Saturday, January 3, 2015

Package 2 Still Not Here

Brief emails from:  12/22/14

Yeah I got the number and I'll call like 3-6pm here, so between 9 and 12 there. (on Christmas)

Sorry we've had light off all day, so the Lathems are allowing us to use their laptops to shoot you a quick one, but I'll send you more tomorrow if you want to reply.
Yep package 2 still not here. But there is a possibility that it will get here Wednesday, so that is what I am hoping for!  Nope got the towels. It was definitely the stockings and hats that are missing. Hopefully we can get it within the next few days so we shall see.  (both of his other, less essential  Christmas packages had already arrived.  The main one was missing as of 12/22)

Tali: So new glasses huh? How is that I bet you are loving it! Did you cheat on the test so that you could get them? :)

Gracie: Woop woop of course you got to score a goal and look cool in front of the whole school! (Gracie got picked for an assembly at school to kick a ball through a couple of cones for a contest.  All of the other kids that were picked missed.  Gracie did not expect to make it, but observed the other's mistakes & closed her eyes and gave a big kick...and was the only one to make it) That's my sister! Have fun in Arizona!

Tyson: I hope you did well in the rest of your finals and I hope you loved everything and you enjoyed the first semester of your senior year.

Taylor:  Sheesh mister nappy pants! Gosh I wish I coulda napped 3 times this week because I'm suuuper tired!

Why do you get to go the the Fiesta Bowl!!!!!! Ugh momm I wanna go!!!!!
Ok I'll talk to you tomorrow! love you love you love you!

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