Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Doing Everything I'm Supposed to & I Will Be OK

Yeah I know a lot of missionaries here that have had malaria and to be honest mine and Vandy's case was one of, if not, the worst case I have ever heard of. If I hadn't been forcing myself to eat and allowing myself to vomit so much then I would still be in the hospital right now and I would have needed the blood transfusions. I know that you and mom need me to be ok so I have done everything I can to get better. I feel so sick when I drink and eat but they say it will help, so I do it. They say I need to go out and do stuff to build up my energy so I do even though I get massive headaches and I almost pass out all the time. But I will be ok I'm doing everything I'm supposed to and I will be ok.

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