Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Curses, Spiders on Steroids, and Illuminati Oh My!!

You can just send me tons of letters through the dear elder website all the time because they are way fun to get!  (The website is dearelder.com.  It is a free way to send letters to Travis, and he gets them the very next week.  Much faster and cheaper than the postal service.  You have to put his in mission:  Ghana Accra West Mission)

Why the heck is so much going on at home!  Everyone else should just pause there too! Why does 1st and 5th wards have so many people that's messed up!   Have they been having baptisms or just a ton of move ins?  Yeah we better stay in 3rd!  Let me know as soon as you do.

I kinda feel like the ward I am in here should be disbanded, because it's tiny!  It's way more like a branch, and the ward that is after us is bursting out the back of the overflow!
Yeah how soon I get packages is always random.   So I have no idea when I will get that, or  when it will show or anything!  Here it is just kinda all over the place!

Tali: I had a dream that I came home for Easter and I got to dance with mom.  Shesh you are just having a bunch of fun at school! you totally own that place don't you ;)

Grace: Ok goodness! I get it, dad gets to go to a ton of cool places and get his other children a bunch of sweet stuff. But since I am lame and everyone hates me I don't get anything! ;P It seems like you are pretty obsessed over your new octopus! I wish I had a sweet octopus!

Tay:  Just the same old sweaty stinky and dirty ;)   How did you write a guitar song?  That sounds intense! You should send me a copy of it!  Or make a recording and send it to me!   I wish I could have a rootbeer flaot... or just rootbeer.... or icecream... Hey what song is the song about some dude waiting on a corner and its raining and if anyone sees the girl they should tell her that he is there waiting for her to come back? I need to know!!!!

Ty:  Dude, of course they had to give you another part, you're a total beast!  And hecks yes, you are the best dancer! Keep practicing soccer and your gonna be some sort of uber boss! I bet you'll get 1st team this year!  Yeah there is never fog here, but the last 2 nights have almost been cool, and it was so nice because I was actually able to sleep comfortably!

 Bike Racing Story!   We have this one hill that isn't very steep, and is about a mile long.   For a few weeks now we have been having to race down that road.   Sounds easy enough now.  Add in the fact that we have no bike lights, no reflectors, no street lights, the street is really narrow, cars completely pack both sides of the road, and we are flying down this road just about as fast as we can peddle!  We swerve in between cars, and around people, and hit jumps, and all sorts of stuff that is obviously life threatening... not really, but it is so much fun!

Our Awesome Drift!   Riding a bike all day is really freaking boring, so we drift to keep it spectacular!  Wherever there is a layer of dirt on top of the asphalt  you can slide for a really long ways.   The largest junction in our area is called Barnyard.   It goes through a 3 lane  highway, but on each corner there is a bunch of powder dirt.   So we bust as much speed as we can and slide completely sideways for close to 20 or 30 feet!  If we are trying to whip our tails really hard you can even end up backwards which scares everyone watching!   Sweetness!

Dispelling A Cursing!  A member showed up to our house one morning.  He said that his sister was sick.  He said that the bishop told him to have us give her a blessing.  So, of course, Elder Allen and I answered the call!   While we were on the way, the Member went into more detail.  He told her that a man in her compound is a pastor and that he didn't like her, so he cast a curse upon her.  When Elder Allen tried to anoint her head with a drop of oil, she covered her head and got really angry, but he finally got it done.   As I tried to bless her, she started to freak out a bit.  Her daughter had to come hold onto her before we could finish.  Needless to say, the member came to us the next day and told us that his sister was healed. Priesthood versus Priest-craft.  Not  even a competition!

Elder Allen and I have been talking in accents lately because our investigators can't understand us anyway.   So it keeps us smiling and having  much more engaging lessons!    The only person that noticed we had accents was my computer guy.   It's sweet!   We have so much fun with the investigators.   They just love us and think we are so silly!

