Monday, March 16, 2015

Imma Look Like a Goofy White Guy With a Moldy Mustache Tomorrow!!!!!! And Dare to be Driven

Woop woop! Yeah I did get the St. Patrick's Day package.  Is that really tomorrow? Imma look like a goofy white guy with a moldy mustache tomorrow!  Flip some people are really gonna enjoy mustache and rolled up trou Elder Legg!!!! (I sent him some assorted, stick on, green mustaches and fun St. Patrick's Day socks)

Choir tour sounds like its gonna be so much fun! Next year I am going to be eligible to be one of the adults right? Yeah I'll be 21 in case you were all wondering!!
I still think its a load of malarkey that Kayla is coming home so early!  I still wont believe that she ever even went out and served! She was never gone!!!!
Tay: Dude I'm glad your doing so good with your Eagle!  It takes a lot of work, and it can be really rough. But when you work really hard, your hard work always pays off. I was thinking yesterday about how when we get to a service project I always can out work my companions. Now that may have to do with most of our service projects being work that the women are supposed to do. And Africans are very particular about their work roles so they don't want to work, or I woulda just been a super awesome sister.  I don't know, I just know that I have a goal in mind and I want to accomplish it the best I can, so that when it's done it's done and they will all know that its done :) You've got this!!!

Tali:  Yet again another sick week for the infamous Tali!   Sorry that Mr. Kershaw is going to be a math teacher that is no fun! I wouldn't want to be a math teacher! I"d be like a party teacher or a lunch teacher or something!
Ty:  Sheesh doing a bunch of work! What did you have to do with dad to set up for stake conference? We just had ward conference and we had to set up for that which was no fun.  Good thing I'm now in a little branch, our first Sunday as our own branch we had 45 members there including all the kids. So it was rough, but we were up to like 75 or something this week! Yeah bro you can read my blessing :)
Gracie: soooo um how many times do you just get to go by yourself into town and get milkshakes? I never even get to do that! I think I Have only even been to that place twice ever!
So um this week I have been sick yet again so I don't have too much to say... but I'll tell you all about how sick my companion is--my French speaking one.

So I think I just had a bit of a mega cold, or when Elder Curtis of the Seventy came to visit he got me sick. Since I'm pretty allergic to authority :P Hehe  but stuffy nose, chills, hots, sore throat, aches, headache, all the good stuff. My companion had to lead out in everything and we only left the house a good handful of times, but he did super well! We weren't really sure what all he could do because he's so quiet, but he freaking dominated! Did all the aspects of missionary work and just acted really driven! I was excited!!!!

Something has really been on my mind this week and it's the crappy way that humans look at what has been set before them and follow those standards.  They'll step out in little ways, but as a general idea they will stay inside the lines. All throughout school we hear about thinking outside the box, about going against the flow, and being an individual.  But as we grow up and get farther in school and into the "real" world we are told to stay in line, follow the normal thing, so that all the traffic can flow smoothly. We put a speed limit on learning, working, living, loving. All the things that matter to us supposedly have limits. We had mission tour this week and we talked about doing impossible things. To be honest I really didn't like the talk or the idea that was conveyed because even though we were told to do more there were still guide lines keeping us inside what we were already doing.  It wasn't about changing your actions, but more of just changing your focus. At least that's how I felt. Here we have some ideas about missionary work, and they set limits on how we do what we do. Some missionaries work smart, meaning they effectively plan and do everything within a short area so they minimize work and maximize results.  These missionaries usually start late and quit early. Then we have hard working missionaries, who go out on time, come back on time, and bust their butts the whole time they're out.  But for some reason they still only do as much work as the smart missionaries. The question used to be which one of these missionaries are you going to be??   So I would jump back and forth depending on who my companion was, and neither one of them was satisfying  to my idea of what a missionary should/could do. Mission isn't about the numbers that we report or record, but it is about those lives that the numbers represent. I have been thinking about an idea of a driven missionary, not one that is hard working, nor one that is effective, but just one that does their best no matter the situation because they have a sincere desire to help those around them. Driven by what they know, and what they desire, pushing them past the politics of mission, past the before set ideals, and putting them in an isolation of their own success.  Knowing at the end of every day that they really helped people and loved it! I want to do my best and it's hard, but my companion and I are trying and with each day we have improvement.
Look at what you do in your life, and see what you need to do to change.  What you're doing to better fit who you really are.  When you are who you are, and you act like what you want inside, others will see that impact around you, and they will have a desire and a drive also!!!

(This was from a different email about a comment I made last week.  If it seems disjointed)
My area is full of Crazy people!!!!!! Freak I have honestly never seen so many psychos in one place! My companion also thinks that Ghanains are all crazy! hoy cow!
One investigator just kept crying at us this week asking us why we don't believe in Jesus Christ. (we do) Then we found out that she's a severe Alcoholic! 2 people that I was bankin on for baptism like 2 months ago have been taught more than 10 times and still don't know anything about the Gospel other than it's true. Members don't know where the Book of Mormon comes from.  People don't understand that one church is different from another.  Nothing, just no comprehension, even of who is Jesus Christ and God they have no idea!
Umm he never gave me a release date, but he said I could get home the 30 days early. Maybe you could send a follow up email?
Yeah sorry I didn't have much to say this week because I'm kinda tired of me telling you guys gruesome tales of my suffering.  All you need to know is there have been some bloody boogies, some passing out, some expired medication taking, and some huge water overdosing! And now minus the headache, the boogie filled nose, and the swollen throat, everything is great!!!
Love Elder Legg

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