Friday, May 22, 2015

Dumped a Flock of Cockroaches out of My Area Book

Umm well Ty don't worry about it things move on whether you want it to or not but the cool thing is that you never are losing what you had before but you just keep adding to the cool stuff you experienced! The summer is freaking sick and you're still going to go to school when fall runs around. you got this and you don't need to worry about anything because imma be way more freaked out when I get back so I need you put together so you can hold me by the hand and help me everywhere!
Nope no postcard from Tia.

Yeah good thing your list is getting smaller. I'll hopefully send the list soon and then have Tyson research it and see if there are any other things that I may have missed or that were rater R in my already made list and then we can watch them all!!!!
Yay! I love the dentist!!! (I told him I already have his appointment scheduled for when he comes home)
Gracie: wow just a bunch of cleaning huh! wow when do you finish up school?!

Tay: sheesh dude careful with the RV don't you know that's what I gotta drive when I get home!

Ty: dude flip your doing all sorts of stuff! man I always love finals! If you just put in some effort during the semester then you know whats going to be on the test usually!!! Don't worry about finishing school dude it'll be sweet and you'll enjoy it! Everything is going to be great I promise!

Haha yeah that's so sick man I always wanted to be a councilor! That would be the bomb!!! (Tyson will be a BYS counselor)

Hmm I don't really know what to say this week! 

Got transferred to my new area. this apartment it pretty trashed because missionaries are completely pants at taking care of things. It's also blazing hot in this apartment! My companion is a really sweet guy. His name is Elder Samuel. He is from Nigeria, he is 25, he has been on mish for 6 months and this is his only area so far. Also my area is suuper far from my apartment so that's really fun when I get to ride really far out there every day! Oh well it's fun I guess. 
In my apartment is Elder Barnes from Utah, and Elder Van de Graff from Utah, the later is from my MTC so we came at the same time and he is a cool guy!

Yeah mostly just chilled and worked in my new area so not a whole lot. Usually I got something but I don't feel like stretchin a story to make it awesome today. Today I ripped a door off its hinges with my bare hands, then I punched a hole through it then I smashed my head through it. It was sick! Got a little scratch by my eye but not a big deal. the neighbor got a little worried by the crashing and yelling, but we soothed her fears so its alright!

Yep love you guys have a spectacular week!
Love Elder Legg

Gosh I'm so sick of crappy kids going to central/south america and thinking their missions were difficult and crazy! My goodness everyone and their dog went south stop chumpin it!!!
heheh that's sweet though.

Roo was a sister missionary. barely even counts. Mold on the wall is normal! Mold only sucks when you wake up, rub mold off  yourself, then shower, rub mold off your shirt before you put it on then rub mold off your scriptures before you study. That's a normal day. Dumped a flock of cockroaches out of my area book last night that was sick!

Yeah I'm suuuper pumped to get home!!! I love being here but I so badly want to just finish! goodness!!!

Yeah ummm well you never even told me Sam was moving!!!!! flip mom!!!
Soooo Amandas mom seems like she likes me? think I got a chance? you should plant some seeds and hook somehting up!!!!! what is Amanda up to?
Yeah everyone should come to my homecoming!!!!

That's sick that she had so much fun! Ty and I are going to take a trip there before he goes for mish right? That'd be sick!! (Jackson Hole, Wyoming where my stepbrother lives now)
Yeah I'm excited for some quiet days!!!

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