Monday, June 23, 2014


So yeah, in case you couldn't tell or you were unaware, USA beat Ghana 2-1 and tied Portugal 2-2. So if they tie or beat Germany, and even possibly if they lose then they will qualify! Yeah I've been getting a lot of extra ridicule this week... and I love It!

Me, the Rain, My Soap, & Some Serious Awkwardness

This update is from 6/16/14.  We were offline in the Black Hills of SD w/the Swalboski's for a week, so there was a delay in this post.

I don't know why they can't keep water. And trust me when it rains you see all of our buckets out, but 1 bucket can only bath a companionship if we are being frugal. We have the little bags of water that we can drink so drinking water is never the difficult one to get to.  Ok and now to bathing outside.

Yes Mom I have bathed outside. One night it was raining and I was disgusting. So I stripped down, grabbed my towel and soap, and headed outside. Don't worry it was dark, and I have a wall around my compound. But it was me, the rain, my soap, and some serious awkwardness as I bare buttocks, naked, bathed outside in the rain.  And no it's not that weird!  Let's look at my life! I poop in people's yards, and I pee in the street!  Bathing in the rain isn't that weird now....... is it?

Yeah thank you, I got the money and I was able to use it so we could keep having power, because guess what we ran out again! Can you believe that I had to sleep outside again! I moved my mattress outside put up my bed net and slept like a baby! Well a freaked out baby!  Can you believe my companion told me that I was going to get robbed and he wouldn't help me. What kind of "goodnight, I love you" is that??

Please mother. people also travel from everywhere to see the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, and a bunch of other places. A little variety never killed anybody. (Still grumping that we went to the Grand Canyon 3 times  together, and were going to Mt. Rushmore without him)

 I sent a good email for just Ty, so get that to him when you get on the email!  
(This was the email)
I hope everything went well and you had tons of fun! Gosh 17! That's weird! Everyone else's ages won't change too much while I am gone, but yours is freaking me out! When I get home you will be the same age I was when I left! Can you believe it? Because I can't. I think of stuff like this, but it doesn't really make a ton of sense!
I LOVE YOU and I know you are going to be an awesome senior! Push through and work hard! you got this!
Love Elder Travis Legg

Umm....... mom please, I know a  lot more about this World Cup stuff than you!  Every person I have met for the last 6 months has told me that Ghana will score USA in the World Cup.  But guess what??  They play tonight,  kind of late but heck with that I'm gonna see it anyways!  I got an investigator who has been a butt about it, and I gotta represent! Also Nigeria plays Iran just before then, and earlier Germany and someone played.

First off, can you believe some people??  One guy just came into the cafe and told me I should leave because Ghana Is better than USA, and I'm not good. Oh I just finished that guy, and he was just thrown out for being stupid. One of his friends came up and said,"Don't worry I'm supporting USA" haha at least some guys are cool, right?

I haven't gotten the trou fixed, but I do have like 3 pairs to take now :)

Tay:  Flip I hated cleaning the house before we went on trips! We aren't even going to be home to get it dirty.  And when we get home we will have to clean again, but oh well I'm sure it made things better for when we got home.

Gracie: Goodness you just always get to go to Roaring Springs! haha yeah I know all about bruised buttocks! I ride bikes on roads that want to beat you up, and my seat is mostly just plastic! Mouse eww. Did you know that they went to our old house and found a giant rat and a whole flock of mice that had been living with us!

Tali: Well I am glad you are getting better! Be much more careful when you climb trees :P

Ty:  Good luck at open field! Of course you dominated! You're like the studliest guy in the ward and now you are top dog of the school!  Come on, things are gonna work for you for sure! Me when I am done here I am gonna go watch some World Cup!

We can definitely say that this new guy is not my favorite companion, but he is lucky because Elder Legg is a master at getting along with people that are not easy to get a long with. I guess I had a lot of practice.... gough gough hmm hmm....... Abby.. :) just kidding... kind of.
But we don't do a whole lot of work, and he really likes to flirt with the ladies. ( more on this to come)
Ok so then companion story.
My companion is really into girls. He is 21, from Nigeria, and only has a few months left, so he could even finish his mission in this area. So of course, he doesn't really have his mind here as much and is girl crazy, but it's ok because I rock.  We go to this girl's house, and yes she is a pretty girl, but even more shes is super smart.  So he tells me to stand back and watch him work.  He gives it everything he's got. Throws out the smooth guy with, "Oh my gosh! You were born on the 22nd also! Did you know when God was creating the world he made Adam and Eve on the same day, so every person has someone born on the same day as them, and they are meant to be together."  He also tried the buff guy, "Yeah I look kinda young, but that's just because I've been gymin' so much (raises he arm) yeah I like to be ripped."  He also did the let's get real, "Ok you know why I'm acting so weird, it's because I don't want to be just your friend, I want to take it to the next level." So yes, after an hour or so of these pathetic attempts she says, " No you are a bad boy, and I don't really like that, you are much worse than Legg, and I would rather have someone like him."  Boom in your face! Gosh I am just so awesome!  Of course, that whole time I was pretty silent, and I just couldn't stop laughing after she said that. So yeah, I'm a bad boy, but just the right amount of bad, I guess.
But my companion Is cool, I guess. I am working hard to make sure we enjoy each other.  

