Monday, January 26, 2015

Possibly Got Typhoid From It, No Big Deal

My sleeping and eating here is pretty irregular and gets me all sorts of messed up!  But at least it's not just me.  A lot of the missionaries get jacked up. Last night one of the guys came sprinting into my bathroom because his was occupied, and he almost pooped himself! hehe.

I had a good week and I had a bad week,  It just depends on my perspective,.....and the moment.   Am I a 2/3 nights with light off kinda guy??  Or a 2/3 nights with light on?? :)

I got your post cards. I loved the Arizona cards!   I'd even been to some to some of its places!
I just got  the package from Aunt Donna & Uncle Mike.  Let them know I loved it, ok? And it had a whole bunch of stuff that was super sweet!

Hey I'm sorry you guys aren't feeling well either, but I will pray for you and you will be better soon!
My companion was pretty "sick" this week too,  but I think he is feeling better since today we don't really have to go out and proselyte. oh well
Mom you are going to love Tip Off! I wish I could chaperone! (Tyson volunteered Scott & I to chaperone Tip Off--which is the girl ask guy semi formal school dance next wknd)  How old do you have to be to do that? I might Chaperone for Tay! Hehe it's good Ty is in a sick (good) group! The group always makes a a difference!
Ok try to get stuff rolling with CWI.   To be honest mom I don't really want to go to BSU right now because I just don't want it to slow me down, and I kinda need to get ahead.  That is the whole point.  And I kinda would like to go away, but if you really think it's a good idea, then you can go ahead and I can just go there it doesn't really matter that much.

Ty; Dang boy you done been doin work! Tell me all about Tip Off and how sick it is! Hope you looks hecksa fly bro! I'm super glad you are getting your patriarchal blessing.  I didn't like how long it took me! You are freaking sweet! You are doing so well and I am so proud of you!
That's sweet I didn't remember that it was the actual day! (Trav got his on my bday, Tyson is going on the 22nd of Feb)  Man that's cool! You're welcome! Man I love you so much mom and I miss you!

Tay: Dude impossible push ups, that's sick! We have been doing some hand stand push ups and what not! I taught a guy how to get flipped today so we were flippin each other all over the place! It was pretty sick!
Gracie: Hey I'm sorry you aren't feeling well that's no fun at all.  I hope you start feeling better soon! Get well so that you can have more fun ok?
Tali: Aww what a good sister to stay up with you sick sister and take care of her.  And then not go to school so that you can stay and take care of her more!

Ok so I apologize for not doing a great job last week, so I'll see what I can do to make up for it this week.
Today we made waffles and did crazy stunts in our apartment all morning! Some guys from another apartment came over and they brought a waffle iron so we cooked a bunch.  Then we had to remove our extra bunk beds, so that they could go to another apartment. And then we had a bunch of new found free space in our living room.  So of course, we start doing handstands and all kinds of craziness.  Then someone moves the ironing board out of the hall so they can mop. What is the first thing we decide to do with it? Hey who can jump over this?!  Woo so we jumped over it a couple times then we wonder who can dive over it!  Not such a good idea, but Elder Clark and I could both do it on the high setting so we felt pretty pumped! And we did stuff until our arms couldn't really hold us any more! 

We had to decide what to do for our activity today. Football, go buy water, go to a restaurant, or go mini golfing! So we go mini golfing! The place that we went was pretty sweet and semi expensive. 3 of the guys didn't participate and just took pics of themselves all over the place. That was my companion haha it was kinda funny to watch.   But we mini golfed all over the place and we were terrible. I hit like 3 water features......and there were only 2.   At one point one of the guys ran his head into a razor wire fence. Luckily he was wearing a hat, so he didn't get hurt.  I got a nice turf burn because we wanted to jump the water feature. It was pretty easily 10 ft and the course that we landed in had a bunch of bricks so I tripped and fell pretty good, got nice little road rash.  They also had a nice medium patch of grass so we were flipping around in there and i bruised my wrist pretty good doing a back handspring.  The grass wasn't that even, so where I started my run was super soft and perfect...... and where I ended my run was almost rock solid.  So it didn't work very well! Oh well, now I'm just a little tender. Also when we finished golfing, I taught Elder Clark how to back flip when I flip him. He can do a standing back flip if someone spots him.  So it was pretty easy for me to be able to flip him.  And I taught him how to flip me.  Right now he isn't very good at it.  So when I flip I'm only like 6 inches off the ground, but I land it every time! When I flip him, he's about 6 feet in the air, so we we'll learn to even it out!

