Thursday, February 12, 2015

We Had To Let the Computers Know I Was Still Out Here!!

Ok sorry I don't have much to say, but a bunch of cool stuff happened lately. I'll get all that out on Monday!  Right now I am just trying to catch up because my account got disabled for the last 2 weeks, as if I had been released.  The office couples and I have called Salt Lake like 50 times, and just now got it fixed, so I'm catching up with everyone!   I definitely don't know what happened.  Like a bunch of missionaries had a similar problem, but when we tried all the similar solutions nothing would work.  So I've been worrying the office couple every other day and they had a rough time calling Salt Lake a toooonn!  I am back on now!  I was "disabled" for a few weeks, but once again I am a real life missionary! Wee! 

I have been trying but now we hardly ever have power. Oh man it has gotten so much worse, but it's not a big deal. I am still enjoying it.  We are looking into getting a generator for our apartment. Hopefully this will help. Yeah whatever we gotta do to get me in for school I'm totally down for!

(Talking to Gracie about turning 12)  Wow all the way to young womens!!! That is so cool! Oh my goodness are you super excited!!!????  Agh I can't believe how old you now are!  I'm sorry that this got to you a little late, but it's not my fault!  Apparently for 2 weeks I wasn't a missionary, so we had to let the computers know I was still out here! I love you so stay strong and love hard!

Thank you guys for always emailing, even if I can't!  It's super sad when I hear of missionary's families forgetting to email them.  And I am so glad that I have the most bomb diggity family in the universe EVER! (moral of the story.......take a minute to write to a missionary & make their day!)

All is good and I am safe Love you!

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