Also my computer guy is a less active member.   So we have been taking him to do a bunch of missionary work, and he loves it!    He is a great teacher, and with his help we will no doubt help his friend to be baptized!   We cleaned his Cafe a couple of days ago.  That was crazy!  I was up on Elder Allen's shoulders, so we could clean the ceiling really well.  In the cafe is an abandoned bathroom.   So for some perspective......we have to clean our room 3 or 4 times a week to get rid of the cobwebs.   This room had not been entered in months.   The corners of the room weren't even visible!   The toilet and sink were brown and covered in nastiness.   But alas, despite my desire to turn back......I had to push forward!   With the help of my trusty club (a stick that I found outside) I was able to vanquish the webs, and only get semi close to peeing myself.   The spiders here are huge!  And they are all extra scary looking!   We have one that looks like a hand, and it's about the size of my palm.  One that looks like a daddy long leg, but on evil steroids and still about the size of my hand.  Then there is a little one, that is like a crab in a spiky shell.  I would bet a lot of money that one is poisonous.  Because that is by far the scariest looking one I have seen!  But fear not, I was victorious once again!  It matters not how many foes I face!

Also one of the guys we are working with is an Illuminati fanatic.   He knows every symbol they have and everyone that's a member.  It was kind of freaky.   Then he looked up the church of Satan website, which that was just bad. I would highly suggest not looking it up ever.  It drove away the spirit so fast.  It was the one truly scary experience I have had.
We joke about juju and mommy water, but Satan really does have power here. I am so grateful that we honestly have the power to win.

Hmm oh yeah pancakes and custard tomorrow! I love our member friends!

Love Elder Legg

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baptism Picture

Travis ready to baptize.
(Thanks Jack for finding this picture!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mail Day in Ghana

             Mail Delivery......Ghana Style
    (Sure am glad I used all of that extra tape to wrap it up well!)
                    (And I'm pretty sure I paid extra......for that!)

Missionaries love to get mail!
  Even if it takes 5 weeks to get to him, it always makes his day!
(Whose letter is he reading there??) 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Needless To Say, We Never Went Back To Him!!

Sheesh!  Well here we have money, water, and power shortages, so I think the US can deal with a little Velveeta shortage :P

 I am really glad I am doing well on my story telling, because I do not want to be one of those lame missionaries that just give a few boring deets! I want to bring out the thrills and chills!

And If I was as tall as Connor, I would have to duck through all of the doorways here.   My companion has seriously hit his head like 5 times in the last like 2 weeks!  That is not fun.
Okay I haven't gotten any packages in a while.  So I don't know what the hold up is with all that jazz, but it is probably just the office elders who haven't even been able to get us teaching records for 2 months!  You gotsta find dominion, because we have honestly completely worn out a deck of regular cards now.  They have permanent shuffling bends, and they won't even bridge any more.  Those cards are only 5 months old, so that's not good.

Ty:   Man I have been making a ton of pizza lately!  Well it's Endomie pizza.  So you cook 2 packets Endomie on the stove.  Then you mix 3 eggs and the flavoring together in a bowl.   Next, strain out the water and dump the Endomie in the egg bowl.   Mix together well, then fry it in a pan, so it is like a pizza!   You have to fry both sides though.  And we use a ton of oil, because the pans are not very good here.   Dare you to try it!  
Dude I want to play soccer so bad!   But man if I keep getting fatter I might be able to play rugby when I get back!  I have seen a couple of the yellow Nike CTR 360 cleats that I like here, and I have been debating trying to buy them of of people's feet!

Tali: Yes Elder Allen is wearing your tie that you guys sent for Christmas, in the picture on the roof!   Yeah the hole just got fixed a few days ago, but we had a big hole for a long time. I think Elder Allen and I are going to move our beds around soon too.  No way we are just like twiners!

Tay: (Tay complained about the cold, snowy, rainy weather in Idaho ) Dude no, it is so hot and dusty and dirty here.   I am begging for snow, even though that will never happen!   I received my eagle with more than 10 extra badges!  Just keep going because then you don't have to do anything the rest of the year!  Keep up the sweet work!