Ok so sickest thing that happened this week! Sister Doris's baptism.
So sister Doris is a really cool, but really troublesome and frustrating. She's kinda rude and way ungrateful towards me and I don't know why.  She came late to church, so I was already mad at her.  Then, of course, because we made them aware of this 2 weeks ago.........the fount wasn't filled.  And there was no power to get the water from the poly tanks to the fount, so the members were being jerks, and didn't want it to happen. But this girl goes to school next week, so if she doesn't get baptized that day  then she won't be baptized for months, and that's just not acceptable.  Our district leader threw down and got in a bunch of members faces about it, so we got ahold of a few buckets, started filling them, and running them inside!  The first tank was on the 2 story roof with a valve at the ground level, so it was ok and we could get water from there until it ran out.  Then the second tank was on the ground, but it had no spicket.  So we grabbed a small bucket and dipped it, filled it, and dumped it in big buckets, and then ran them inside.  That was too slow alone.  So there was a 3rd one on the roof of the outside shower, but no valve to fill. Unless we want to out of a sink, which of course, won't work.   

So Elder Legg had to go all ninja on the building, and flip himself up  onto the roof, stuff a hose in the tank, and siphon the water out of it.   It was really hard to suck  that water out of the hose, but it was cool. Possibly got typhoid from it, no big deal.  So I ran buckets as fast as  I could and we were able to get the water about 1 ft deep in an hour.  This was deep enough to dunk her,  since she was very slim.  My clothes got super dirty and soaking wet, but that's ok.  Then I got to be the baptist, which was cool since she was scared of water and I had to redo it 3 times. It was cool because I just had her sit in the water, and then just tipped her over. It was sick and she was pretty surprised about how hard I was working for her baptism and she felt really bad.  A bunch of people were complaining about every situation that came up: not enough water, water too dirty, font too dirty, too late, everything.  But she was ok.   To her,  there was enough water, and it wasn't too dirty, and it was all good!  I was really glad that it ended up working! I ran a lot of buckets, with even more prayers, and it was suuuper cool! Thus it is in the work of the Lord.
That was my week, and it was sick! Hope you work hard and stay strong!
Love Elder Legg 

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Would Be a Great Housewife, How Much Do They Get Paid?

Ok so this week I got sick Thursday and it was kinda scary.  It ended with me going to sleep at 8:30 in the morning and waking up at 6 that evening.  But the start was a little more interesting.  I  woke up and went to get a drink, before I got to the kitchen I had to turn around and briskly walk to the toilet. Then it was strait bum urine, then 15 minutes later I had gotten my drink and I was chillin when I had to run back to the toilet still urine. Then 15 minutes later, and 15 minutes later, and 15 minutes later!  By the time I was supposed to be dressed and studying I was on to my 7th poop of the morning! When I turned to look at it I discovered to my horror that my poo had gone from its usual brown or green color to now a florescent red!  That was about the time I ran to the med kit and swallowed just about anything I could find that could even remotely be related to my problems!  It was... for lack of a better word Awesome! 

I did pretty good for food on Sunday! I was starving at church because I didn't make breakfast, but it was made up later.   We went to Sister Maggie's house and got a medium plate of rice and stew.  Then went to Sister Bether for a huge plate of rice.  Then went to Sister Backy's for some medium fufu and light soup.  Then went to fruit lady to get dashed like 4 cedis of bananas.  And then at home our land lady dashed us a bunch of stew to go with the rice the other guys cooked for dinner.  Woop woop I'm full!

