Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NYE & The Best Shit-O I've Ever Tasted

Yeah we had a New Years party, but it was super lame.   We, the missionaries, were forced to leave at 9! What the junk!? But before then we got to eat some nice food with the best Shit-o I've ever tasted! (Hehe it's said shee-toe.  It's just hot stuff that you can have with rice) And we were told we weren't allowed to dance, but we were called up for a dance competition so we "had" to.  It was branch one missionaries vs, branch two missionaries.  I am in branch one and we whooped on branch two!!!

Tali: My companion didn't win! I did! I was the best dancer! He was 2nd!!!

Gracie: That's so sweet of you to do that for her! I bet she loved it!

Ty: Um ok advice... get your life planned out, rest a lot, always be trustworthy, go to lots of parties and on lots of dates, chill with your bros as much as possible! yayyy
(I asked what the noodle??  All party advice how about school/job?? This was his reply)
Nope!  He needs to go on mission, that is priority!  But also he should take a summer course or online class or something.   But really party is the best thing he can do!  After this he will need to grow up quick. Mission will put him 2 years behind in life, and he won't have time to just let that slip by!

Tay: Hey if you wanted hard back scriptures I coulda gotten you a ton!  I have like 3 Bibles on my dinner table I can bring you if you want! I even got  a French triple combination if that's what you need :)  That's so sick bro you're havin a great time!

Ok so I'll explain the reason I'm late in the next email!
Love Elder Legg

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