Love you guys and let's all have a great week! 
Love Elder Legg

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Compared to the Streets........I Smell Great!

I have gotten extra dirty! We haven't had running water in 2 weeks and our tank has been empty for one week.  So to fetch water, we have to go on a full on excursion that takes at least 30 minutes!  For me just to be able to splash water on myself, that is way not worth it!  Honestly I haven't bathed in at least 3 days :) I did a little clean up for church, but still, come on, compared to the streets.......I smell great!  I have eaten a ton of dry indomie this week because we have no water, and some stinken missionary likes to take my eggs. 

This week there has been so much rain though!  It looked like we did hardly any work, because for 3 full days we were rained inside!  We tried going out, and I destroyed a pair of trou trying to jump over a river of water! It sucks! I looked dang good in those trou too! Hopefully the seamstress down the street, who I am going to contact, will be able to do it.  You always have to be careful who you have do your stuff! I have had many companions get their trou spoiled by tailors.  Even this one tailor had a pair of trou, that he was "working on" for 6 full months! Piece of junk!
But seriously the rain was nice because it was way cooler here for a while. Wednesday it rained really bad while we were at the church and we had to race home.  I rode my bike through a river where the water was touching my seat while I rode!  It was so sick! I couldn't see my legs, and I just kept truckin.  I passed a taxi that was stuck and couldn't open the doors! Hehe

So Exchanges are this week. Elder Azalwa Is leaving, which I am sad about. And my new companion, so far, will be an elder I haven't heard great things about.   It's going to be a hard transfer, but Ill do my best!

Ok, so you remember Beatrice the Angel seeing lady who wants to be baptized? That woman is so sick! We haven't been able to get a hold of her all week, so we were thinking she was just tricking us.  But she came on Sunday and said that her phone had been stolen.  Still sounded a little shifty, but she asked us if she could take us to her house so we knew the way and could come any time!  And she introduced us to some of her family, and 2 kids might be coming with her next week!  Also flip she's doing my wash! I had brought it to church for this other lady to take, but I didn't see her.  I was just carrying it, and she snatched it from me and wouldn't take no for an answer! Also her daughter in law is going to feed us tomorrow! Gosh I love that family! We just have a bunch of sweet people! One investigator was late to church, and he kept calling us to give us updates on where he was because he didn't want us to worry! 

Ok and something is going on where they are trying to make me pay for customs fees for each package I get. So like Wednesday, I will get one and it will cost me like 30GHC. Don't stop sending packages mind you:) 

Pish that shark is lucky it didn't try to attack me, because the news would have reported a crazy surfer eating a raw shark on the beach at Fort Lauderdale!  (I had emailed him about a shark attack where we were on vacation, same time last year, where he learned to surf)

Glad camps went well and everyone is having fun.  You know I still really want to go to Mount Rushmore! Honestly, hole in the ground 3 times, and crazy rock faces once? That doesn't really make sense!
  (We are headed to SD to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills to visit family.  His reference to the "hole in the ground" is the Grand Canyon.  Guess we'll have to go back to SD when he gets home)

So Tali is ok right? Like nothing super bad has messed her up, and she is healing?
  (Tali fell out of a tree & punctured her heal, she will be fine)

Ty: Sheesh I haven't been to Grandpa's property in NV in forever! It's good Aaronic priesthood camp was sweet! So what all did you guys do to my truck? Paint and what else?  Is it working good or is it still working about the same? Hey keep up the good work yourself!:P

Tali: So girl tell me something! What in the world do you think you are doing falling out of a tree?!?!? When you are climbing down, you have got to be more careful than that! Gosh! You can get hit by a tree, you can run into a tree, but you can't fall out! So does your ankle look like my face did? :P I hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

