Tuesday, July 15, 2014

EEEEWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! (GROSS!) (you've been warned)

Ok, so as a start, I will begin with my apology. Because I didn't do really anything this week because I have been deathly ill with a case of awodemi (aka I got a cold).  But it has given me this one great story....
So for those of you that have been along this journey from the beginning, you may remember about 9 months ago when I learned what exactly it took to become a real missionary.  And then 6 months ago I was a witness to someone else completing that task and entering into the elect brotherhood.  3 days ago, I myself made the pact, signed the deed, and fulfilled the act of becoming a REAL missionary. 
Here's what happened......
So I have been sick this week with a runny nose and a terrible cough for a few days.   I wouldn't last longer than a minute without a coughing spasm.  Also standing was accompanied by exceeding dizziness, so I spent a lot of time lying in my bed. 

One day at about 5 pm, I was experiencing some irregular gastric disturbances in my belly!   So my smell chased my companion out of the room, and he opened all of the windows and doors. I decided to try to stop, so I could get a little rest. I closed my eyes, when without warning a horrible coughing fit struck me.  It looked like I was having some sort of seizure.  In an attempt to gain control over my throat, I lost concentration on all other parts of my body... thus causing my buttocks to release a disgusting shart... but without the art part.  For those of you who have yet to catch my drift, what I'm saying is I pooped my pants!   Woop woop!!  Yeah you know that's what's up!  I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up, quickly washed my bottoms, and then proceeded through out the day to wear a towel, until my clothes dried!  It was pretty awesome!
My stomach was so bad that none of my food was digested, and there was full on a big chunk of tomato stuck in my knickers when I removed them!
Other than that, everything is good and we got water!!!... in our tanks downstairs and outside.  So yeah nothing running but at least I can bathe!

Here one of the greatest services I can give, is allowing others to serve me!   So yeah I haven't cooked hardly at all this week!  I have these investigators that love to cook.  So, of course, I let them!  I just give them supplies during the day, then they call me later to pick it up, and I come when I can.  Back home people will do like a midnight Denny's run, but here I do a 9:30 joll of rice run!  Woop woop! Too bad she definitely spoiled the rice last night, but it's ok.  What was left was still ok!
Tali:  Gosh  I miss buying things at yard sales!  When I get home, if there are any left still going, we are going to all of them!  Also we are hard core hitting Black Friday sales!

Ok and mom, we have a problem!  I was trying to withdraw the money from the atm, and it said I withdrew it, but no money came out.  When I checked my balance again, the money I had tried to take out, was gone. Sooo I have the receipts, and I took them  inside the bank, but they wouldn't help. They just said I need to talk to my bank back home!  So what should I do??!  I told my companion that if this had happened back home, I totally would have taken you to the bank with me!

Love Elder Legg

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elder Legg & Elder Lyip (pic)

Me with Elder Lyip 

Really things are way hard, but it's weird, because some how they are just becoming normal.  We haven't had water in about 2 months, but it doesn't feel really like that big of a deal.  It's just like, oh well......no power, no water. I guess I will just bathe a little less and yell a little more.  Even though my hands hurt like crazy from washing my clothes, it doesn't seem like I have done anything hard.  When I get home though, I will teach you all how to wash and everything!  That will be super fun!  I can go on a week long camp out with 2 sets of clothes, no problem, then come home perfectly clean!

Yeah I am basically a Book of Mormon master now :) I have stopped reading it cover to cover, and just read individual books because its fun to jump around sometimes.  I just started Ether again because Elder Leakehe and I were talking about it, so I was like why not?!

I am having fun right now, but one of the Elders that I live with is bothering me so much. He is just rude all the time.  He is always bumping me, or poking me, and I just want to place him on his buttocks all the time. I have been trying hard to just ignore him, but it's been like 4 months! So I get tired of it!
I love you dad and I miss you soo much. I hope all is well!
Love your son Elder Travis Scott Legg

Yeah I am doing great, and still no water! I will need to be calling someone soon because both of our tanks outside are almost finished!  Ugh, but you want to know the worst part?  When we were walking here, just in the middle of the street, there was a huge fountain from a burst pipe and all of the water was just wasting everywhere!  As soon as the kids get home from school though there are going to be a bunch of people with buckets and bowls collecting water and taking it home!

This week we did a really good job cleaning our house!  But I hate cleaning here, because we cleaned the floor spotless then just after cooking lunch we had to re sweep the whole thing and mop it again! Why is that??! Ugh it's so dirty here!

Tali- Goodness, oh my cuteness! I am not usually one for that whole short hair thing, but girl you are rockin it!  So you are liking this only child thing huh?  Me too! In 2 summers you will be leaving me home alone and I will get to enjoy ok :)   (All of the other kids are gone this week, so Tali is an only child and rubbed it in to Trav)

Gracie- Gosh I have never been able to stay in Seattle or go to the Space Needle, and  I haven't gotten to go to Oregon for a long time! Gosh you just get to do whatever you want now don't you?!  I hope your having fun and being safe!

Tyson- Lots of play and lots of work, huh? I hope you have a ton of fun up at EFY and you get all them ladies! Do it right!

Uumm this week......
So I have come to find out that Ghanaians absolutely hate indomie pizza! hehe
We have been getting fed by some investigators a lot recently. They even made us a huge pot of bean stew for our rice!  So I decided to pay them back by cooking something nice for them. My food of choice? You guessed it.   Indomie Pizza. 

