Thursday, March 5, 2015

Africany Gift Ideas

 I really want you guys to come and see how it is because I think you'd think it was horrible and think I suffered really bad even though all of it is pretty normal to me now.   But also I want to be able to be in the airport with all of you there waiting for me. It'll probably be a big hassle for you guys to come out here and do stuff so it'd be easier if you could get measurements for everyone and I can get some clothes made for them. I can also get you wooden stuff like bracelets, small masks animals, a nativity, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts(both guys and girls), dresses, ties, whatever you guys think would be Africany and cool let me know and I can figure out where to get it!
If you come here what would we do?   I think it would be better to take a trip a different time.... it'd be fun for you to com but you'd get sick from the food, we wouldn't have enough time to do all the really cool stuff, we would just be able to buy things basically.  Also when you put money in if you want to put a bit and name some cool Africa art stuff you want me to look for that would be ok. I will be going to the art market soon which normally you would only be able to go to Monday before you leave but I have a hook up, so I will go this month. I'm working on getting white kentey temple ties made for us 4 boys and maybe a few others for other people. Kentey is an exclusive fabric only made in Ghana, sometimes its nice and sometimes not really.  It can just be expensive but I want to get a bunch of that and a bunch of African wear which is a really cool or crazy pattern fabric, Ill get some pics of the ones I have.

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