Umm wow there are a lot of babies! (I told him about a friend & cousin's babies)  Yeah I think I will wait for Ty to get home before I get married at the earliest.  But I don't want anyone to be on mission while I am getting married.  Everyone has to be there!  So is he really set on a mission? I hear a bunch here about younger brothers struggling to get on mish.  Ty better have his call before I get home though! That is a  must.  So I can for sure get home like August 16th... not totally for sure but basically for sure if I so need.
(Then I grumped him about worrying about getting married.  This was his reply)
Mom Imma be like 24 when I get married!  Why are you getting all worried about that?  I'm not wifing at all!  I just wish you would get an attractive female that isn't related to me and isn't psycho to email me. Freak all my people I email are also missionaries! I don't give a crap what they are doing.  It's the same thing I am doing!  Yeah Imma make a ton of money don't you worry about that.  That is why my wife is also going to be successful and make a bunch, so we can just retire at 40 and have some kids! Probs not.  
I can do groceries! And I do cookies! I would be a great house wife! How much do those get paid? I am a pretty good cleaner and it seems like I get stuck with that a lot!   You can bet my house is gonna be really clean... hopefully!

People in this mission know me for a few things, I play good football, I'm funny, I am a "terrible" missionary, and I get a ton of mail :P 4 pretty good things to be known for I think.  (I told him if people are serious about the terrible part, they haven't taken time to get to know him or his heart and sound slightly judgy to me)   I don't mind when I have better numbers than 75% of the mission even though my companion is hard to get along with.   I am working myself sick.  People remember me when I leave those areas and I make an impact for the better on at least a few people!
He has the worst accent ever, he is the only missionary from S Sudan, speaks terrible English, loves to talk, is 23 so he looks at me like a small boy,  lazy, been in the church 2 years so he doesn't know a lot, struggling teacher, just wants to look smart and get praise. We had a yelling battle across the street last night because it was 6 and he wanted to go home and I wanted to go see an investigator that was waiting for us! ugh  Being positive takes so much dang work!  Fetch ok we'll see what I can do.   Also I'm also running on 2 hours of sleep.  Light off is so wonderful!   When light goes off it gives you a sweet opportunity to cheer when it comes on the next day.  Right now I am responsible for 2 extra missionaries that are staying with us until Wednesday and I don't even know where my phone is!  Flip what am I supposed to do!  Imma let one sleep, get the other food, and then Imma poop! Sounds like a plan. (I told him when in doubt or overwhelmed, it's best to stick to the basics.  Now that's pretty basic)

People can be lazy, especially the boys.  The girls are starting to get it together, average college graduation age for guys is 29 because they spend from 19 - 25 trying to be a pro footballer.  The LDS guys are  better but can still be lazy at times. (I had asked about work ethic)

Umm vacation to Ghana would absolutely suck unless you want to spend a ton of money, but it'd be a crazy experience for sure! (Tyson won't decided where to go on his senior trip, so I'm threatening to take him to Ghana to pick Trav up)

Ty: Umm yeah, well you might not want deets, but the big bro needs them! So let me guess she broke it off.  (Tyson didn't supply the break up details Trav requested)  She tried a warped version of I want things to be the same and not ruin our senior because I'm a female and completely insane. Don't worry bro, I know that spot better than most!  I got you! My brain's exploding!
Tay: Flip now you is just shakin it down every place! (he won the limbo contest at the stake dance on Saturday, got to head up the freshman dance routine for Friday's assembly, and his soccer picture is showing on the TV screens in the HS, he thinks he's had a great week)  Hey bro, you should start making cookies for mom when you finish drivers ed and you just have a bunch of free time one your hands. Actually I'm more of the cookie guy, so you should figure out brownies or cake or pie or something!
Gracie:   Oh my goodness gracious! What in the world are all those mean things doing just getting in your way like they own the place??!   You need to show them who's boss so that they will stop disturbing you! (She ran into a tree, got hit in the head with an ice clump, and was knocked down by her drama teacher's door.  She told Trav I was laughing at her, & he said:)  Well it's not your fault! Those things were totally in your way! You couldn't have moved!
Tali:   You are still hanging out with friends all the time!  Mom didn't let me hang out with hardly anyone ever until I was in high school! I could only have 1 friend over per week for 2 hours!  It was a big deal and I don't know why now you get to just do any how! Eh girl wahala dey inside! (I don't know what that means or if it's a typo, couldn't figure it out, hopefully it Twi that he can translate)

