Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sweet Sanders

Hi Sister Legg,
  So good to hear from you.  I'm sorry I don't read myLDSMail email account very often as you can see.  I use my personal gmail account for all emails but have kept this account open just in case.  Now I'm sure glad I checked this today.
  You are so kind to send us your appreciation.  Thank you.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your wonderful son.  He is an amazing young man and a wonderful Missionary.  He kept such a great attitude through his entire ordeal and was always thankful.  I can tell he has been taught by a great mother.
  We try to do some things with the missionaries who don't feel good to get their minds off how they feel.  Since KFC is the only US fast food in Ghana, it is a simple choice what to purchase.  Both your son and the other sick Elder from their mission were really excited to get some wonderful tasty food they recognized.  I had both Elders come into one room and we had a little picnic.  The nurses couldn't figure out what was going on because that never happens here.  To say the least, the time was very special for all involved and fun as can be.  Even though both Elders didn't feel good, it brightened their day and it was worth every minute.
  I'm happy for you to have your son return shortly.  I'm sure it will be a great reunion.  Best wishes and thank you.  Elder and Sister Sanders from Layton, UT

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