Monday, April 6, 2015

Christ Lives.

An interesting thing this week was that all the rest of the churches had all sorts of activities going on this week. And people kept complaining to us that we weren't doing what they were doing. They said we didn't have any good programs!  Wow I feel like I cant teach anything now haha.   Little do they know that millions of people around the world watched a prophet of God address them and they were able to hear from the Apostles of Jesus Christ!!(General Conference was broadcast worldwide this weekend) And all those that were unable to hear from them were able to enter into much fasting and prayer to help find ways to better our earth in their own little ways. 
So many people here celebrated this weekend. It was strange though because for the most part they were celebrating the death of Jesus Christ.  A huge difference between us and them was they kept telling us stories of Christ's death, and we continued to tell them stories of His life--both before His death and after His resurrection. Christ lives. Not just in some far away place where we may one day meet Him, but He lives now and communicates with people here and now.  He talks to us today and gives us instructions right now! I believe this strong enough to be where I am today and I'm glad that I can sacrifice a little bit for Him!

So transfers went down Wednesday.  Tuesday some calls went around revising some of the changes and removing some people around, but coincidentally I was not included in the changes, I was disappointed in that to be honest.  So now I am here in Ashtown in Kasoa.  Upsides to being in Ashtown is.... my apartment is really dirty, but really nice when it's clean.. My companion is the huge bomb which helps a lot! And suuper sick.. my apartment mates are really fun!.. My district leader is Elder Fairwell... And my specific area is doing really well with really cool people. We already had a baptism and confirmation since I got here.   We had more people at church on Sunday than I've had like the last 6 weeks combined!.. Just a lot of great things going on here and I'm loving this place.   That's in my specific area, but I just wanted to stay away from this general area. I just had some specific experiences here like the robberies and stuff and I dislike some of the people.  Things that just kinda make me feel uncomfortable here.  I'm not in the same apartment, but still in like the same city. I can walk to the apartment that I was robbed in so that's cool..... I'm kinda done working with Pres right now, he usually just wastes my time and adds stress to my life.  Imma just do my thing and work with the Lord.  I'll probably be here for a couple weeks. After these 6 weeks I will possibly become a district leader and stay here for longer which will be dumb.  If I stay here it's going to be really rough for me personally, but this is still a wonderful place. Even when you get put in a bad situation, you still gotta make the most of it until your situation has changed!

Man my legs really hurt. In this new area we have to bike and we go up a massive hill right outside our house.  It's not that tall, but it is suuuper long! Ugh!! Haven't rode a bike in months!
Yeah it's true mom I'm pretty pathetic, so there won't be any girl that would even want to marry me any time soon! I gotta find one like 45 and reallllllly desperate!  He thinks my release date is the 17th today, but he's not sure...Yeah... I don't think I could bike to CWI everyday! Or even 2 times in a week would be horrid!!!!! No thank you! I will need a car. (I told him we'll see about him driving anytime soon, after not doing it for 2 yrs)  Why cant I drive? I'll suck at it but ill be real careful!  I'll be fine at driving!!!! But yeah have Ty leave in December and make him take all the same classes as me! Classes like, Algebra, auto mechanics, computer construction, English, weight lifting? Yeah that'd be cool stuff maybe. Imma need a lot of help in school I feel like!

Since transfers happened and I am cracking down on my apartment!  We have a really nice apartment but missionaries trash it all the time so it isn't as nice as it should be. We made a massive list of things that need repair in our apartment and we are working on a list of supplies that we need.   It's pretty rough because not everyone wants to participate.  That's just how it is sometimes. I have noticed that when people don't feel personal responsibility for situations or things then they get complacent. Oh well we will see what kind of a difference that I can make before i leave this place.

Saturday we had a baptism so you can tell I'm already doing work! Didn't meet the guy going for baptism until Friday, but I still get to claim responsibility for him :) My companion did the baptism and it was a cool experience. At this chapel the baptismal fount is outside so that is fun.  Downside to outside is stuff that sits outside gets way dirty. Baptismal fount filled with water+ outside+ one week= really greeen water! Normal my water has been a muddy or sickly brown but this time it was a really nice algae green! 

See you're gettin weird changes going on too sorry! Hope things get worked out! You should definitely stay in 5th grade that would be way better! But you'll get it figured out soon enough!

Ty: Wow sounds like your soccer team is doing really well that's so sick! It's good that they have sucha good coach to help them be all beast mode! It's good Easter went well!

Tali:  Sheesh don't have too much fun our you'll wear yourself out!  It seems like your always going somewhere or doing something! I didn't start doing that until i could drive and you're no where near driving!!!

Tay:  It's good you get a little break from your eagle but you need to get it soon just finish up everything so that you can get your license soon!!!

Gracie:  Wow those slippers and hats are just they cutest things! The Easter bunny must really have liked you guys this year! Either that or you were on best behavior or something !!!!

Love Elder Legg


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