So the entire time I was cooking, both the investigators and my companion were just insulting me on how I was doing it wrong, you can't put that in there, no no that's way too much! So you get the idea.   So I finish and pretend to get really angry. I walk out complaining that they all hate my cooking and I should just go home. They rush out to get me, all taking tiny, tiny nibbles, telling me to wait  because it tastes so good. Then, because they are obviously struggling to put it down, they start feeding me huge bites thinking I will get distracted and just eat it all.  

One of the people was definitely trying to get away from it, so I pointed her out and asked if she didn't like it. She got all shy and told me how good it was. I told them all that if they didn't like it then they shouldn't eat it.  Of course, trying to be polite she grabs a big bite and pushes it in her mouth. 5 seconds later she is outside, vomiting back up all that indomie she tried to eat. I was laughing because I told her not to eat it, but no one listens to me.  That was them having to experience what it is like to be a missionary in a foreign land where the food is nasty :)    Shh don't tell them i told you that!
can you believe that while I was distracted with the vomiting, my companion was behind me chopping all the rest of the food! Well at least he liked it!

Ok and request mom, can you please send me some money!  Have I mentioned that I have spoiled a few pairs of trou, and I was needing to replace them.  Also I had to get some shirts fixed.  Ugh so I kind of way need money because all my subsistence went to water, power, and clothes!
Love, Elder Legg

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Mushroom Cloud of Vomatrocious Stench

Um so yeah, sorry about the last week (he got cut off), but power here has been a killer, because they are trying to get it on during the World Cup and off when we need to go email our families!  This place has been so jacked lately!  We went all over to find a cafe with a  generator and then they ran out of petrol! What the what!??

(This is left over from the email he couldn't send on 6/23/14)
Sheeesh you guys' outside showers are nice!  (at Swalboski's on our trip to the Black Hills) When I can get pics I'll get you a pic of me showering outside!  It's a little bit different than what you went through, but no problem!
Goodness four wheeling, and faces (Mt. Rushmore), and animal gardens, and all of this!  Man my stories are going to sound dumb this week!  Let's see what did I do... um well I stepped in a puddle!
When I get home I don't think I will even be able to drive a car.  So mom if you were doing a four wheeler, then I think you were doing pretty good!

Yeah oh mom you want to know about the super attractive 19 year old girl that wished me Happy Father's Day? It was a code for her real desire, which was to say ,"Elder Legg I Love You!"   That's what you want now mom? (not sure what gave him that idea??) Ok, no problem! Well then there is this girl, who lives just down the street from the church who is super into me.  She is kind of like an investigator, except for the investigating part haha. We just like hanging out with her friend, who is the real investigator.

We haven't really done anything yet today, except we went for a big meeting and then it was boring and not everyone even showed up.  So we just spent like 2 hours partying with the YSA, but they are crap, so Brother Charles, a super stud from Nigeria, was trying to get stuff going.  But flip, these Ghanaian guys got no game. They have no idea how to talk to girls or do anything!

.................Here's the email exchange we had about YSA before he sent the rest of his story:
Me:  The mishes are supposed to mingle??  Or the locals??  & I though YSA stood for yellow spotted asparagus! 
Trav:  Umm mom please, they don't let the yellow spotted asparagus go on missions!   Only the red ones. Flip! Please stay with the times!
Me:  Yea, I was afraid I had missed an announcement or two.  I can still remember when it was just the little green striped ones that could go.  My how times have changed!!
Trav:  Yeah, the world is a movin' for sure!
(I'm always glad when he emails & I can hear his sense of humor is still in tact)

The rest of his email......
So today we had a big young single adult (YSA) activity at the church. It was stake wide, so there were plenty of people. The whole point of this activity is to mingle, and help get some single adults get unsinglized!  But we have some problems with that.

Boys problems:
1. They cant talk to girls
2. They have no style
3. Training for football is more important than impressing a girl

Girls problems:
1. They are all silent and shy
2. Half of them are hiding in the kitchen preparing the treat
3. If they like you, they ignore you, but flirt with your friend

As you can see, this makes for a severely dis functional party!  There is one boy named Charles, who is all the man at the entire party.  He gets all the girls, and he deserves them, because he is the only on doing anything!  He was trying his best to get the party going, but these kids just do not like to participate!  So we eventually had to leave.

So I think you have heard about black eggs.  When you crack them open, and they are so rotten, that the inside is black and it explodes all over everything!   My companion has been on mission for 20 months and has never heard of that.  So the other day,  he went into the kitchen to begin cooking himself some delicious food.  As he went to crack himself some eggs, the unthinkable happened!   His perfectly new egg exploded into a million pieces of black filth.  And out from the filth billowed a mushroom cloud of vomatrocious stench.  My companion screamed, opened the window, and began projectile vomiting into the neighbor plot :)   Hehe!!  Oh my gosh! It was the best!!  He rushes in to tell all of us his story of the black egg, thinking it was a once in a life time opportunity.   But then all the other guys open up with their list of times when it had happened to them. 
Black eggs are a pretty common occurrence in my life! I mean freak, if you are trying to keep 30 eggs out in the open for 7 days, it is not gonna work out for you very often!  But we do what we can!

(I asked him what he needed/wanted for his birthday in Sept.)
Flip, ummmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure what I want.   I need to think about it more!  It's hard to think of something that you want when you don't have anything around to inspire you! 
Love Elder Legg