Friday, May 8, 2015

5/1 Light Off All Week

Hey I'm glad everything is going so well!  Sorry I was just now able to get on because we have had light off all week.  It was pretty crazy!

I'm still worried about my housing! If I got to pick a room I'm down to have the room that the girls are in right now :) That would be coool!
Yeah I don't understand how everyone is already coming home! I'm just starting to feel like I've got mission figured out....... at least in part, but I guess not!
Haha that's good that Tay is doing so well! I hope hes being as sweet as he can be!
Tyson is such a stud! I hope that when I get home I'll still be able to dance, at least a little, because I've watched so much terrible dancing here that it's just pathetic. And I'm sure now I'm totally pants at it.

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh children please! Hopefully they try something while I'm there.  I'm so ready for a massive fight! (I told him about a family he knows who likes to "correct my behavior" at any public occasion--making mountains out of mole hills.  It's gone from mildly annoying, to amusing & laughable to us!!) I've been dealing with Nigerians who would threaten to stab you, as soon as look at you. And I've been listening to foolish small boys try to use the Bible to "finish" me for 2 years. I'm so tired of babies trying to throw a fit for stupid things. 
Today I was 10 minutes late to personal study, because I had to go to the toilet really bad right in the middle of getting ready.  So that took like 45 minutes, and some missionary had the nerve to tell me I wasn't using the Lord's time properly! I almost kicked him out a window! Ridiculous!
Well I Love mom don't worry!

This past week we have done some fun stuff! 
WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!!!! Woop Woop! This is my first time going here and it was awesome! Yeah I definitely love the beach and I am soooo going to live on one when I'm older!!! Of course we didn't get to swim, but we could put our feet in the water. And we know a lady from Wales that owns a bar there and has a volley ball net there that she lets us use, so we played a big game of beach volley ball and my body turned so red it was sick! I only got a few pics but I'll send those when I can!
That was the main thing, sorry like no time today because light just came and it will soon go ugh. It's been mostly good but this week has been rough!
Love Elder Legg

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