Gracie:   (Gracie was picking on me & told him about me slipping on the ice) Don't worry mom, I fell off my bike the other day.  I was trying to cross a stream, which was honestly, less than 2 inches wide haha! Grace I am pretty sure that is a real saying just like "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." (She didn't believe me when I told  her "If you can't beat them, join them" so she was clarifying w/Trav)  I use full drama sometimes with these people.  And I talk with funny voices and all sorts of stuff when I am teaching now!

So a few weeks ago we went to the hospital for dinner, and we got to weigh ourselves.   We found out that I am the shortest man in the apartment, and also that I weigh the most!   So for anyone saying I look like I am getting skinny.......you are wrong, because I am getting pretty chubs!   I just broke 170lbs.

For a few weeks people have been hating on us.  And no one was wanting to hear us, or let us in.  But lately we have just been screwing around and it is working... kind of.  This last week I have been given some sort of free food more often than I have actually taught any lessons.   So mineral, guinness, fruit, water, fufu, and this week we have an appointment for pork and banku.  And then later, pancakes with custard! I am so excited!

Ok, so here is the crazy drunk guy we met.   We came out of a lesson and were walking down the street when a guy starts yelling at us.   He stops us and begs us to come to his house.   We hadn't had much success, so of course we went.   He sat us down and got really close, and that's when the horrible breath of alcohol overwhelmed us.   With how much we guessed he had drank, we were surprised that he was still able to stand.   And it was sad, since it was only 1pm!   But he runs inside and brings out his Bible.   We begin with a prayer, and right after he starts praying and waving his Bible around.   We begin teaching, but he isn't listening.   He yells, "Clench me!"   And we just kind of sit there, so he grabs our hands and starts putting them on him.   So we just kind of freeze up, and he starts yelling at us.   He reaches out then and yells "Take your hands from that place and put it here!!!"   He then wanted us to "clench" his wife and her sister.  Needless to say, we never went back to him!!

Next week I'll tell you about my extreme biking and drifting and my using an accent to contact and teach approach.

Oh and by the way, if anyone is questioning my authority or power... My companion and I lifted a cursing the other day.   Such is the life of a duh duh duh suuper missionary!

Love ya
Love Elder Legg

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome Announcement

Travis wrote this on 12/29:
Just wait until my email next week, I will have an awesome announcement!

Then he wrote this on 1/6:
Yeah you ready!   Guess what???  Mission is so short! I am coming home next year!

Then I replied:
What??  That's it??  Next year, as in 2015?? Are you kidding me??  Here I thought you were going to train a pet lion, or walk on fire burning coals, or learn to whittle elephant tusks into spears!! Or eat that goat that knocked your bike over!! :) Well glad to hear that you will come home & not stay forever!

Then he wrote back:
Yeah you can pretty easily come home 30 days early, which this guy is definitely not doing!   Don't worry mom,  I do tons of cool stuff here!   Pet lions are pansies.  And I have learned how to get a jaguar to escort you through the jungle.  And I could fight off a cheetah if one was chasing me no problem!!  And those are sadly not even exaggerations!!!

When we talked to him on Christmas he said that one of his responsibilities is doing the dishes every Monday. He said he washes all of them, whether they use all of them or not.  He said this was due to the dust, bugs, & mice/rats.  Yum!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Luckily it was Christmas Eve.......So we could just blame Santa!!

