Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wild for the White Guys with the Booty Bump

Hey Uncle Lance so it's Birthday time for you once again! Sheesh how is that you are still feeling good and doing good? Sweet I hope all is well with you!

Hahah I like how the people in America with the should be easy connections, only talked home for some small time.  But for us foreign guys, we talked for a long time! (I told him about some of his friends' calls home on Christmas)
I hope all is well.  Sorry I don't have a lot of family stuff today since we just talked a few days ago.

Ty: Sweetness! Where did you get the  Pokemon cards from? Did you buy them or did you guys get them for Christmas, was it like booster pack status or the full decks?

Tay: Normal routine huh? What are the sleeping arrangements? And you wanna know about the normal routine? I do the same exact thing every day for 2 years, but I still find some stories to tell you! :P

Tali:  How do you like playing Pokemon? You better like it a bunch :P Did you like the tea room?
Gracie: So who is this neighbor Stephanie? Were you pretty distraught with the fact that some of the stores had moved around?
Ok so here are some good stuff that's been going down for me this past little while.

Hopefully I haven't told this story yet. But you all know about Sister Esther.  She is a recent convert of like 2 months now. So she was referred to me by her boyfriend, who was already a member of the church. For them they got married!!! Just about a week and a half ago! Weeee!!! And of course, I was one of the first people on the guest list!  

And at Ghanaian weddings there are 3 things that they do. 1 is get wasted....since most of the people at the party were LDS there was no alcohol. But the 2 other things that we do at weddings is collections and dancing.
Collections are the most ridiculous things (he mentioned in his call that he's going to do one of these at his reception!). They had 5 different activities where while the activity was going on people were expected to give the couple money.  I think they do this instead of gifts.  They have activities like the mothers have to dance until we raise 200 GHC, or you need to come and put your Cedis on the sweaty foreheads of the couple while they dance.  It gets a little ridiculous, but they make a ton of money!

Then for the dancing.  Before they have the floor opened for just anyone, they have a few kids dance crews who are all dressed in traditional garb and do a bunch of traditional dances.  I feel so bad for those kids. At the end of their dances they are just dripping sweat and look like they are going to pass out. The dance isn't hard at all, but it goes for like 15 minutes, and its just the same 3 moves over and over! But they do well!

And of course, one of the best traditional dance crews was... The Elders! Yep after a few kids shows went through the activities the director brought us out onto the event floor.... he puts down the mic and asks me if we are going to sing or dance.  Yeah, apparently I am the team captain.  I don't know when that happened, but everyone else seemed to know it, and they all just looked at me.  Of course we had no song to sing, so I chose that we would dance.  Luckily for us our new apartment activity is: whenever light goes off at night we all bring out our speakers and have a big dance party.  So we knew some of our moves and stuff.  They all line up off of me and wait for my signal.   The music starts and we just arrange ourselves and prepare.  Soon as the beat drops, Boom we bust out some massive booty bumpin moves!  We slam down a couple sick variations of traditional and pop Ghanaian dance moves.   The crowd gets up on their feet and starts going wild for the white guys with the booty bump! 

Soon one of the grandmas, who had been really into dancing, gets a little too excited and starts gettin all up in my bidness.  So of course, Elder Legg and Grandma shake it down! Woop woop.
Afterwards everyone made sure to let us know that we all did so well, and they all liked to point out who was the best dancer... I think we all know who that is  :)

Also for Christmas/ Christmas Eve we had some nice parties as missionaries.
For our Christmas Eve party we were all going to get together as 2 missionary apartments and watch Home Alone, eat some ice cream, and have a gift exchange.  So we get together and down our tub of ice cream. It doesn't last us nearly as long as it was supposed to.  We have a nice gift exchange.  My companion had me for Secret Santa, so he gave me a nice jersey with a  cool dragon on it.  I had Elder Tolar from Georgia.  I gave him one of the spare towels from the ones my wonderous mother sent for my apartment mates. (he told us on our phone call that package 2 with all of the main goodies got to him Wed night at 9:30pm, so everything I sent arrived and he got to use it and pass it on) And then I also bought him a really nice Brazier. Hehehe oh my goodness that was so funny. Have you ever gone bra shopping in the market.  The bras were right next to the rotting meat and rice, who woulda thought?? It was weird being a guy buying a bra, but I felt even worse for the dude who was selling them!
But all the guys loved that idea for a gift, and that meant that all 8 of us had to try it on! The guy who looked the best in it was Elder Sharp from Utah. He's been working out so he was able to fill it out a little better than the rest of us. Thankfully I had already thought of our lack of size, so I bought a nice push up bra with extra padding :)
Then it was time for us to watch our movie, so we brought out all the mattresses, and set ourselves up to watch the movie, and as soon as we pressed play the best thing that could possible have happened.....the power went out and didnt come back till morning! yay  It got way too hot to have 8 guys in one room with no power, so my apartment decides to leave so we can all sleep in our own beds.

The next day we started out Christmas day with a nice baptism. 3 people got baptized,including Brother A who I have been teaching literally since I got to Asamankese.  He has been so frustrating, but he finally paid off.  Took him getting over his alcohol addiction woop woop! Soo sick!

Then all day we cooked a big ole pig at the couple missionaries house and we had cookies and ate tortillas and we watched Maleficent.  It was a sick party. Sorry so now I'm out of time.

Mom we posted a bunch of pics on facebook, so if you get on there then you can get all of them from my page I think. They were posted by Eim Jaai.  That's my companions name.
Ok love you all!!!! Happy Merry Christmas Day!
Love Elder Legg

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