Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pictures of Travis the night before he headed to Ghana

September 24, 2013

Every lunch and dinner there is either chicken or fish and then rice. I actually ate a chicken bone well actually only the ends of it but some of the African elders do it so of course I had to try!!

1US dollar got me 1 cedi and 8 peswas so its basically like $1.00= $1.80 so I have like 90 cedis now which is kind of cool. Hymn books are only like 35 cents or something here.

The Africans are so hard to understand then Africans that can only speak French are impossible to communicate with!. The Ghanans aren't too bad but my MTC companion is from Nigeria and Its terrible haha. We have lots of fun at night. There are 6 of us in a room. Me, my compaion from Nigeria, Elder Stoval from utah, his companion from Kenya, Elder Jensen from Arizona and his companion from Ghana. Other than my companion Elder Bori The other names are crazy to spell so i dont even want to try but oh well.

Today we went to the temple and it is supposed to be like 45 minutes to an hour away and it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to get there because of traffic. It still to us 2 hours to get home because we went a different way to avoid all that but it was all back roads and it took forever! The Accra temple is beautiful.

I'm late for dinner, so before i get African skinny I'm going to head out!

September 20, 2013

I made it!!! alright so it seems pretty similar to Jamaica so I'm not too worried. My companion is Elder Bori and he is from Nigeria but I haven't actually met him yet. that'll be in like the next 20 minutes. So I'm safe and I'll talk to you later!
I Love you!

Love Elder Legg

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