Christmas Eve My companion and I decided to go onto our roof.  We went to open some packages, so that we would have everything ready to finish opening on Christmas morning!   We decided the very peak of the roof would be the best place to hold our opening party.   
We walked on up.  No problem!   And had a grand ole time opening the packages.  But as time passed on, we realized that sooner or later we would have to get off the roof.   So I hopped up and walked over to the edge of the roof, where we have big cement walls.   When all of a sudden I hear "crack" "CRUNCH!!"  I turn back just in time to see my companion disappear through the roof.  I jumped down our stairwell, and burst through the door, and watched as his foot went back up through the hole.   So I went back outside, to find him just chillen on the roof.........looking like he had just urinated himself.   He had some cuts on his head, arms, and legs.  But he was mostly just cut up emotionally.   Luckily that was Christmas Eve, so we were able to just blame Santa!!
Later we found out that another companionship had run and taken cover in some doorways, because they thought the Chinese were bombing us.
We have no Idea how he didn't fall the full 15 feet to the cement floor, but somehow angels stopped his fall.   We thought it was some beams in the rafters, but as we looked later we realized that those could barely support their own weight.  I guess that is just the protective power of prayers!  Thanks for all the help guys!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in Ghana

(Here's what Travis said this week that goes along with this picture)

Christmas Eve Night my companion and I only got like 3 hours of sleep.  Because we acted as Santa, and decorated and left out stockings and presents for everyone in our apartment.  So thanks to the wonderful love of a mother, some people who would not have had a Christmas, were able to experience the joy with the rest of us! (Thanks mom you are the best!)

Just Scrape off the Mold & Eat It!!

Yeah my new companion is way cool, and he is so much nicer than elder Kanu!   The transfer was really good. I am still a junior companion, but Elder Allen is really cool and a lot of the time it still kind of seems like I am the senior companion. He lets me lead a lot since I know the Area and stuff. We have a ton of fun together.  We are always singing and laughing, and he is really funny.  He likes to talk a lot which is ok, because I am totally just content to sit there and listen to his cool stories.  He is really nice all the time, so that is a really nice change.  We are just having a grand time right now!  He is 6'5" and way fun!  I am in charge of making him fat. He is a great missionary who likes to get work done!  He really is super great to be with!  He is from Richfield, Utah. He has 1 brother 3 sisters, 4th born, 2nd to go on mission, 1 sister on mission right now too though.  ELder Allen is crazy cool!  He is kind of like Connor which is way awesome and we are already basically best friends.
If you just want to send a box full of ties that would totally be okay.  Just like cheap whatever ones from goodwill or something that would be ok. They don't have to be nice at all, just ties haha. Ties are really hard to keep clean here.

And here is a must- I have heard tale of a card game called Dominion, which is apparently way cool. It is some sort of card game. It has board game complexity or something. And I would really like to get it, because we have been playing the games you sent me to death!   They are so much fun! Thank you so much for everything

Yeah USA is soo much better, but don't worry because I love Ghana!

Nope you won’t recognize me because I am just too dark, and I am getting scars all over from the Iron, and from all sorts of stuff!

Tali you know I love the duck restaurant! Man Mexican food would be soo nice here!

Gracie says: What if a person from Africa came to Idaho & saw snow for the 1st time.  What would they call it??  Love you, Gracie
Travis says:  Well they have tv so they know all about snow :) So I should guess they would call it snow.  HeeHee

If you have milk and chocolate chip muffins, gosh dang send them here!   Doesn’t matter if they are spoiled, so is a lot of our food!   You just kind of scrape off the mold and eat it, or you can just slam it in the microwave for a while!  
I have been eating a lot of Indomie pizzas lately.  That is indomie mixed with eggs and then fried.  It’s nice, but not amazing, and not totally filling.

MAN calling home was really weird and not nearly enough time! But it was good. I was surprised you guys didn’t ask me to speak more Twi, but that’s ok next time right :) LOVE you mom

Yeah Connor told me that his dad has been reading the blog, and now the pressure is on! I didn’t realize I was supposed to be so entertaining!  But it is good, I love that other people want to join in on the adventure.
Man I really miss choir, like that is for sure one of the top things that I miss, which is weird. I didn’t think I would miss it very much, but I do.
Sorry I didn’t get to send this last week, but our cafe was dumb and the internet shut off.  So I didn’t get to finish and now I have to be really fast this week!
Just wait until my email next week! I will have an awesome announcement!

Love Elder Legg