Love Elder Legg

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Power Rangers (pictures)

Tyson keeps asking why Trav's shorts and shirt don't ever match like the other guys??

He really does need to find a snazzy matching uniform.
My uniform doesn't match because it's from different outfits. The yellow jersey there was supposed to go with those red shorts and when I bought the top for the green one there weren't any shorts with it! Not my fault!  But we were trying!

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go (pictures)

Apparently the men's room was taken, luckily the women's was available

Might as well take a selfie or two while they were in there!

Yeah so we were at the church when it was "locked", so we were the only ones there.  We were waiting for the light to come on so that we could email you, but it took a little while and we got bored. We went into the girls restroom, man their bathroom is way worse than the mens..... but  good news was------the mens was out of T roll so we used the womens toilets! :P

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Been Runnin All Day on Grape Flavored Water and Whipped Cream! (That may be why I'm acting weird!)

Yeah it was light out both Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I got transferred so that's whats up.
(no email for the week of 1/5/15)

Ok so I don't really have a whole lot of time, but I will try to explain the transfer and my new place.
We were split because we've been together 10 weeks and he is training.  Well you see, transfers are supposed to be every 6 wks, but that doesn't always work out.  Between each transfer we have had to have at least 1 emergency one to move people who aren't getting along.   I'm just a really good guy that gets along with anyone! If I'm in a crappy situation I change what I can, and find a way to make it work!

SO I got transferred back to the city and it is really..... WEIRD?  I'm pretty uncomfortable here now. So coming home is going to be a lot harder than I expected.   I'm just amazed at how smart people are here.  All of the children speak English, and most of the adults do too!  I had my first English church service in 6 months, so that was enlightening!
I'm with Elder Sebit from South Sudan.  I moved to Accra Newtown. This is the thickest city I have been in so far.  My area is suuuper small, and there are a ton of Muslims so we will see how it all works out, but I am sure it will be great!  We have some really cool members in my area and some crazy sick investigators. We have 2 that may be progressing towards baptism. 1 might not be serious, and the other might be mentally handicap... but no problem they'll be baptized I'm sure of it.
Our chapel is one of the oldest chapels, and one of the first stake centers.  It's in a little rented building that barely fits us, but it's basically just a big house with a bunch of pews in it.   It's waaayyy weird, but it's cool because the sacrament hall has air conditioning!  That's a first!
My apartment mates are just ok.  They are the presidents assistants and the office elders.... so that makes me the only one without a car... seeing as I haven't had a car the whole time it shouldn't be that bad, but it is really bad and really frustrating! 
It's weird with them because they're never at home, and they can't take care of themselves, so it's like living with kids that everyone says are better than you. I emailed President Hill today and let him know I'd like a car too :)
Our apartment is fairly large, so my companion and I got to spend 6 hours today by ourselves cleaning it to death! Which was fun!  I have been runnin all day on grape flavored water and whipped cream!!! That may be why I'm acting weird!
Our land lady is super sweet!   She is actually a member, which is also a first for me! And she is by far the nicest land lady I have ever had! She hasn't yelled at me once!
We filled an entire bed net with rubbish from out apartment today! That was intense and the land lady just took it, had it sorted, and all I had to do was get it out of my house!!! Sick!
I have been fed by someone for every day that I have been here.  Not every day, but the equivalent.   So I think this area is going to be great!  And I have been given water more times in a week than in the past 5 months! 
Umm what can I say?? I do what I love, and I love what I do! 
Oh yeah, and the actual area where my house is is called Pig Farm :) Hehe  I think there's some pig butchery there, but I haven't seen it yet!