Grace: Yeah, sorry, I am not really a fish guy.  Birds and rodents are a no go too, most indoor pets are too much of a hassle.  Maybe a super well trained small dog would be ok, but that's about it! um Adam's apples! EEwww no thank you! My neck is too big for it.  You don't need to be thinking anything about who you are going to marry for a long time, so just forget! :)

Tay: Um, duh, you have tons of girls liking you! Come on you look like me!  You are going to get any girl you want, so only stick with them for a long time if they are really good! Obviously you will have some crappy girls, but those you can just move on from! Remember that dating in high school is just for fun.  Not for anything to last.  And that you are searching for a bar.  The bar is something that your wife has to be higher than :)  And duh, you ate PB&J like a boss!  I love eating too!
Alright Ill let you know how everything goes with the transfer and no water!
Love Elder Legg

Friday, June 6, 2014

In Came the Super Missionary!

Ok so this week we have been suffering!  So first off, it was the last week of subsistence, so none of us had any money.  We had a problem with our power line, so we didn't have power for 2 days.  We haven't had our water working properly, and we don't know why.  So we haven't been able to clean anything properly!   Then Saturday, we all ran our of food and power credit, so we have been starving and hot for the last 2 days.  We got up early this morning to go get our money, but guess what???  Salt Lake didn't send us any!!  Can you believe it?  I had 150 that I was able to split for 4 people, and I had to use most of mine to buy stuff for the apartment like electricity and t-roll!

Ok, so cool story for our new investigator!
Woman named Beatrice is introduced to us at church yesterday. We sat down with her and her story went a little like this:
I am Beatrice, I am 50 years old.  10 years ago I lost my husband, and I have no job, no house, and no food. I don't want any from the church because that isn't why I am here.  A few weeks ago I had decided I had no more reason to live and I was always praying to die.  I moved out to the bush so that I could kill myself and now one would know.  One night in a dream, I had tied a rope around my neck and I was ready to die when I heard a voice tell me not to do it.  Out of the bush came an angel holding a book (our restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ Pamphlet). SO I called my mother that Saturday and asked if I could come stay the night with her and go to church with her and she agreed.  When I arrived, I was surprised to see the same book in my sister's hand.  I went with her to the church in Dansuman, and they told me to call these numbers and to come here.  Yesterday, I passed the church and I knew I could come today.  So this is my 3rd week coming, and I want to be a member, and I know this church is not like other churches. God is here.
So freak yeah, I'm not sure if she is crazy, but that sort of thing is pretty common here.  So she's at least serious, and it's sweet to be able to teach her!

Now its time for me to brag about myself a little bit!
So in our district there is a pretty crappy missionary who hates being here, and always has an excuse why he can't go out.  This has been happening for months.  So My companion and I got special assignments for their area.  Elder Azalwa (my companion) will go into that area to train the greeny (newer missionary) companion and to prepare a few sweet people for baptism.  Me?  All I have to do is work my butt off and get their numbers higher, so that they don't shut down the area.   Friday they had taught 4 lessons, and 2 were from elder Azalwa.  My area was at like 18.   So In came the super missionary to boost the numbers. Mind you......there was rain, so we started our day at 1:00 and came back at 9:00.  We taught 16 lessons. We got a bunch of new investigators, found some super sweet people, and even got a few to come to church.   Because of that day, they had 10 investigators at church on Sunday :)  Man I am just so good.  But hey remember:  teach people, not numbers!   Sometimes you just need to have a few numbers to increase productivity.
Also I was only able to do a half day the next day because on the way home in the dark I fell in a hole and jacked up my knee, but don't worry I am ok now!

Haha Yeah so when should I send a happy birthday to Tyson? Next week or next next week? Sheesh you guys seem to just do all the fun stuff now that I am gone! Not fair! I better get an equal amount of fun stuff when I get home!
Haha yeah I remember the rope course and the story of Cody and Jake getting busted at Eagle Island Park!
Yeah, they are like rounded corners, but it's rounded inside and out.  So actually the wall curve in our apartment curves... does that make sense?

Tay: Wait you haven't been taught how to drive yet? You could be driving next year bro! Just get your eagle project finished this summer and learn how to drive it! Hope roaring springs is fun!

Ty: I want the truck super sooped up when I get home. Don't forget to add some speakers! Freak yeah I think I am going to use the egg game as a FHE activity with some members sometime soon :)

Tali: Gosh how come you always get to go see your friends! It's not fair! I never get to see any of my friends!  Mom, Tali gets to have more fun than me!  :P ALso I want a movie night and treats !

Grace: Umm no I don't want a fish!  Yhey always die!  That's why their birthdays are each month because they get too old too fast!

Yep so that's the week!  Have a great one everybody!
Love Elder Legg