Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Coulda Been Stabbed in the Middle of Church!!

Yeah we too, are not really ready for Halloween this Friday. We decided that we were going to host a movie night at the church. I think the plan is to watch Hotel Transylvania? It will be cool, but I do not think we have secured a projector, nor speakers, but no problem I'm sure it will all work out!

Ty: FREAK YEAH!!!! dude that's bull that Skyview won, but that is so sick that you guys did so well! A couple years ago ya'll didn't think you'd go anywhere, but of course you freakin beasted it out! And of course choir is doing well!  I looked at the pics mom sent, and I hardly recognized anyone! Yeah we had a bi-zone activity today and I played a little soccer.  I strait up threw down on those chumps!  The other team had 5 Africans, and my team had 5 un-athletic dudes. I scored 8 goals in 20 minutes, and they were basically just bowing to me! Problem, now my head is about to explode and I can't feel my legs! No problem!

Tay: So you had a ton of fun at state and in the concert! You were my favorite to watch in Una Voche too ;) Man why you leading that little creepy stalker girl on??  Don't you know you are The Taylor Legg!  The women folk are in need of soma that!! 

Tali:  Sorry you got so rained on!  Yeah we are trying to help these poor souls to understanding the awesomeness of Halloween, but it's difficult.  So far we have gotten them to agree to a movie night.  I wanted really bad to set up a trunk or treat here.  The problem with that, is no one here likes candy, and I only know of 2 members who own cars :P

Gracie: But yeah there isn't it really cold??   You're lucky you got to go swimming sheesh! I want to go swimming too!   Since when did you like swimming? Are you even really able to swim??  When I was there you were just a really good floater.  Man I want to get some nice food really bad right now because I'm super hungry and I haven't eaten anything but eggs today! Ridiculous!

OK so this week was pretty sick!  I'm not sure where to start, so this is gonna be a bunch of random stuff  all out of order.

I went on exchange with Elder Smith this week into his area which was interesting because he has only been on mission for maybe a month and he didn't really know where to go.   No problem though.  We get to the first appointment and she tries to tell me she's too sick to learn.   So I just sit with her and get really pesky telling her she needs to stop selling and go home to rest.   So then she finally realizes that I'm not the black missionary that usually comes to meet her and she asks my name.   Then I smoothly invite her to church to come see me more, but then she starts all this stuff about how she will be busy then I tell her it's not good on the Sabbath day.   Long story short, she asks us to teach her about the Sabbath day, and by the end of the lesson she is healed.  

Then we went to an elementary school where a member works.  We taught 3 classes how to sing hymn 301 I am a child of God.
 That was sick!  And all the kids loved it!  We had some class competitions and different things, but really only the 5th graders could sing it right.  Then we walked around, got bounced over and over,  sat with a few people, but as we came back past the school they were having a soccer tournament. And when they saw us they called us in where they then gave us some real nice half field side line seats!  Then we got bounced some more, but then I receive a call from the Lathem's (our couple missionaries, some old couple who is serving in our town, they're really cool) but they call me and tell me I need to run and pick up Elder Hoskins because his companion has to go down to Accra with them.  We pick him up go to some sweet members in his area then steal their daughter to go proselyting with us, problem: for the 3 hours she goes with us we don't sit down with anyone.  Good news is at the end of the day she tells us she loved it and would love to come out with us anytime she is free!  Then we had to rush to the far end of my area to meet the zone leaders so that they could conduct a baptismal  interview for our sick recent convert Esther (yes, recent convert means she has been baptized, that story to come.) Esther is super cool! But yeah that was a crazy day that was also some fun.

Saturday of course is village day!  We got to our village at about 12 ( no farming today because we had a baptism)  We just walk around from house to house with Sister Mavis just teaching everyone! We didn't even have enough time to sit with everyone that we wanted to see because so many cool people wanted to sit down with us.  We just taught over and over, and everyone was so happy that we had come all the way out there to come visit them.  We then ate some nice kenkey with pepe.  But now it was getting to 6 which is not good because we may have missed the last car going to Asamankese.  We meet a taxi going away from town, but we stop him and he says he will return after dropping some people off.  We wait for about 20 minutes and a trotro starts coming, still headed away from town.  We stop him and he says he will not return, but we hop in so that he can take us down to meet the taxi.   We start going and out of no where a storm hits.  Ok maybe not out of no where, because it had rained a couple hours prior, but still a gnarly storm hit.  We met the taxi on the road and hopped in.  Now there's a problem with that too, it was one of those nasty little milk carton cars with no space inside and we now had 9 people packed in!!! Sister Mavis even had to sit on the driver's lap because there was no room!!!  That was a fun ride home. We then got to go to the other missionaries apartment for a district dinner, but they didn't have light, so that was no fun.  We had light at our house, until about 1020 so we would have had a rough night, but it was raining woop woop! Cold night!

