Friday, May 8, 2015

5/4 Final Packages Sounds Great

Yeah man we have been looking at some of Connor's pic and he is having so much enjoyment!!!! (his good friend on a mission in Fiji)The beach is so sick!!!!!!
We are supposed to take a dewormer every  6 months,  but they don't really put an emphasis on it so hardly anyone even knows that you are supposed to. But imma take a big one before I come home!
You're gonna get used to me being out here, then imma be back ! So that's going to be weird!
Ok final packages sounds great! (I told him we mailed a package last week and will only send one more before he's back, so we can measure his return in # of packages to be sent)

What phone number should I call? When do you have church? I'll call late in the evening here?
I will maybe call at 7 my time and then you can receive it at like 1 your time? Sound like a plan?

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