Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yeah I Just Don't Really Blend In....It's Just Not Me!

Yeah flip ok so I have had some troubles following the rules in the past, but right now I'm am doing my best to be exact. I don't do anything I'm not supposed to, without permission from my leaders and I'm going crazy with my work so that I can try to break out of the usual work that we do here and enter into a new level where we can put out some serious soul saving!!!! (I was busting his chops about last week's shenanigans)  Haha yeah I've had a couple weird dreams where I either beat them up or chop them to pieces with that guys cutlass! It's kinda weird!

(I suggested trying to blend in & lie low after last week's adventure here's his reply)
Haha yeah I just don't really blend in... it's just not me! I don't want to blend in with anything! If I want to blend in with someone else that means someone else has already done it, and I am trying to be them.  But I don't want to be them I want to be me! And whether that's good or bad I'm gonna do it!
And.. well I definitely can't do that this week.  I just shattered everyone's ideas about how much you can teach. For us 20 is good........ 25 is way good............ 30 is suuuper good............ 35 is crazy good........... and 40 is unheard of.  Unless the person is crap and was just going for numbers.  So I taught 51:) and every single area I hit or killed the standard of excellence and it was cool because I  had to go on exchange with the zone leaders this week and when I was with him we taught 11 that day, usually a good day is 6 :)

Ok so for the stuff I will see what I can get that is colorful.  Usually the wood stuff they just sand it and use black shoe polish on it to give it color, but hopefully there are some with some beads on them that will add a little color.  Also the masks aren't really animals, they have animals, and they have masks... the mask are kinda like the Indian stuff in AZ... but I haven't actually been there before so we will see what we can find!  (the kids told him what kind of treats they want him to bring them)

Yeah fufu is strait up cassava and plantain finish. They have something called neat fufu here and we will see if I can bring that. It's pretty similar, but not totally the same. (Tyson wants him to bring the makings for fufu)

Ty: flip dude you hang out with Bekah a bunch that's cool! She's really nice! flip is league of legends good? I've seen it a little but I don't think I've ever played it!

Tay: yeah dude well I work from 8 in the morning until 930 in the evening and im freaking bustin a butt trying to help people :) so let's both just keep up the good work ok! Get your Eagle! The missionaries here that don't have it just aren't as cool as those that do :) (Trav has his)

Tali: ooo you always get to go to friends houses! I never got to go to friends houses, lucky!I wish I was as cool as you! sheesh how come mom likes you so much!

Gracie: what the What you got 2 milkshakes walking down the street.  That would be way cool!  Are you sure your old enough to be walking down the street by yourself? :P

Ok so sorry if these stories are short but I'm low on time and I gotta hurry to family home evening!!!!

So went on exchanges with the zone leaders. Started out rough because he doesn't really like me. So the whole first half of the day he just has the feel of "I'm a way better missionary than you and you don't know how to do anything."  That lasted until we reached the first person I knew and we started fetching water for them. He was able to complete 1 trip with yellow water jugs. They're about 5 gallons-ish. I made 5 trips with yellow jugs and then 10 trips with clear jugs about 3 gallons-ish. After his first run, he was just finished hehe. We then went to the next person, and they also needed help fetching water, but only a little bit.   We did theirs, and he just followed me while I carried water. Hehe!  Then we taught a ton of cool people, and met a bunch of new people, and he was just exhausted.  He didn't like that I followed my schedule.....until he realized I was following the spirit. He didn't like that I didn't plan a lunch time.......until he realized that God takes care of his servants. It was a fun time though and I think he had a new found respect for me in the end.

Also the next day my shoulders were crazy sore, but when some girls needed help carrying their buckets of maize flour from the mill to their house I was way excited! Those girls were the younger daughters of the people that I help make ken-key every once in a while.  So we had a couple trips through the market with flour on my head, and all the sellers were in shock! It was sweet! Now I got a ton of friends in the market, instead of just a bunch of annoying people trying to sell me stuff I don't want!

This week we went to West Hills Mall, which is the biggest, nicest mall in West Africa.  And it was suuuuper nice! My mind was totally blown! The parking lot was similar to the high school's parking lot with a driveway similar to that of the airport where is goes every which way. It's 3 floors, One is mostly an underground parking garage. And the top floor is a small movie theater. But it was way fun, and we had lunch there today  and it was my first time going there! Really cool!

You remember how I got kicked out of Oda, well there apparently everyone still remembers me. In Odorkor, only a few people remember, Kasoa probably less, Asamankese a bit since I was just there. But Oda I did my best, and I was different than any missionary, and everyone there still loves me. Here I run around all day serving people, even when my companion quits, I keep serving. I always try to leave every person I meet with a smile on their face, no matter how tired I am.  I let them know I represent Jesus Christ, then I tell them about the times that Jesus fetched peoples water, or the time Jesus took their grains to the mill and carried back the flour for them, or all the times that he helped people to paint their nails and to put ties in their hair. I don't stand out anymore because I'm crap. I'm really trying to stand out because I am both me and Christ. I want people to see Him when they look at me.  And when they feel my love. then they will remember Elder Legg, and they will remember why he was here. Hopefully if they can remember that, then so can they and they can actually become what the Lord wants them to be.

Ok well I'm off to Family home evening with Sister Mahana's family and neighbors! Let's hope I'm not too late!

Elder Legg

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