Ok so baptism!  Each companionship in the district baptized someone this week.  That ended Elder Hoskins 6 months without baptisms.  And Elder Fairwell and I baptized 2!  The first was James, he is 12, and he was just adopted by our branch president.  He was invited into their home, basically to be their slave, but he's happy because at his own house he was still pretty much a slave, but there they beat him and didn't allow him to go to church or school.  Teaching him was fun because he doesn't speak any English, but he is so humble and willing to do anything. He always wants to do both the opening and closing prayers for our lessons and he is just great!  Then there is Esther.  She is dating a member in 2nd branches branch presidency.  She is a teacher, and she is a spiritual power house.   All this time I have been thinking she was just going to be baptized for the guy, but it's for sure not that!  She is awesome!   We will come to her conversion story soon.  The baptism went perfect.  Elder Moyer was one of the baptists, and he was scared out of his pants!  But he only had to baptize his candidate twice, since the second time he basically threw her into the water and yanked her out!  It was awesome.

Today was our bi-zone activity sports day in Nsawam!  We went down this morning and played some basketball and later a little soccer and wiffle ball.  We had a ton of fun. Asamankese district went down reppin some sick jerseys!  Yeah I have a Jordan All Stars hardwood classic jersey, it's sick.  I'll send some pics of me in it if I can.  We were doing  good in basketball.  I only played a little soccer, but in the time that I played I feel that I did pretty well. I scored 8 goals in the same time that my whole rest of the team and entire other team scored 3 :)  It was nice since the other team had all the Africans and my team had all the goobers!  For basketball I was pretty in the zone today. Elder Hoskins and I were stealin' all over the place and our shots were pretty dang on!  We had a ton of fun, but the sun beat us so we all have sunburns and I started to get a little heat exhaustion. I downed like 5 pure waters and a bottle of juice and I had to sit down for a while because I was going to pass out and throw up!  That was really cool and we had a nice long packed trotro ride home where I got really car sick, but no problem we made it home safe and now I get to email you!

Church yesterday was pretty exciting. For the second hour of church we always have an investigator class where all of the investigators and recently baptized members are.  Since I have come here we have had this boy who always sits in the back and doesn't talk.  None of the missionaries are teaching him and no one else in the class knows who he is.  So 2 weeks ago I went through a bunch of effort and detective work and I found out that in his family he has 1 return missionary brother, 1 current missionary brother, and 1 inactive father.  This boy is mentally disabled. Reason for his father not coming to church was because this boy beat him up and now he is embarrassed that a disabled person beat him. We were told to just leave him be and all will be fine.  But this  Sunday something was off.  In sacrament meeting he kept moving seats and acting weird.  Then for investigators class we were learning about developing your talents. 30 minutes in he raises his hand and proclaims that being an armed robber is a talent!  Then there is an argument over that.  Now Explicit part NOT for children: he says if he takes some drugs that cause him to have a long term erection that is a talent!  Ok regular part again, he then tells the teacher, my recent convert, that I begged to teach the class.  Then he says that if he got it in his mind to come over and stab her that would be a talent.  Throughout this class first enters our branch president and sees this guy disturbing us, he tells us to ignore him and leaves. A few minutes later the district president enters and tells us to ignore him and he leaves.   We are finishing up class, when now enters a member and a police officer!   They arrest this dude and take him outside. Apparently he had a knife on him and he had stabbed a member earlier that day!  The officer was not prepared though seeing as he forgot his handcuffs and was unable to restrain this guy.  The crazy guy beat up the police officer just outside the church gates and it took a while for him to be restrained!  Man that was an awesome Sunday.  It was kind of scary to look back at though, because he was threatening the teacher, and from where he was sitting I was the only one between him and her!  I coulda been stabbed in the middle of church! That woulda been pretty cool right! :)

Ok so now for super cool awesome Esther's conversion story. She was supposed to be baptized a couple of weeks ago but we had to postpone it because she felt that she wasn't ready.  Then starting 2 weeks ago we were supposed to meet her Friday, she bailed. We were supposed to meet her Saturday, she bailed.  She didn't come to church Sunday.   We were supposed to meet her Tuesday, she bailed.   She was supposed to come to midweek Wednesday, she bailed.  So Thursday night we met her at her house, finally!  She was pretty troubled!   Sorry I'm out of time so I will try to put this in short version.  She had been grumped at by her parents and by her last church.  Her pastor's wife was trying to get her to marry some guy that she's never met.   But she told us she really wanted to be baptized.   At first we were going to push her back, but then we decided that she needed to be baptized that coming Saturday.   We asked her to pray about it. And she prayed right then, she prayed for 5-10 minutes.  She told God that we were waiting for His answer. Then she just sat there.  We thought she was not going to get answered, but then out of no where the Spirit just about knocks me off my knees and she just starts thanking God.   Then at the baptism while she bore her testimony she just broke down into tears! It was incredible!  She's amazing!!

That was my rocking week! Hope y'alls was almost as good... doubt it :P
Love Elder Legg

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