Monday, April 27, 2015

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After Super Missionary Clean Up!

Coconut Discus Throw Anyone??

Umm nope. One thing I have definitely learned on mission is I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. Even if you do the right thing, but  you have the wrong attitude then you still wasted your time. (I told him I've got him busy in the fall already & that I was sure he'd have a fabulous attitude) Yeah Imma be doing stuff, but I just don't want to pile a bunch of responsibility on my shoulders when that would be unnecessary!
yeah... or I could just go to school away from home and not really see you guys.... ha yeah but if I'm in a country without states tuition isn't more expensive.... if they sky is the limit I have an unlimited spherical plane to which I can meander. Or if you can't I can just drop out and move to Salt Lake with Cody and start some work down there or somethin... I mean why do I even need to go to school? (I told him he was much too sassy for 9am my time! & that he can't find himself a sugar mama if he's not educated!!! This was his reply to that....)  Yeah umm mom I've lived without power and water for 2 years it's not that hard anymore! Imma have a bunch of fun with whatever I have back home! :P But yeah Imma work hard and have fun. But really all I want right now is a little time to waste. It doesn't have to be weeks or months but like a day some hours here and there just chill out and do nothing sounds so wonderful. I just am tired of having this burden that brings guilt every time I sit in one place for more than a few minutes! I need my brain to slow down so I can just function normally!!!!  Yeah Imma watcha  bunch of movies... mainly while I eat. hehe  We were talking today and Imma make a big list of foods I want to eat and stuffs I want to do! Woop woop and we gotta set up cool stuffs for when I get home. Where am I sleeping? On the floor in Tyson's room? Or I can take the room downstairs! Who is in the scout room right now? We have enough rooms that I don't have to share with anyone!

Woo school! I'm suuper pumped to get back and onto the next part of my life, but for now I'm am here doing what I'm doing woop woop!
Flip so many babies what the what? (Reese & Caiden)
It's super fun over here just doin all sorts of sick stuff and what not!.... yeah we will look into that soon enough I hope.

Tyson: Dude you got into school and you had a sick prom date! Some of the guys were wondering why you were only in a group of 3 then I showed them some of the other groups and they then understood :P But who were the other girls?!  Congrats bro way to be so bomb!!!

Tay: Dude you need to go to school or else you end up way behind and that's not cool!!!! (He was out for choir, field trip, and tennis everyday) So you played varsity tennis for Skyview? (They were short players) That's pretty sick! I always loved choir and how much it gets you out of school!!!

Gracie: Dude that's sick that you are enjoying so much of drama because you are definitely one drama girl! Keep up the good work and have fun with your drama carrot!

Tali: Wow I'm sure you just had a swell weekend with so many babies all over the place! I think you would love this place then because there are a bunch of little babies all over here!

Ok so this week was bomb with some fun mishaps and some sick work going down.

So we have this family that we are teaching and all of them are in way different spots of progression. One is a recent convert, one is soon to be baptized, one is just coming to the church for the first time, one is come for a long time but not anywhere near baptism, and one is a little kid who we have basically overlooked. In my opinion I think almost all of them will be baptized before I leave this area. Hehe it's pretty fun and optimistic of me because the they have all been taught for like 3 months which is a really long time here but I'm a positive guy.... well with things like this! So they are all going to be baptized.

We had a baptism of 2 people last week which was cool because we haven't seen them for 2 weeks and then we met up with them saturday night handed them all the paperwork and made them fill it out and told them to come 45 minutes early for church so that they can be interviewed. Normally all that should be done a week before the baptism, but as the gatekeeper for baptism in this area I made an executive decision and pushed it forward and they were so glad I did. They have been wanting to get baptized for months, but because of some marriage discrepancies they have been unable to. Depending on which law you look at, they can be counted as legally marriedm or legally not married, but they are married and they are doing even more marriage stuff. But they are awesome and now baptized and suuuuper happy! Next baptism is in 2 weeks.

Ours have to go 3 times, but really its at the discretion of the missionaries. If I wanted to pick a random person off the street and baptize them right then then I could, but I wouldn't. I have done it a couple of times when they had only come 2 times, but that was for special reasons and when we were pretty sure they'd stay active. But most of my people that I'm baptizing right now have been coming like 7-10 times. (I had emailed him about his cousin's mission in Brazil) We have a missionary here whose first time to visit the church was when he came to his confirmation! Now he's bringing souls unto Christ!

Man this area just feels so much more fruitful than my last area. 3 months in Newtown and 1 baptism but now 3 weeks in Ashtown and 3 baptisms. It's cool because we have a bunch of people that when I came weren't really ready and needed help, but I came and made a difference and now people are getting baptized left and right!!!!

