Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Best Leaks Ever!

Yeah I'm doing much better! I'm almost all cleared up. Just a little soft new skin and some sweet scars! But other than that everything else is totally taken care of!

We heard a lot about about the explosion and the flooding. In total we have been told that the death toll is over 200 and they have still been finding bodies. It was really close to us. Not suuper close, but if it was like my house here was our house there it'd probably be the Little Leggs Daycare in town that got blown up.  About 15 minutes from my house and like a 2 minute walk from my apartment mates area :) Lightning struck our dry line in our yard and there was tons of flooding all over the place! So pretty close, but it didn't effect us at all. And everything was cool with us, no flooding, just a little leakage! Don't you love it when your roof gets a leak, but the water just rolls down the wall into the shower........ so you don't even mind it! Best leaks ever! The big one made itself a little stream that just led its way out the front door, so we left that one alone too :P

What's with all the people I know going to crazy town?! I'm so glad I have a plan for the future and I'm actually going to have something going for me! It's like meeting young adults here and them trying to challenge me that they are doing more in their lives. But they have no jobs, no school, and they live with their moms, but treat their moms like crap.  Then I'm sitting here halfway around the world all alone, just loving my mom :)

We went to the beach today as a combined bi-zone activity and we had a wonderful time!!!! We played soccer, my team won. Then we played volleyball, my team won. Then we played American football, my team won. Then the suuper sick Welsh lady there got some water for us and Sister Namudu brought me food because she is awesome. So I was the only person there with food :) It was fantastic!
Tali:  Well that's good that you had a good week! Hope you keep having fun!!!

Tay: Yeah dude get your Eagle scout stuff finished! When are you going to get your license? I'm definitely not taking you to school every day :P

Gracie: Wow that's great that you had such fun at girls camp! I'm glad you let me know all the stuff that you did there.... yeah I'm doing much better! Thanks for the Prayers!

Tyson:  Dude how old are these cute girl councilors?? And are they in need of a missionary to write?! Flip that sounds like you are having a ton of fun and you are going to do great!!!!

Man see here the phone stuff is so much easier! But you can easily drop a ton of money if you are not careful. You can buy any phone you want and you can just choose your service by buying a sim card from any market for like 2 Cedis, then you buy some credit and use it any way you like :) What a bunch of chumps! You need to just threaten their lives and tell them you'll only bring half of what they request! (I told him I went into Sprint & Verison trying to figure out what I'm going to do with our service)

A little rushed because the Cafe man is trying to shut us out since he already caused a ton of problems for us today oh well!

Have a fantastic week!
Love Elder Legg

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