Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Been Runnin All Day on Grape Flavored Water and Whipped Cream! (That may be why I'm acting weird!)

Yeah it was light out both Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I got transferred so that's whats up.
(no email for the week of 1/5/15)

Ok so I don't really have a whole lot of time, but I will try to explain the transfer and my new place.
We were split because we've been together 10 weeks and he is training.  Well you see, transfers are supposed to be every 6 wks, but that doesn't always work out.  Between each transfer we have had to have at least 1 emergency one to move people who aren't getting along.   I'm just a really good guy that gets along with anyone! If I'm in a crappy situation I change what I can, and find a way to make it work!

SO I got transferred back to the city and it is really..... WEIRD?  I'm pretty uncomfortable here now. So coming home is going to be a lot harder than I expected.   I'm just amazed at how smart people are here.  All of the children speak English, and most of the adults do too!  I had my first English church service in 6 months, so that was enlightening!
I'm with Elder Sebit from South Sudan.  I moved to Accra Newtown. This is the thickest city I have been in so far.  My area is suuuper small, and there are a ton of Muslims so we will see how it all works out, but I am sure it will be great!  We have some really cool members in my area and some crazy sick investigators. We have 2 that may be progressing towards baptism. 1 might not be serious, and the other might be mentally handicap... but no problem they'll be baptized I'm sure of it.
Our chapel is one of the oldest chapels, and one of the first stake centers.  It's in a little rented building that barely fits us, but it's basically just a big house with a bunch of pews in it.   It's waaayyy weird, but it's cool because the sacrament hall has air conditioning!  That's a first!
My apartment mates are just ok.  They are the presidents assistants and the office elders.... so that makes me the only one without a car... seeing as I haven't had a car the whole time it shouldn't be that bad, but it is really bad and really frustrating! 
It's weird with them because they're never at home, and they can't take care of themselves, so it's like living with kids that everyone says are better than you. I emailed President Hill today and let him know I'd like a car too :)
Our apartment is fairly large, so my companion and I got to spend 6 hours today by ourselves cleaning it to death! Which was fun!  I have been runnin all day on grape flavored water and whipped cream!!! That may be why I'm acting weird!
Our land lady is super sweet!   She is actually a member, which is also a first for me! And she is by far the nicest land lady I have ever had! She hasn't yelled at me once!
We filled an entire bed net with rubbish from out apartment today! That was intense and the land lady just took it, had it sorted, and all I had to do was get it out of my house!!! Sick!
I have been fed by someone for every day that I have been here.  Not every day, but the equivalent.   So I think this area is going to be great!  And I have been given water more times in a week than in the past 5 months! 
Umm what can I say?? I do what I love, and I love what I do! 
Oh yeah, and the actual area where my house is is called Pig Farm :) Hehe  I think there's some pig butchery there, but I haven't seen it yet!

That's pretty cool that so many people are going there! I hope they have as good of missions as I am having... probably not! Ha! (I told him several kids from our area are going to Ohio)

FREAK yeah!!! Tay is going to be my SLAVE Shaffer!  I just spent 2 minutes trying to figure that word out, and it looked totally wrong!  He will be that guy that  chauffeurs........ wooo just had a revelation right here!  Got it! Is that the right word? Yeah guy who drives me places! So when is he doing he eagle?  Will I be back for it?  Ty will need to be on mission before long, and I will need a ride everywhere because I'm scared of cars!

Is Gracie really entering into young womens this year? freaky :)
I"m sorry you don't feel good!  Is there anything I can do for you?

Tali:  So you're not excited to get back to school are you? Sorry huh, well did you like the movie or it wasn't that great? Ugh you have to take me to Mongolian BBQ when I get back!

Gracie: Wow I definitely would have let you go to the nurse for all that pain I'm sorry that is so not ok! I hope you are feeling better!

Ty: Dude I'm right there with you with big food! (Ty told him about a huge gummy bears--1000 times bigger than the normal one---his friend bought and they ate) Except mines indomie!  The normal one is like 80 or 90 measurements, and I currently have a 150 measurement one. But I just saw a 250 measurement one, and I have heard tale of an elusive 1000 measurements one!!!  I'm currently hunting for that, and I am definitely going to buy it if I can find it.  The sizes are normal, super, hungry man, and family!  Weee ok so I notice that you tried to sneak in there the whole I broke up with Courtney thing.   So either you need to send a really long email  explaining all the details or you need to write me a 2 page letter. 1 page describing your side, and 1 page written as if it was the break up letter that you would give to her.   Also I have a huge assignment for you.  Could you and your friends make up a bunch of girls names and write me a bunch of love letters?  You don't have to but it'd be really cool and I'll totally do it for you while your on your mission!!!

Tay: Dude drivers ed! Is it cool?  How long will it take?  are you a good driver?  Have you tried to drive my truck yet?  Hehe.   Do good in school, huh mister already ruining his grades!

School has really been on my mind a bunch lately. Mom, by the end of 2016 I want to have my associates degree at CWI, starting January if I get a semi-full schedule for spring and fall, take summer/online classes plus my dual credits I think it will be possible. What do you think?  And if I have to come home early a few weeks, I can. Can you please find out a starting date and when I would have to come home to get in and all that?  And I will figure out what has to be done on this end.  I can do a couple 6 week classes maybe before 2016 if that's what is necessary.  Can we talk to a school counselor about it or something when I get back? Or before if you're free?

Mom 2 things! Try to figure out at least when CWI starts and when I would have to come home to get in.
Number 2 get me that dang information for your student teacher!!!!! Have her email me!!! 

I hope all is well and everything will work out, after all it could be worse.
Yep that's me!  I'm Elder Travis Scott Legg and I'm suuuper hungry and tired!!!!!
Love ya
Love Elder Legg

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