Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Don't Think You're a Failure, Are You?

I'm workin on it, (a health update) the network has been down for like 4 weeks, so we are running on a network that should only support 1 computer, but is trying to hold up 10 of them!!!

Yeah my liver function was like double what it's supposed to be, but yeah it was improvement because at first it was like quadruple! (liver test results)

I don't know what they have a Chuck O Rama. I had wanted Golden Corral because it has tons of different types of food... I guess if Chuck O Rama is better it's fine. I'd kinda rather Golden as far as I know. (Chuck O Rama is much closer to the airport.  So I was just trying to get him to food sooner)

Yep I just found that out when Sam emailed me and then I told you, wow I look like a total bum because Sam had already talked to Tyson about knowing Vandy's family. Ugh oh well. That's sick! I want Sam to get with Vandy's sis because she's a cute girl and her last boyfriend was a goob and Sams wayyy better!!!

Tali: Are you excited to go to Oregon? Or would you rather go to Mexico with mom and dad & Tyson? Personally I would choose Mexico because I am much more used to that weather now! Good luck with selling your hats!

Tay: Wow cousins just like you and Hunter that's sick! Glad you guys had tons of fun at BYS! How did Tyson like it? Do you know if he was a good counselor?

Yeah so that's sick for Gracie, I didn't realize when she was collecting the driftwood that she was making wind chimes!

Man Cancun is going to be so sick! You guys are going to have so much fun. Have a great time mom, dad, and Ty.  You will love your trip! Make the most of it!  (Graduation trip to Riviera Maya)

Ok so here's the deal mom........ you don't need to stress yourself too much about emailing next week. BUT just to inform you........ you have never missed a week of emailing thus far, and you only have 2 more chances to email me like this. So if you fail on the 2nd to last time emailing it will be a terrible fail.  And I don't think you're a failure, are you? No? Ok then email me this coming week :P (I was worried about how I'd contact him from Mexico. Knowing I hadn't missed a week emailing, and knowing that he knew that I hadn't missed. But I figured out how to get an email or 2 out to him, so I wasn't a terrible failure :) )

Nah I'm cool with anything! (I asked him if he had any souvenir requests for us) Yeah I have almost all my African fabric things made, I still have your gift, my gift, and the family's gift in the making. But other than that everything else seems to be coming along.  Next week, Wednesday, I'll go to the art market and get some wood stuff and some kente stuff.

Umm not sure yet.(getting a job)  I have the when down.. start of October. I was thinking I'd apply at like some law firms or some of the hospitals around for a travel abroad doctor.

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