Monday, January 26, 2015

Possibly Got Typhoid From It, No Big Deal

My sleeping and eating here is pretty irregular and gets me all sorts of messed up!  But at least it's not just me.  A lot of the missionaries get jacked up. Last night one of the guys came sprinting into my bathroom because his was occupied, and he almost pooped himself! hehe.

I had a good week and I had a bad week,  It just depends on my perspective,.....and the moment.   Am I a 2/3 nights with light off kinda guy??  Or a 2/3 nights with light on?? :)

I got your post cards. I loved the Arizona cards!   I'd even been to some to some of its places!
I just got  the package from Aunt Donna & Uncle Mike.  Let them know I loved it, ok? And it had a whole bunch of stuff that was super sweet!

Hey I'm sorry you guys aren't feeling well either, but I will pray for you and you will be better soon!
My companion was pretty "sick" this week too,  but I think he is feeling better since today we don't really have to go out and proselyte. oh well
Mom you are going to love Tip Off! I wish I could chaperone! (Tyson volunteered Scott & I to chaperone Tip Off--which is the girl ask guy semi formal school dance next wknd)  How old do you have to be to do that? I might Chaperone for Tay! Hehe it's good Ty is in a sick (good) group! The group always makes a a difference!
Ok try to get stuff rolling with CWI.   To be honest mom I don't really want to go to BSU right now because I just don't want it to slow me down, and I kinda need to get ahead.  That is the whole point.  And I kinda would like to go away, but if you really think it's a good idea, then you can go ahead and I can just go there it doesn't really matter that much.

Ty; Dang boy you done been doin work! Tell me all about Tip Off and how sick it is! Hope you looks hecksa fly bro! I'm super glad you are getting your patriarchal blessing.  I didn't like how long it took me! You are freaking sweet! You are doing so well and I am so proud of you!
That's sweet I didn't remember that it was the actual day! (Trav got his on my bday, Tyson is going on the 22nd of Feb)  Man that's cool! You're welcome! Man I love you so much mom and I miss you!

Tay: Dude impossible push ups, that's sick! We have been doing some hand stand push ups and what not! I taught a guy how to get flipped today so we were flippin each other all over the place! It was pretty sick!
Gracie: Hey I'm sorry you aren't feeling well that's no fun at all.  I hope you start feeling better soon! Get well so that you can have more fun ok?
Tali: Aww what a good sister to stay up with you sick sister and take care of her.  And then not go to school so that you can stay and take care of her more!

Ok so I apologize for not doing a great job last week, so I'll see what I can do to make up for it this week.
Today we made waffles and did crazy stunts in our apartment all morning! Some guys from another apartment came over and they brought a waffle iron so we cooked a bunch.  Then we had to remove our extra bunk beds, so that they could go to another apartment. And then we had a bunch of new found free space in our living room.  So of course, we start doing handstands and all kinds of craziness.  Then someone moves the ironing board out of the hall so they can mop. What is the first thing we decide to do with it? Hey who can jump over this?!  Woo so we jumped over it a couple times then we wonder who can dive over it!  Not such a good idea, but Elder Clark and I could both do it on the high setting so we felt pretty pumped! And we did stuff until our arms couldn't really hold us any more! 

We had to decide what to do for our activity today. Football, go buy water, go to a restaurant, or go mini golfing! So we go mini golfing! The place that we went was pretty sweet and semi expensive. 3 of the guys didn't participate and just took pics of themselves all over the place. That was my companion haha it was kinda funny to watch.   But we mini golfed all over the place and we were terrible. I hit like 3 water features......and there were only 2.   At one point one of the guys ran his head into a razor wire fence. Luckily he was wearing a hat, so he didn't get hurt.  I got a nice turf burn because we wanted to jump the water feature. It was pretty easily 10 ft and the course that we landed in had a bunch of bricks so I tripped and fell pretty good, got nice little road rash.  They also had a nice medium patch of grass so we were flipping around in there and i bruised my wrist pretty good doing a back handspring.  The grass wasn't that even, so where I started my run was super soft and perfect...... and where I ended my run was almost rock solid.  So it didn't work very well! Oh well, now I'm just a little tender. Also when we finished golfing, I taught Elder Clark how to back flip when I flip him. He can do a standing back flip if someone spots him.  So it was pretty easy for me to be able to flip him.  And I taught him how to flip me.  Right now he isn't very good at it.  So when I flip I'm only like 6 inches off the ground, but I land it every time! When I flip him, he's about 6 feet in the air, so we we'll learn to even it out!

Ok so sickest thing that happened this week! Sister Doris's baptism.
So sister Doris is a really cool, but really troublesome and frustrating. She's kinda rude and way ungrateful towards me and I don't know why.  She came late to church, so I was already mad at her.  Then, of course, because we made them aware of this 2 weeks ago.........the fount wasn't filled.  And there was no power to get the water from the poly tanks to the fount, so the members were being jerks, and didn't want it to happen. But this girl goes to school next week, so if she doesn't get baptized that day  then she won't be baptized for months, and that's just not acceptable.  Our district leader threw down and got in a bunch of members faces about it, so we got ahold of a few buckets, started filling them, and running them inside!  The first tank was on the 2 story roof with a valve at the ground level, so it was ok and we could get water from there until it ran out.  Then the second tank was on the ground, but it had no spicket.  So we grabbed a small bucket and dipped it, filled it, and dumped it in big buckets, and then ran them inside.  That was too slow alone.  So there was a 3rd one on the roof of the outside shower, but no valve to fill. Unless we want to out of a sink, which of course, won't work.   

So Elder Legg had to go all ninja on the building, and flip himself up  onto the roof, stuff a hose in the tank, and siphon the water out of it.   It was really hard to suck  that water out of the hose, but it was cool. Possibly got typhoid from it, no big deal.  So I ran buckets as fast as  I could and we were able to get the water about 1 ft deep in an hour.  This was deep enough to dunk her,  since she was very slim.  My clothes got super dirty and soaking wet, but that's ok.  Then I got to be the baptist, which was cool since she was scared of water and I had to redo it 3 times. It was cool because I just had her sit in the water, and then just tipped her over. It was sick and she was pretty surprised about how hard I was working for her baptism and she felt really bad.  A bunch of people were complaining about every situation that came up: not enough water, water too dirty, font too dirty, too late, everything.  But she was ok.   To her,  there was enough water, and it wasn't too dirty, and it was all good!  I was really glad that it ended up working! I ran a lot of buckets, with even more prayers, and it was suuuper cool! Thus it is in the work of the Lord.
That was my week, and it was sick! Hope you work hard and stay strong!
Love Elder Legg 

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