The other day my companion desecrated some lady's house, and it was awesome. We were waiting for an investigator to finish washing, so we went hunting for lizards, and after some time of chasing them all over we gave up and set our minds on breaking a coconut with our bare hands! It took a really long time, but eventually with brute force we split the coconut into 2 pieces. Then we wanted to throw the 2 pieces like a discus. Where my companion first wanted to do it was into the bush, but there were houses on either side, and one out a little ways that he might hit so I told him he should go the other direction into a field where there would only be a house behind him. He got a nice wind up and threw the half coconut like  true discus.... problem is he was a little late on his release and nailed the house behind him completely slamming  the door. It was so bad, so of course, we did what any respectable man would do when he is in the wrong......... we went and apologized.... about an hour later... first we ran away really fast!!!!! The lady was ticked until she saw we were white and apologetic and she just told us it was fine and not to worry about it! Hehe oh goodness it was sweet!

My companion it Elder Miller from Leicester (lester) England. He is 19 year old. His mom is Jamaican and his dad is half British and half Barbadian. So he is moderately black, but everyone here just calls him white. He played rugby and a little soccer. Really cool guy. Family of 5 boys, he's the oldest. He has a British accent. He lived in Barbados for a little when he was younger, but his accent is pretty British. The photos were from my companion's camera, that's why there's less of me. The one he was trying to capture the sunset, I think.

Yep but that's a bit of my rockin week! We have some plans for a fun activity in motion so I will tell you about that when it goes through!

Love Elder Legg

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Pile of Mold the Size of a Basketball! It was Pretty Wretched!

Flip you guys seemed to have a really eventful week that's suuuper sick! Yeah sorry in advance but my week isn't going to be as eventful, and our numbers were pretty terrible but oh well I don't really care because it's quality sometimes instead of quantity. Not often, but when you get some sick new people to church it feels worth it!

Ok yeah I am way pumped for school, which is fun because in the past I wasn't really much of a school guy but I really hope that this will work well and that I can do good!  So what classes am I in?! Wanna send me some idea of my schedule?! Ok well Ty is good at English right? So he should be fine! Flip I would score near brain dead for sure in English at this point!!@! (Tyson had to take some college placement tests in order to get registered in Trav's classes.  He passed everything well and they are registered for all of the same classes starting in the fall)  Wooooooooo I am puuumped right now!~ that sounds like a really weird schedule, but it's fine I don't really care what I take as long as I get to pass and not end up looking like a total moron!

Wow it's so crazy that Kayla is home now because it doesn't even feel like she left! I am still here and I'm still doing the same thing that I was doing 18 months ago! But good news is that I get to have a ton of fun over here in Africa all by my lonesome while you guys have to do normal life stuff hehe I'm enjoying!

Man I have been dropping money like I got nothing better to do today. Went and bought a bunch of food in bulk this week because my diet for the past week has been horrible! Sunday food was strait chocolate spread and water for breakfast, lunch was rice with Shit-o (which is basically nasty hot chunky sauce), and chocolate milk (water) ugh then I woke in the night puking it all up. I have just been eating bread and chocolate for like the whole week and no actual substantial food for myself. If someone gave me food then I got a little variety, but other than that stale bread with choco spread. yeah I don't feel good now :)

 My companion has been pretty messed up sick for like 3 days so I have spent 3 days inside doing paper work, cleaning, ad sleeping. I had no idea how exhausted I had been until I started sleeping and I just kept going never wanting to wake! My companion is suuuper sick though, and we are having a ton of fun together! He knows a lot of the stuff that I know from back home like music, movies, Costco! All the good stuff! Yeah dude he is really cool and we are having a sick time together.  I hope that as we work with some of the cool people that we have, that we might get them to figure out their lives, because some of them are really struggling, but it's sick when they help us when we struggle too!

Our house has been pretty nasty basically since it became a missionary apartment like nearly 2 years ago. But we are really working to get it put together. Cleaned out the under the sink area which was nasty and had a pile of mold the size of a basketball!  It was pretty wretched!  Also we cleaned out the spare bathroom, that for some reason can only be accessed from the porch!  But I don't think that one has ever actually been used as a bathroom, and now it is cleaned out and just needs to have a plumber come and fix some leaks and stuff!

Tay:  You should talk to the coaches and just see if you can do both! (tennis and track)  It's sick that you're doing so well in tennis!  Keep u the good work!

Ty: Flip you might as well say that you whole life is Bekah! That's sick! Has she replied to you yet? (prom)  Thank goodness that was a good movie! (Cinderella---Tyson did a "who does the glass slipper fit" to ask her to prom--whoever the shoe fit was who the prince--Tyson--would take to prom) All the movies I have been looking forward to I haven't heard anything about!!! Glad you keep on doing sick with your soccer team! Soccer golf would be sick!  (a new thing in here)
Tali: Sheesh you had a really full week! You gotta keep yourself busy so that you can always have fun stuffs to do! I to am always trying to keep busy!

Gracie: Sorry you kinda get gypped because the lady of the cafe now wants to kick us out, so sorry but I guess we were  disturbing the other customers... oh wait we are the only ones here!!!!

