Monday, March 30, 2015

So Now I am Leaving Newtown

Flip that's a bunch of holidays! (He asked for the update on dates) Umm yeah I'm not aware really of any of them yet. Yesterday Palm Sunday? If so, we saw a bunch of people parading saying that Christ would come yesterday and waving palms which was pretty messed up since none of that is supposed to happen until after he has come!

Umm yeah I'm not sure about what classes I should sign up, for but probably some basic freshman classes, probably stuff that isn't too hard so that I can ease back into things, especially if I only have a week or so before it starts! And yesa Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule would be really nice! And yes it would be freaking awesome if Tyson could do a semester with me! I mean sheesh if he's gonna be around for a long time after I get back, then he might as well go to school with me.  That would be cool! And he could help me because I'm sure I'm going to be freaking out and not understanding anything!

Dude that's sick that Tay is getting his Eagle done! He for sure needs to have it before I get home! Then he can drive me places and we can do all sorts of stuff together!!!!! It's great that so many people are willing to donate things for an eagle project! And it was cool how many people were willing to go out and help him to work! Here it can be a struggle to get people to show up for cleaning a lot of the time!

 And also a bunch of people are getting married! Whats up with that! I hear Jaren Weber got married? And verification on that? Sheesh it's really weird! I don't want to get married! How is that supposed to work out?!

Bekah: Hi bekah... are you dating my brother currently?

Ty: Sooo um this Bekah fellow seems to be like a lot of your time! Well then I suppose that's pretty cool because she is suuuper nice and fun so that will work out great! Thanks for helping out mom a bunch your doing great!

Gracie: Yay Gracie now can wear Earrings how cool!!! wowowowowowowowow I want to get my ears pierced! Here they usually get it done when they are babies. it helps distinguish the boys from the girls because in schools they have to have the same haircuts. I don't know where they do them here though.... hmmm that's interesting :P   Glad you could be strong for it!

Tali: Sorry they didn't want to play with you very much! If you came here you wouldn't want to sleep outside because if you did that then there is a pretty high chance that you will catch malaria and lots of people die from malaria so you need to be careful!

Tay: Dude keep on gettin it done! The sooner the better! I didn't really appreciate it until I got here and you feel way better being someone who go it than being someone who didn't get it! It's sick that you guys got a new horse that will be cool to come and check out when I get back!

So this week was just kinda packed with hard work and fun.
Transfer news came yesterday and so now I am leaving Newtown... I'm not sure where I am going, They said Ashtown, but then we discovered I was a terrible fit for that place, so we are going to try to change it, so I will hopefully be going somewhere else!

We went to the temple site and played basketball at the stake center there today and that was really fun, I wasn't very good and I didn't seem very athletic, but I had fun and it was a good activity that made me nap for 5 hours afterward :P

One of our investigators is preparing for baptism in 2 weeks so that is great and we are really excited for her! She is super sweet and was really wanting to make sure she was ready and committed before she joined the church and now she is here and she is loving it!

Elder Kouame is doing great! He is having a lot of fun and he has been opening up greatly since the time he first came to be my companion! I love him so much and I am sad to be leaving him! He is going to be a really great missionary!

Had 2 fun parties at my house.... ok so we didn't really do very much for the parties, but Saturday night we had a pizza party and then Sunday night we had a pack you bags and burn all our rubbish party. That was pretty fun when we would pick someone up and roast them over the fire or when we had people jumping through the flames! Yeah we are pretty hard core!

Umm yeah sorry not as entertaining this week but I am kinda distracted since I have to take care of a bunch of missionaries tomorrow and I will be the only senior companion amongst the group! We will see how that works out while all the other guys bail on me :)   We got this!

Love Elder Legg

 Yeah Dad I am trying to work really hard and to be obedient and to be different than the usual missionary here. To be honest the average missionary here kinda sucks really bad so I don't want to be like that , I might not have as much numeric success as some other guys but I know I am having more spiritual success than a lot of them, My district leader is going home tomorrow and it was interesting because I think he was a pretty ok missionary, but it seemed like people really struggled to open up to him and share with him their concerns. We just received a referral from him who lives on the border of the areas, He has been teaching her for months with little to no progress, She comes to church and has fellowshippers but she wouldn't go for baptism and she wouldn't tell him any concerns. My companion and I come in with her for one day find out all her feelings on baptism settle everything and she then asks us for  her to be baptized on the 12 of April so success there. Way my sickest investigator in this area right now!
> Its good all the horses are going well and it's sick that you got such a sick deal on Smooth! Way to go! I'm glad Sierra is still doing well! How old is he now?! Flip it's gonna be sick to ride horses when I get home!
> Love Elder Travis Legg

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