made 5 trips with yellow jugs and then 10 trips with clear jugs about 3 gallons-ish. After his first run, he was just finished hehe. We then went to the next person, and they also needed help fetching water, but only a little bit.   We did theirs, and he just followed me while I carried water. Hehe!  Then we taught a ton of cool people, and met a bunch of new people, and he was just exhausted.  He didn't like that I followed my schedule.....until he realized I was following the spirit. He didn't like that I didn't plan a lunch time.......until he realized that God takes care of his servants. It was a fun time though and I think he had a new found respect for me in the end.

Also the next day my shoulders were crazy sore, but when some girls needed help carrying their buckets of maize flour from the mill to their house I was way excited! Those girls were the younger daughters of the people that I help make ken-key every once in a while.  So we had a couple trips through the market with flour on my head, and all the sellers were in shock! It was sweet! Now I got a ton of friends in the market, instead of just a bunch of annoying people trying to sell me stuff I don't want!

This week we went to West Hills Mall, which is the biggest, nicest mall in West Africa.  And it was suuuuper nice! My mind was totally blown! The parking lot was similar to the high school's parking lot with a driveway similar to that of the airport where is goes every which way. It's 3 floors, One is mostly an underground parking garage. And the top floor is a small movie theater. But it was way fun, and we had lunch there today  and it was my first time going there! Really cool!

You remember how I got kicked out of Oda, well there apparently everyone still remembers me. In Odorkor, only a few people remember, Kasoa probably less, Asamankese a bit since I was just there. But Oda I did my best, and I was different than any missionary, and everyone there still loves me. Here I run around all day serving people, even when my companion quits, I keep serving. I always try to leave every person I meet with a smile on their face, no matter how tired I am.  I let them know I represent Jesus Christ, then I tell them about the times that Jesus fetched peoples water, or the time Jesus took their grains to the mill and carried back the flour for them, or all the times that he helped people to paint their nails and to put ties in their hair. I don't stand out anymore because I'm crap. I'm really trying to stand out because I am both me and Christ. I want people to see Him when they look at me.  And when they feel my love. then they will remember Elder Legg, and they will remember why he was here. Hopefully if they can remember that, then so can they and they can actually become what the Lord wants them to be.

Ok well I'm off to Family home evening with Sister Mahana's family and neighbors! Let's hope I'm not too late!

Elder Legg

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Africany Gift Ideas

 I really want you guys to come and see how it is because I think you'd think it was horrible and think I suffered really bad even though all of it is pretty normal to me now.   But also I want to be able to be in the airport with all of you there waiting for me. It'll probably be a big hassle for you guys to come out here and do stuff so it'd be easier if you could get measurements for everyone and I can get some clothes made for them. I can also get you wooden stuff like bracelets, small masks animals, a nativity, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts(both guys and girls), dresses, ties, whatever you guys think would be Africany and cool let me know and I can figure out where to get it!
If you come here what would we do?   I think it would be better to take a trip a different time.... it'd be fun for you to com but you'd get sick from the food, we wouldn't have enough time to do all the really cool stuff, we would just be able to buy things basically.  Also when you put money in if you want to put a bit and name some cool Africa art stuff you want me to look for that would be ok. I will be going to the art market soon which normally you would only be able to go to Monday before you leave but I have a hook up, so I will go this month. I'm working on getting white kentey temple ties made for us 4 boys and maybe a few others for other people. Kentey is an exclusive fabric only made in Ghana, sometimes its nice and sometimes not really.  It can just be expensive but I want to get a bunch of that and a bunch of African wear which is a really cool or crazy pattern fabric, Ill get some pics of the ones I have.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Real Missionaries Were Harmed in the Making of This Story!

Yeah Tay has freaking sick Bdays!  Everyone gets to do cool stuff when I'm stuck in Africa! Oh well I will return soon enough and you will all see how illiterate I am and how I'm completely socially awkward! Honestly I don't know why, but I talk different than most people here.   Even the other Americans can struggle to understand some of my phrases or words, but it's cool, I'm just a verbal montage of culture!
I'm glad you got to have a sweet Birthday mom you deserve it you're the best!!!
Why do they all have boys? You think none of them are gonna have enough kids to have a girl? (Aunt Donna & Mike grandsons)
That's a sick name! Haha he's so cool! I wish I was Tay! (There was a contest to name the high school's new dance team & Taylor entered & the name he came up with was the name the team chose.  So the dance team is now Blue Legacy--school colors are blue & gold)
 It is suuper sad and I'm really sorry! I would hate it if Buddy died! So you need to take care of him until I get home.  (His cousin Kayla's dog died, she's due back from her mission in Brazil in 5 wks)
And yeah don't worry about sheltering me till I get home, just let me know what is going on! I would much rather get bad news now than when I get back and I'm trying to adjust!
Wow I am glad that I have never gotten bitten by my companion... other missionaries and some members and a few investigators, and even a few children but I don't think my companion ever has taken a chunk out of me! (a friend of his in Brazil too got bitten)
Yeah I emailed President about it. (coming home in Aug for school)
Ty: haha sorry about your paper!  How do you think you did? Yeah dude madi is crazy! How can she just get married like that it's so weird!!!
Tali: Wow what a bum! I saw part of Big Hero while I was getting food at a shop the other day it looked way good!
Gracie: Haha I had a similar experience to your pee story, but in mine I had to poop! Ill tell you about it really soon :)  (Gracie slept in the tent, tried to come in to go to the bathroom & was locked out! oops!)
Tay: Happy birthday bro! Great job making it this far in life and having so much fun!
What a wow!
Can you believe how old you are TAy! 15 flip I remember when I was 15 and I felt crazy old! Just one more years until you turn 16 and can go on dates! Gosh I remember when you turned 13 and I was all "wow he's so old, now he can watch pg-13 movies!" Then the next year I was all like "14?! He's so old, now he can go to stake dances!" Flip and now you are 15 its crazy! Are you so pumped?! Did you get some cool gifts and stuff? I hope you loved it and lived well!
Love your big bro
Elder Travis Legg

