Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So You Can See My Post Mission Glow

Hey sorry I wasn't around, everything is ok... now. Don't worry I'm fine I'm sure I'll say something about it soon.
Haha I'm glad you are doing so well in the Library! That's such a sick calling for you, you gonna be the best!!!
Holy cow Ty is now an Elder!!!! Flip that's insane! I wasn't even thinking about that and now he's already that huge?!
Yeah I am trying to plan the best way that I can come through those doors. I was thinking I would bring a big old red carpet with me so that I could have someone roll it out as I walk elegantly or something cool like that so you can see my post mission glow :P (I've told him to run through the glass doors at the airport when he comes home)

Ty:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck man getting ordained an Elder! now you can go about healing the sick and raising the dead! That's freaking crazy bro!!!! Yeah i never really went to FHE or Institute but I'm totally down to go if you wants to take me!

Tay: How fast are you trying to get sheesh! Yeah when I get back I need to you time my mile so that I can see how fast I still am and then I can work my way up until I can beat you :P

Tali: Wow your room is going to be all cute and new when I get back so that will be sweet! Are you excited to have your own room?

Love Elder Legg

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