That's pretty cool that so many people are going there! I hope they have as good of missions as I am having... probably not! Ha! (I told him several kids from our area are going to Ohio)

FREAK yeah!!! Tay is going to be my SLAVE Shaffer!  I just spent 2 minutes trying to figure that word out, and it looked totally wrong!  He will be that guy that  chauffeurs........ wooo just had a revelation right here!  Got it! Is that the right word? Yeah guy who drives me places! So when is he doing he eagle?  Will I be back for it?  Ty will need to be on mission before long, and I will need a ride everywhere because I'm scared of cars!

Is Gracie really entering into young womens this year? freaky :)
I"m sorry you don't feel good!  Is there anything I can do for you?

Tali:  So you're not excited to get back to school are you? Sorry huh, well did you like the movie or it wasn't that great? Ugh you have to take me to Mongolian BBQ when I get back!

Gracie: Wow I definitely would have let you go to the nurse for all that pain I'm sorry that is so not ok! I hope you are feeling better!

Ty: Dude I'm right there with you with big food! (Ty told him about a huge gummy bears--1000 times bigger than the normal one---his friend bought and they ate) Except mines indomie!  The normal one is like 80 or 90 measurements, and I currently have a 150 measurement one. But I just saw a 250 measurement one, and I have heard tale of an elusive 1000 measurements one!!!  I'm currently hunting for that, and I am definitely going to buy it if I can find it.  The sizes are normal, super, hungry man, and family!  Weee ok so I notice that you tried to sneak in there the whole I broke up with Courtney thing.   So either you need to send a really long email  explaining all the details or you need to write me a 2 page letter. 1 page describing your side, and 1 page written as if it was the break up letter that you would give to her.   Also I have a huge assignment for you.  Could you and your friends make up a bunch of girls names and write me a bunch of love letters?  You don't have to but it'd be really cool and I'll totally do it for you while your on your mission!!!

Tay: Dude drivers ed! Is it cool?  How long will it take?  are you a good driver?  Have you tried to drive my truck yet?  Hehe.   Do good in school, huh mister already ruining his grades!

School has really been on my mind a bunch lately. Mom, by the end of 2016 I want to have my associates degree at CWI, starting January if I get a semi-full schedule for spring and fall, take summer/online classes plus my dual credits I think it will be possible. What do you think?  And if I have to come home early a few weeks, I can. Can you please find out a starting date and when I would have to come home to get in and all that?  And I will figure out what has to be done on this end.  I can do a couple 6 week classes maybe before 2016 if that's what is necessary.  Can we talk to a school counselor about it or something when I get back? Or before if you're free?

Mom 2 things! Try to figure out at least when CWI starts and when I would have to come home to get in.
Number 2 get me that dang information for your student teacher!!!!! Have her email me!!! 

I hope all is well and everything will work out, after all it could be worse.
Yep that's me!  I'm Elder Travis Scott Legg and I'm suuuper hungry and tired!!!!!
Love ya
Love Elder Legg

NYE & The Best Shit-O I've Ever Tasted

Yeah we had a New Years party, but it was super lame.   We, the missionaries, were forced to leave at 9! What the junk!? But before then we got to eat some nice food with the best Shit-o I've ever tasted! (Hehe it's said shee-toe.  It's just hot stuff that you can have with rice) And we were told we weren't allowed to dance, but we were called up for a dance competition so we "had" to.  It was branch one missionaries vs, branch two missionaries.  I am in branch one and we whooped on branch two!!!

Tali: My companion didn't win! I did! I was the best dancer! He was 2nd!!!

Gracie: That's so sweet of you to do that for her! I bet she loved it!

