Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Look Like Neapolitan Ice Cream!

This week was pretty cool! The flooding was pretty much cleared up and I found out from the newspapers that most of the people who died in that explosion were prostitutes.
YEah on my thumb it is all getting much better. On my back I'm now getting some sweet wounds! We went to the beach last Monday and I came back with a medium burn, but as the week progressed it just got worse until I just had this scabby oozing mess across my back! It's still mostly scabbed up and I look like Neapolitan ice cream! So that's sick! We got some big old stocks of aloe vera and rubbed it on a ton!
Also on the sickness note umm I have 3 weird lumps that have appeared on my neck... like it's pretty bad you can't normally see them, but when I turn my head to the right then this big one pops out just above my collar bone... we will see if it gets better or worse. Right now they are just medium uncomfortable so that's not even bad!

Cool hopefully I can get out way early.... on that note, the end of this month will begin my last full transfer so I have been buying lots of cool stuff. Got some backpacks for the 3 boys (Ty, Tay, Me) got a lion, a small turtle, some coconut purse thingys, a necklace, some sweet paintings, a hippopotamus, masks and some other sick things. I will withdraw the last of my money tomorrow... so I don't need money now but if in July you could put some in so I can buy more stuff since I will definitely be coming to a close and then I can grab some more things. :) Mom I got you a cool wooden carved bowl and it's purple (winky face)

Gracie: How come you don't like starting new things? You need to jump in head first, just don't get bumps on your head like Tali hehehe. You did great though!!!! (she was a counselor in training at a science camp)

Tali: Sorry about your head, but its good that you did so well! You so totally rock! Sorry your hurt your head! That's not fun! I hope you feel better soon! (At the same science camp---Tali was a participant.  Tali's group built a go kart and she was the driver.  One of their front wheels got stuck and she face planted into the cement--while being pummeled by water balloons--it was great!)

Tay: Man I have always wanted to catch a sturgeon!  Heheh I love when you get to go many much days with the same pair of under ware! Who is your home teaching companion?

Ty:  DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEEEE you're soooo old what the freak!!! How is it possible that you got this old now?!!!?!?! Wo which was better Jurassic World or Mall Cop 2? Good luck with everything! You da bomb!

It's freaking nuts that Ty is that old! I don't know how in the world that happened?!?!?
Umm is it bad I'm kinda glad I don't have to go to another family reunion! Umm not in a bad way! I just don't like the hassle....
Who is Tyson's home teaching companion? Do you think I could be it when I get home?! Yeah and I want a sick job when I get back... maybe like in October...
Ohhhh snap! That's so sick! Congrats! You will love that one! I hope you enjoy it as much as you think you will!!! (I'll now be working in the library at church instead of teaching)

Yeah you know how Jenna moved to Bountiful!?? Elder Barnes, who is in my apartment, went to school with her!!!!
Please don't be expecting me to be all spiritual and fake sounding all the time when I get home! Imma be crazy and abnoxious! (Hopefully that's not too much worse than his usual obnoxious self!!  His spelling is hopeless now!)
Elder Legg

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