Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Sweet Farming Story

Ok so the big thing for this week is my sweet farming story!  If you think you're a farmer and this is going to be a boring story then you can chill  and just stop reading. But if you're reallly interested in my life, then you will remember that I am in the middle of the rainforest and you would recognize that farming here may be a little different than what you are used to!

So Elder Fairwel, our friend Daniel, our friend Mavis, and I met up, hopped on a trotro saturday morning, then traveled out to Mavis' dads house in the middle of nowhere. We then got equiped for farming. So in other words all of us picked which cutlass we wanted. ( a cutlass is like a machette, but they can come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes.) I picked a nice sturdy one, and we headed out.  We had to walk up a mountain, then cross a couple of streams, then we got to the start of Samuel's farm property. (Samuel is Mavis's dad)

We started off the day with a couple hours of weeding.  You just cut everything down with the culass,  and just try to be careful that you don't hit too many rocks, trees, cocyams, or people. Yeah it's harder than is sounds.  And of course, we are just on the side of the mountain. I hit a lot of rocks, a couple trees, a few cocyams, and one person. ( aka...... I smacked myself )

But as you can suspect there are some nasty critters on the mountains in the rainforest!  Nope, no elephants, no giraffes, not lions, no tigers, no bears, not even some monkeys, but there were a lot of bugs.  Centipedes about 8 inches long.   Ants the size of your thumb.   And spiders the size of your head.  And the spiders are not normal spiders.  But the ones that fall from the sky and try to bite your neck, but you have to use your Jedi powers to fight them off. I was just weeding, minding my own business, when I feel a weed land on the back of my neck.  I shake a little to brush it off, but it just sort of moves a little more towards my ear.  Gently I reach up and feel not a weed, but a 8 legged hairy demon!  I smack it off, metaphorically wet myself, then got all sorts of mideval knight on it! I chopped at that thing for a couple minutes until it was in little pieces!  It was so scary!!!   Have any of you ever been attacked by a giant African spider??? I hope not, if so then send me your stories!

But after weeding we went and planted some kasava sticks! Though I stunk at weeding I was by far the best kasava planter there! 1 stick can be planted 3-5 times and it could do a whole stick in 30 seconds! That one was really ssweet!

YEAH STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man that is so sick!!!!!!!!!!

Um yeah you can send stockings again that was pretty awesome! And it doesn't need to be a nice pedometer, I just what to know how far I walk during the day.

Tali: Ok so now when everyone else starts causing trouble, you remember what an awesome brother I am and now you want me back!? I remember you being so happy that I was going to Africa and you said you wouldnt miss me even a little bit! :P

Gracie: Why do you want to get out of the primary program so bad?  We just had our here and it was really nice! The main speaker was the primary president and only like 7 kids spoke so it was cool, one of the songs they sang was Head, Shoulders, knees, and toes. The cool thing with that song compaired to back home is that "they all belong to Jesus."

Ty: WOOP WOOP!!!! flips yeah you is goin to state!!!! gosh thats so tight dude! I was thinkin about that all week! im so excited!!!!!!!!! you guys are going to do awesome if you want to pull yourselves together! stay srong and inspire those around you, get the right food in your body and get the right amount of sleep so that you can do your best! and dont forget your scriptures!

Tay: things are going werll for you! i wish i could come home at like 3! just chill and snack! thatd be way nice! but hey atleast you got all them hunnies trippin!  i thought you were the one who likes to go hunting? i ate a bird that we killed with my slingshot saturday if thats the same :) the bird was just big enough for 4 of us to get a nice bite of it :)

Well that's the story for this week. Good luck at state and enjoy your week.
Elder Legg

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