Ty: Um ok advice... get your life planned out, rest a lot, always be trustworthy, go to lots of parties and on lots of dates, chill with your bros as much as possible! yayyy
(I asked what the noodle??  All party advice how about school/job?? This was his reply)
Nope!  He needs to go on mission, that is priority!  But also he should take a summer course or online class or something.   But really party is the best thing he can do!  After this he will need to grow up quick. Mission will put him 2 years behind in life, and he won't have time to just let that slip by!

Tay: Hey if you wanted hard back scriptures I coulda gotten you a ton!  I have like 3 Bibles on my dinner table I can bring you if you want! I even got  a French triple combination if that's what you need :)  That's so sick bro you're havin a great time!

Ok so I'll explain the reason I'm late in the next email!
Love Elder Legg

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wild for the White Guys with the Booty Bump

Hey Uncle Lance so it's Birthday time for you once again! Sheesh how is that you are still feeling good and doing good? Sweet I hope all is well with you!

Hahah I like how the people in America with the should be easy connections, only talked home for some small time.  But for us foreign guys, we talked for a long time! (I told him about some of his friends' calls home on Christmas)
I hope all is well.  Sorry I don't have a lot of family stuff today since we just talked a few days ago.

Ty: Sweetness! Where did you get the  Pokemon cards from? Did you buy them or did you guys get them for Christmas, was it like booster pack status or the full decks?

Tay: Normal routine huh? What are the sleeping arrangements? And you wanna know about the normal routine? I do the same exact thing every day for 2 years, but I still find some stories to tell you! :P

Tali:  How do you like playing Pokemon? You better like it a bunch :P Did you like the tea room?
Gracie: So who is this neighbor Stephanie? Were you pretty distraught with the fact that some of the stores had moved around?
Ok so here are some good stuff that's been going down for me this past little while.

Hopefully I haven't told this story yet. But you all know about Sister Esther.  She is a recent convert of like 2 months now. So she was referred to me by her boyfriend, who was already a member of the church. For them they got married!!! Just about a week and a half ago! Weeee!!! And of course, I was one of the first people on the guest list!  

And at Ghanaian weddings there are 3 things that they do. 1 is get wasted....since most of the people at the party were LDS there was no alcohol. But the 2 other things that we do at weddings is collections and dancing.
Collections are the most ridiculous things (he mentioned in his call that he's going to do one of these at his reception!). They had 5 different activities where while the activity was going on people were expected to give the couple money.  I think they do this instead of gifts.  They have activities like the mothers have to dance until we raise 200 GHC, or you need to come and put your Cedis on the sweaty foreheads of the couple while they dance.  It gets a little ridiculous, but they make a ton of money!

Then for the dancing.  Before they have the floor opened for just anyone, they have a few kids dance crews who are all dressed in traditional garb and do a bunch of traditional dances.  I feel so bad for those kids. At the end of their dances they are just dripping sweat and look like they are going to pass out. The dance isn't hard at all, but it goes for like 15 minutes, and its just the same 3 moves over and over! But they do well!

And of course, one of the best traditional dance crews was... The Elders! Yep after a few kids shows went through the activities the director brought us out onto the event floor.... he puts down the mic and asks me if we are going to sing or dance.  Yeah, apparently I am the team captain.  I don't know when that happened, but everyone else seemed to know it, and they all just looked at me.  Of course we had no song to sing, so I chose that we would dance.  Luckily for us our new apartment activity is: whenever light goes off at night we all bring out our speakers and have a big dance party.  So we knew some of our moves and stuff.  They all line up off of me and wait for my signal.   The music starts and we just arrange ourselves and prepare.  Soon as the beat drops, Boom we bust out some massive booty bumpin moves!  We slam down a couple sick variations of traditional and pop Ghanaian dance moves.   The crowd gets up on their feet and starts going wild for the white guys with the booty bump! 

