Friday, October 3, 2014

We Are Gosh Dang, Dadgum, Mighty Hunters

Ok so yeah, 3 parties to go over in just a few minutes here we go!

So first is the one year party:
We went to a restaurant called 3rd Floor. It is on the top of a gas station and we had heard that it was supposed to be a really cool place!  We show up and we can't even find a kitchen, so it just looks like a bar. We spend 20 minutes trying to find a waitress so we can get served!  Then they tell us that the rice is 10 cedis which is about 9 cedis more than it is supposed to be!  So we get grumps and order 1 so that we can see how big it is and decided if we want to buy more.  45 minutes later the lady finally brings a plate.  At this point we had been expecting that she would just bring us all some because it was taking forever!!!!!! But nope, she was very rude about how we had only ordered one and that we needed to be more patient. We ordered some more, and I got grumps, stood up knocking my chair over, so that all of the people around could see my displeasure.  I traveled around the building in search of a kitchen.  When we finally found it, my companion and I threw down our complaints and got them to miraculously increase their service.  I still was pretty mad, so I went outside and just bought some bread and Egg on the side of the road for 1 cedi 50 peswas!!  That's real.  Also the bread and egg lady did everything from scratch, and had it all to me in 7 minutes.  Oh well, the rice was good and there was a large piece of chicken, so that was good! But there was a gigantic speaker right next to the table and the DJ was playing it super loud!  Ugh oh well, it was good.

Ok now birthday party:
First off the other apartment bailed on us, so we were pretty mad at them.  But in preparation my companion and I decked out the house with all the decorations that my wonderful mother sent and the party was rockin! For food we cooked a huge cauldron of popcorn, then made a caramel sauce, and that was pretty intense.  We were in the makings of a punch bowl!  But for 4 people we didn't need an entire drawer of juice! Then Elder Moyer made a cake too :) it was sick.  We tried hitting the pinata, but instead it was hitting us. Elder Okwu got smacked in the face. And Elder Fairwell got it dropped on his head :) perks of putting blindfolds on your friends!!  Eventually I got it all busted up! Also Elder Moyer is the absolute worst Pin the Tail on the Donkey player I have ever seen in my life.  In one turn it took him 13 minutes, he ran into every study desk in the room, he fell on the floor 4 times, and eventually ended up sticking his tail on the opposite side of the room!  And I pointed him strait at the donkey to start with!!  We took a lot of sweet party snaps! Also the presents and letters were awesome mother! You flippin rock!!!

And last the pig roast:
We had a big "Elder Davuke is finishing his mission" and "the Lathems are starting their mission" pig roast. We went out to 2nd Branch's branch president's farm, slaughtered a pig, put it on a spike, roasted it up, chopped it into pieces, put it on some plantain leaves, then just went full on raptor!  Yeah we got to the farm and I got put on the orange gathering patrol.  So basically Elder Hoskins and I went hunting in the bush with our sling shots!  And yes, we are gosh dang dadgum mighty hunters! We killed a squirrel.... we did that with sticks, but still we had the slingshots!  It was cool also because we can't settle for normal, we had to grab the oranges with awesomeness! We used coconut shells as blades and we jumped off of all sorts of stuff to get them.  It was pretty off the hazook.   Then we all killed the pig and fried it.  After a long time over the fire we took the pig down and laid it on some plantain leaves and chopped it up.... oops we pulled it off too early, so we chopped it into pieces and filled a big banku cauldron and just boiled it.  When we finished cooking it, we just had huge chunks of meat in our hands and started just tearing it apart! Yeah it was pretty sweet! We are awesome!

Then Wednesday my companion and I traveled to Kade for exchanges.  But I got sick so to start off the exchanges I was vomiting everything I ate, and then also to end the exchange I was doing the same thing! So for Wednesday through Friday I had some nasty flu like food poisoning something.  But I got over it on Saturday and then I caught a really nasty head cold!  So for these last three days I have been throwing down the drugs and I missed a lot of proselyting last week which made me sad!  But I am feeling better now... Ok no I'm not.  I feel like Imma die, but that's just because my drugs are starting to wear off so I needa refill Ok I'm coming!... Ok back in about 15 minutes I"ll be feeling good!
So how long were Gma and Gpa here? Good thing dad got back safe! I'm sure dad will go on another trip before I get home, so that's all good right.

Nah I haven't heard of anything with General Conference! I had no idea!  Oh well I will get the Liahona version or whatever.

Yeah I'm gonna be an awesome husband! Always carry the stuff, grab the door, get the chairs, and escort her everywhere! Full blown gentleman style!
Tali:  Primary programs, those are always super fun! How was Cold Stone?
Ty: So what's going down with soccer? Yeah some guys saw a preview for that movie and they said it looked super good!!! Hope everything is well!!!!
Gracie: Of course you rocked math!  Didn't you know Your big bro travvy was always the math master!!!! And why do you want to get out of the Primary Program??  Those are always fun!!
Tay: Sheesh you gotta be careful or all of those girls are going to be all over you!  Then you're gonna have all sorts of problems! good luck!

Umm so that sounds like my week! I slept for almost 24 hours, so that might be why I was kind of boring for the last few days :) Love you all miss you! I'm now 20 years old and halfway finished with my mission! Gosh time flies, as long as you're not in it, you wait a long time then look backwards and you can pretend it went fast!!!
Love Elder Legg

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