Monday, March 23, 2015

I was Just Embarrassingly Unathletic.... I'm Not Even Fat Now!

Yeah Elder Kouame is freaking sick. He is one of my best companions so far honestly. The language thing isn't great.  So socially we don't really click, but he has a similar teaching style to me and he is a really humble sick companion. I have had a lot of prideful companions that I struggle with internally, but he is really cool.

That sounds like Choir tour was suuper sick!!!!!! Ok so let's get something strait though... Tyson and Bekkah are together now? Flip what took to long?! I'm pretty sure I have been suggesting that for like 18 months!!!

Ty: Dude im super pumped for you to get your call to be honest! I hear all sorts of stories about other missionaries family members not going.  And I know that serving a mission is the right thing to do no matter how hard it is or how many crappy experiences you have while your serving.  It is absolutely worth it. So you and bekkah?! what the what!?!\

Tay: Really already the biggest flirt sheesh! You sure you weren't trying because it definitely sounds like you were trying at least a little bit! (Tay got the Biggest Flirt Award for choir tour, and he said he didn't even try.  As a Freshman he was pretty impressed!)  Flip I haven't been a flirt in forever, but I do fear that some people take my fun loving kinda nature to be flirty every now and again!

Tali:  So is right now spring break or it just ended or what? I didn't even know it was that time of the year! When is conference and when is Mothers Day? Its gotta be coming up soon right? Wow did you know that when I call on Mothers Day that will be the last time you hear my voice until I come home! woop woop!

Gracie: Sheesh mom and dad are already letting you get your ears pierced? Flip I'm 20 years old and I still don't get to have my ears pierced what's up with that?!

So this week was pretty sick.  We had a ton of fun and worked medium hard! yeah yeah!

Umm for the first time in a month we had investigators at church yesterday, which was a wonderful blessing, because it's been really frustrating working so hard and being so sure that all the people who promised you are really going to come, and then they don't show up! But some suuper not serious investigators that I actually dropped a few weeks ago showed up and one lady that was just referred to us from the other Ward showed up. The later woman is really cool and I was really happy that she came!

Today we played the most intense game of Red Rover I have ever seen in my life! We thought it would be better to play with sisters than American Football, but we were completely wrong. I got severely clothes-lined, and bit a chunk out of my lip. Elder Clark got destroyed By Elder Wickham. Elder Bowden got smeared by Elder Giles, and Sister Kabuye got pummeled by Elder Bowring. It was crazy because the lines are just holding on with death grips and the runners are coming as fast and as hard as they can. Elder Clark and I Caught a missionary that just body slammed our arms and we held him in the air. It was insane! Then after we played some football and I was just embarrassingly unathletic! I don't even want to try again because I did absolutely nothing! Flip I didn't realize how bad it is. I am not even fat now! I slimmed back down so I'm like 165lbs and I don't look chubby, but im just suuuper weak! Oh well I'll get to gymin and then I'll be really strong when I get back... probably not :)

Yeah and Saint Patrick's Day was suuper awesome! I looked real nice with my green socks and my trou rolled up. The mustaches didn't stick suuper well in the humidity, but we had a really swell district meeting with them on! Thank you so much mom for giving us a great St Patrick's Day!

Oh by the way the Miamaids sent a nice little package/letter thing for Valentines Day, I think, and it was really nice so thank you to them!

Haha well it's good that Tay is getting everything rolling! He is a stud! (for his Eagle project)
Wow are you sure Gracie can handle having her ears pierced? (she survived......barely!!)
Yeah he is a good guy. He just doesn't know yet how to be a good missionary, but sheesh who's to say that I do? Many a people will say I have no idea what I'm doing, and I'd agree with them!
Well good luck with all your work!
Love Elder Legg

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