Have a wonderful week

Love Elder Legg

Monday, April 6, 2015

Christ Lives.

An interesting thing this week was that all the rest of the churches had all sorts of activities going on this week. And people kept complaining to us that we weren't doing what they were doing. They said we didn't have any good programs!  Wow I feel like I cant teach anything now haha.   Little do they know that millions of people around the world watched a prophet of God address them and they were able to hear from the Apostles of Jesus Christ!!(General Conference was broadcast worldwide this weekend) And all those that were unable to hear from them were able to enter into much fasting and prayer to help find ways to better our earth in their own little ways. 
So many people here celebrated this weekend. It was strange though because for the most part they were celebrating the death of Jesus Christ.  A huge difference between us and them was they kept telling us stories of Christ's death, and we continued to tell them stories of His life--both before His death and after His resurrection. Christ lives. Not just in some far away place where we may one day meet Him, but He lives now and communicates with people here and now.  He talks to us today and gives us instructions right now! I believe this strong enough to be where I am today and I'm glad that I can sacrifice a little bit for Him!

So transfers went down Wednesday.  Tuesday some calls went around revising some of the changes and removing some people around, but coincidentally I was not included in the changes, I was disappointed in that to be honest.  So now I am here in Ashtown in Kasoa.  Upsides to being in Ashtown is.... my apartment is really dirty, but really nice when it's clean.. My companion is the huge bomb which helps a lot! And suuper sick.. my apartment mates are really fun!.. My district leader is Elder Fairwell... And my specific area is doing really well with really cool people. We already had a baptism and confirmation since I got here.   We had more people at church on Sunday than I've had like the last 6 weeks combined!.. Just a lot of great things going on here and I'm loving this place.   That's in my specific area, but I just wanted to stay away from this general area. I just had some specific experiences here like the robberies and stuff and I dislike some of the people.  Things that just kinda make me feel uncomfortable here.  I'm not in the same apartment, but still in like the same city. I can walk to the apartment that I was robbed in so that's cool..... I'm kinda done working with Pres right now, he usually just wastes my time and adds stress to my life.  Imma just do my thing and work with the Lord.  I'll probably be here for a couple weeks. After these 6 weeks I will possibly become a district leader and stay here for longer which will be dumb.  If I stay here it's going to be really rough for me personally, but this is still a wonderful place. Even when you get put in a bad situation, you still gotta make the most of it until your situation has changed!

Man my legs really hurt. In this new area we have to bike and we go up a massive hill right outside our house.  It's not that tall, but it is suuuper long! Ugh!! Haven't rode a bike in months!
Yeah it's true mom I'm pretty pathetic, so there won't be any girl that would even want to marry me any time soon! I gotta find one like 45 and reallllllly desperate!  He thinks my release date is the 17th today, but he's not sure...Yeah... I don't think I could bike to CWI everyday! Or even 2 times in a week would be horrid!!!!! No thank you! I will need a car. (I told him we'll see about him driving anytime soon, after not doing it for 2 yrs)  Why cant I drive? I'll suck at it but ill be real careful!  I'll be fine at driving!!!! But yeah have Ty leave in December and make him take all the same classes as me! Classes like, Algebra, auto mechanics, computer construction, English, weight lifting? Yeah that'd be cool stuff maybe. Imma need a lot of help in school I feel like!

Since transfers happened and I am cracking down on my apartment!  We have a really nice apartment but missionaries trash it all the time so it isn't as nice as it should be. We made a massive list of things that need repair in our apartment and we are working on a list of supplies that we need.   It's pretty rough because not everyone wants to participate.  That's just how it is sometimes. I have noticed that when people don't feel personal responsibility for situations or things then they get complacent. Oh well we will see what kind of a difference that I can make before i leave this place.

Saturday we had a baptism so you can tell I'm already doing work! Didn't meet the guy going for baptism until Friday, but I still get to claim responsibility for him :) My companion did the baptism and it was a cool experience. At this chapel the baptismal fount is outside so that is fun.  Downside to outside is stuff that sits outside gets way dirty. Baptismal fount filled with water+ outside+ one week= really greeen water! Normal my water has been a muddy or sickly brown but this time it was a really nice algae green! 

See you're gettin weird changes going on too sorry! Hope things get worked out! You should definitely stay in 5th grade that would be way better! But you'll get it figured out soon enough!

Ty: Wow sounds like your soccer team is doing really well that's so sick! It's good that they have sucha good coach to help them be all beast mode! It's good Easter went well!

Tali:  Sheesh don't have too much fun our you'll wear yourself out!  It seems like your always going somewhere or doing something! I didn't start doing that until i could drive and you're no where near driving!!!

Tay:  It's good you get a little break from your eagle but you need to get it soon just finish up everything so that you can get your license soon!!!

Gracie:  Wow those slippers and hats are just they cutest things! The Easter bunny must really have liked you guys this year! Either that or you were on best behavior or something !!!!

Love Elder Legg