Soon one of the grandmas, who had been really into dancing, gets a little too excited and starts gettin all up in my bidness.  So of course, Elder Legg and Grandma shake it down! Woop woop.
Afterwards everyone made sure to let us know that we all did so well, and they all liked to point out who was the best dancer... I think we all know who that is  :)

Also for Christmas/ Christmas Eve we had some nice parties as missionaries.
For our Christmas Eve party we were all going to get together as 2 missionary apartments and watch Home Alone, eat some ice cream, and have a gift exchange.  So we get together and down our tub of ice cream. It doesn't last us nearly as long as it was supposed to.  We have a nice gift exchange.  My companion had me for Secret Santa, so he gave me a nice jersey with a  cool dragon on it.  I had Elder Tolar from Georgia.  I gave him one of the spare towels from the ones my wonderous mother sent for my apartment mates. (he told us on our phone call that package 2 with all of the main goodies got to him Wed night at 9:30pm, so everything I sent arrived and he got to use it and pass it on) And then I also bought him a really nice Brazier. Hehehe oh my goodness that was so funny. Have you ever gone bra shopping in the market.  The bras were right next to the rotting meat and rice, who woulda thought?? It was weird being a guy buying a bra, but I felt even worse for the dude who was selling them!
But all the guys loved that idea for a gift, and that meant that all 8 of us had to try it on! The guy who looked the best in it was Elder Sharp from Utah. He's been working out so he was able to fill it out a little better than the rest of us. Thankfully I had already thought of our lack of size, so I bought a nice push up bra with extra padding :)
Then it was time for us to watch our movie, so we brought out all the mattresses, and set ourselves up to watch the movie, and as soon as we pressed play the best thing that could possible have happened.....the power went out and didnt come back till morning! yay  It got way too hot to have 8 guys in one room with no power, so my apartment decides to leave so we can all sleep in our own beds.

The next day we started out Christmas day with a nice baptism. 3 people got baptized,including Brother A who I have been teaching literally since I got to Asamankese.  He has been so frustrating, but he finally paid off.  Took him getting over his alcohol addiction woop woop! Soo sick!

Then all day we cooked a big ole pig at the couple missionaries house and we had cookies and ate tortillas and we watched Maleficent.  It was a sick party. Sorry so now I'm out of time.

Mom we posted a bunch of pics on facebook, so if you get on there then you can get all of them from my page I think. They were posted by Eim Jaai.  That's my companions name.
Ok love you all!!!! Happy Merry Christmas Day!
Love Elder Legg

Package 2 Still Not Here

Brief emails from:  12/22/14

Yeah I got the number and I'll call like 3-6pm here, so between 9 and 12 there. (on Christmas)

Sorry we've had light off all day, so the Lathems are allowing us to use their laptops to shoot you a quick one, but I'll send you more tomorrow if you want to reply.
Yep package 2 still not here. But there is a possibility that it will get here Wednesday, so that is what I am hoping for!  Nope got the towels. It was definitely the stockings and hats that are missing. Hopefully we can get it within the next few days so we shall see.  (both of his other, less essential  Christmas packages had already arrived.  The main one was missing as of 12/22)

Tali: So new glasses huh? How is that I bet you are loving it! Did you cheat on the test so that you could get them? :)

Gracie: Woop woop of course you got to score a goal and look cool in front of the whole school! (Gracie got picked for an assembly at school to kick a ball through a couple of cones for a contest.  All of the other kids that were picked missed.  Gracie did not expect to make it, but observed the other's mistakes & closed her eyes and gave a big kick...and was the only one to make it) That's my sister! Have fun in Arizona!

Tyson: I hope you did well in the rest of your finals and I hope you loved everything and you enjoyed the first semester of your senior year.

Taylor:  Sheesh mister nappy pants! Gosh I wish I coulda napped 3 times this week because I'm suuuper tired!

Why do you get to go the the Fiesta Bowl!!!!!! Ugh momm I wanna go!!!!!
Ok I'll talk to you tomorrow! love you love you love you!

2nd Christmas in Ghana (pictures)

Roasting another pig made for a great meal

The rest of the feast

A baptism on Christmas morning

The Christmas treats we sent for Trav to share

Trav and His New Companion (Pictures)

New companion:  Elder Francisquete
He is from the Philippines
He caught back up with Elder Allen in Accra

Ready for some serious football