Monday, January 19, 2015

I Would Be a Great Housewife, How Much Do They Get Paid?

Ok so this week I got sick Thursday and it was kinda scary.  It ended with me going to sleep at 8:30 in the morning and waking up at 6 that evening.  But the start was a little more interesting.  I  woke up and went to get a drink, before I got to the kitchen I had to turn around and briskly walk to the toilet. Then it was strait bum urine, then 15 minutes later I had gotten my drink and I was chillin when I had to run back to the toilet still urine. Then 15 minutes later, and 15 minutes later, and 15 minutes later!  By the time I was supposed to be dressed and studying I was on to my 7th poop of the morning! When I turned to look at it I discovered to my horror that my poo had gone from its usual brown or green color to now a florescent red!  That was about the time I ran to the med kit and swallowed just about anything I could find that could even remotely be related to my problems!  It was... for lack of a better word Awesome! 

I did pretty good for food on Sunday! I was starving at church because I didn't make breakfast, but it was made up later.   We went to Sister Maggie's house and got a medium plate of rice and stew.  Then went to Sister Bether for a huge plate of rice.  Then went to Sister Backy's for some medium fufu and light soup.  Then went to fruit lady to get dashed like 4 cedis of bananas.  And then at home our land lady dashed us a bunch of stew to go with the rice the other guys cooked for dinner.  Woop woop I'm full!

Umm wow there are a lot of babies! (I told him about a friend & cousin's babies)  Yeah I think I will wait for Ty to get home before I get married at the earliest.  But I don't want anyone to be on mission while I am getting married.  Everyone has to be there!  So is he really set on a mission? I hear a bunch here about younger brothers struggling to get on mish.  Ty better have his call before I get home though! That is a  must.  So I can for sure get home like August 16th... not totally for sure but basically for sure if I so need.
(Then I grumped him about worrying about getting married.  This was his reply)
Mom Imma be like 24 when I get married!  Why are you getting all worried about that?  I'm not wifing at all!  I just wish you would get an attractive female that isn't related to me and isn't psycho to email me. Freak all my people I email are also missionaries! I don't give a crap what they are doing.  It's the same thing I am doing!  Yeah Imma make a ton of money don't you worry about that.  That is why my wife is also going to be successful and make a bunch, so we can just retire at 40 and have some kids! Probs not.  
I can do groceries! And I do cookies! I would be a great house wife! How much do those get paid? I am a pretty good cleaner and it seems like I get stuck with that a lot!   You can bet my house is gonna be really clean... hopefully!

People in this mission know me for a few things, I play good football, I'm funny, I am a "terrible" missionary, and I get a ton of mail :P 4 pretty good things to be known for I think.  (I told him if people are serious about the terrible part, they haven't taken time to get to know him or his heart and sound slightly judgy to me)   I don't mind when I have better numbers than 75% of the mission even though my companion is hard to get along with.   I am working myself sick.  People remember me when I leave those areas and I make an impact for the better on at least a few people!
He has the worst accent ever, he is the only missionary from S Sudan, speaks terrible English, loves to talk, is 23 so he looks at me like a small boy,  lazy, been in the church 2 years so he doesn't know a lot, struggling teacher, just wants to look smart and get praise. We had a yelling battle across the street last night because it was 6 and he wanted to go home and I wanted to go see an investigator that was waiting for us! ugh  Being positive takes so much dang work!  Fetch ok we'll see what I can do.   Also I'm also running on 2 hours of sleep.  Light off is so wonderful!   When light goes off it gives you a sweet opportunity to cheer when it comes on the next day.  Right now I am responsible for 2 extra missionaries that are staying with us until Wednesday and I don't even know where my phone is!  Flip what am I supposed to do!  Imma let one sleep, get the other food, and then Imma poop! Sounds like a plan. (I told him when in doubt or overwhelmed, it's best to stick to the basics.  Now that's pretty basic)

People can be lazy, especially the boys.  The girls are starting to get it together, average college graduation age for guys is 29 because they spend from 19 - 25 trying to be a pro footballer.  The LDS guys are  better but can still be lazy at times. (I had asked about work ethic)

Umm vacation to Ghana would absolutely suck unless you want to spend a ton of money, but it'd be a crazy experience for sure! (Tyson won't decided where to go on his senior trip, so I'm threatening to take him to Ghana to pick Trav up)

Ty: Umm yeah, well you might not want deets, but the big bro needs them! So let me guess she broke it off.  (Tyson didn't supply the break up details Trav requested)  She tried a warped version of I want things to be the same and not ruin our senior because I'm a female and completely insane. Don't worry bro, I know that spot better than most!  I got you! My brain's exploding!
Tay: Flip now you is just shakin it down every place! (he won the limbo contest at the stake dance on Saturday, got to head up the freshman dance routine for Friday's assembly, and his soccer picture is showing on the TV screens in the HS, he thinks he's had a great week)  Hey bro, you should start making cookies for mom when you finish drivers ed and you just have a bunch of free time one your hands. Actually I'm more of the cookie guy, so you should figure out brownies or cake or pie or something!
Gracie:   Oh my goodness gracious! What in the world are all those mean things doing just getting in your way like they own the place??!   You need to show them who's boss so that they will stop disturbing you! (She ran into a tree, got hit in the head with an ice clump, and was knocked down by her drama teacher's door.  She told Trav I was laughing at her, & he said:)  Well it's not your fault! Those things were totally in your way! You couldn't have moved!
Tali:   You are still hanging out with friends all the time!  Mom didn't let me hang out with hardly anyone ever until I was in high school! I could only have 1 friend over per week for 2 hours!  It was a big deal and I don't know why now you get to just do any how! Eh girl wahala dey inside! (I don't know what that means or if it's a typo, couldn't figure it out, hopefully it Twi that he can translate)

Love Elder Legg

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