Ok so this week I'm in a really fun mood.  Where to start my stories? I will tell you good news, bad news, and worse news.
So good news- I didn't go to jail!
Bad news- got a fine and almost went to jail
Worse news- I still had to poop!
So last night Elder Clark and I were out pretty late taking our clothes to a member for her to wash them today.  When we got there she really needed our help, so we helped her out and didn't get back until really late.   By the time we were pulling into our compound I had to jump out of the car and pee just right where I was.  I almost had to pee out the window while we were driving, but was barely able to hold it. The problem with going pee, it just so often leads you to needing to poop. So now I have to poop really bad. Problems are it's late, I'm tired, and we haven't had water for days! I probably coulda gotten water if I really wanted to but I really didn't want to.  So I came up with this bright idea let's just go poop in the gutter across the street! As missionaries here we talk about that a lot and its always kinda a joke. Now that we are tired and really have to poop, it has suddenly became a  reality.  So we run out there hop in the gutter and drop trou.  It was really awkward, but I had to go really bad! So while I'm going my head is down and I don't see the guy sneak up on me. I stand up and there's a slightly drunk suuper muscular shirtless man standing in front of me. He just looks at me angrily when a way drunk fat crazy guy runs out of no where and starts screaming at us. we couldn't really understand what either of them were saying, and they were freaking out.  We were just shocked and didn't know what to do. The crazy man runs away and comes back with a big cutlass and starts swinging it at us. Topless man is much more calm and just starts threatening us telling us we will go to jail and what we did was so terrible! ( we don't understand why they are mad, because they themselves poop in buckets and throw it in the same gutter) but crazy man swings the cutlass at Clark and misses chipping a big chunk of rock out of the gutter. Soon, out Land lady comes to the rescue, and starts talking with the crazed fiends that are harassing us. She sends us inside and continues to talk to the men, but on our way in,  crazy man grabs a big bamboo pole and attempts to lance us.   Some people stop him and he starts  slamming it on the ground. We rush into the compound and into the house. We get some serious prayers off and try to rest our troubled hearts. We got some sleep. Then today the people were harassing our land lady, so she went to the gutter people and told them, and she went to the police, and took care of everything.  She got a fine, but solved everything. So now everyone around us hates those men, and just feels way bad for us. We just feel terrible for everyone that we bothered. Total life or death situation!
Ok so let's be honest:   the danger level was super low. There wasn't much exaggeration, but just a really good story telling to make it seem worse than it was.   We are totally fine, and we were just shaken up, and worried about all the people we inconvenienced! No real missionaries were harmed in the making of this story!
And when all was said and done last night Clark pooped 3 more times and I pooped twice more. Just not our night.

Good news- I didn't do anything wrong
Bad news- a member basically threatened to get me sent home
Worse news- I'm still doing what he told me not to
Hehe so I have this member in my area whose cousin is staying with her and she really wants to learn about the church.  So we have been going there to learn with her. The problem with that is the member has a kinda weird possessive boyfriend who is way jealous of handsome, funny, witty, Elder Legg who keeps spending time at his girlfriends house (teaching her cousin the Gospel of Jesus Christ sheesh!) So he took me off to the side one day at church and lets me know he doesn't like it and he's really grumps with me but doesn't want to be enemies.   But it was really hard to figure out what he was saying because he kept likening a mission unto stuff like war or selling or whatever.   It was hard to understand, but basically what he wanted to say was back off my girl and I said excuse me?! ewwwwwww. Definitely not gonna get with that girl if I had to get with a girl!

Good news- I didn't spend any money on it
Bad news- the mini golf place sucked today
Worse news- our driver left us there and we had to get our own ride home!
Yea we went to the mini golf place again today but only 3 people golfed, the employees were super rude to us, we weren't allowed to do any flips or anything.  It was just boring.  Half of us just chilled inside while the others golfed or took pictures. One companionship didn't even come, and the other ones who drove us there bailed on us as soon as we got there! Oh well it was a good day and we had fun!
Yeah so I think that is most of the excitement for now! Don't worry about me.... unless you are scared of Ebola, cholera, malaria, typhoid, cutlasses, bamboo, lions, elephants, bats, rats, bad traffic, dirty sewers, constant diarrhea, dehydration, starvation, heat stroke, or anything dirty or dangerous! 
Oh yeah did I tell you about the bats here? I this area every evening about a couple hundred thousand bats fly across the sky and it's super scary! 

Love Elder Legg