Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Should Be the One Teaching You!

I'm getting together lists of food we have to get in surplus
when I go home so that I can just snack all the time! There are no
snacks here so that's freaking annoying because I'm hungry all the time!
White chocolate chips and milk sound soooooooo good right now! All I've
had today was some plain bread and some water... it was delicious.

Man I wish I could go to the games! Its so hard to fathom that this is
Ty's senior year! It honestly doesn't even make sense! But he should go
to state that would be so sick!

Nope definately never heard of that movie! Did you know there's a movie
called the spirit of Ghana, and there's one for nigeria, sierre leon,
and liberia, it is the testimonies of members as the church came into
their countries or something.  I don't really know but my branch
president was watching one last night when we went to go teach his
"son".  Ok check this, how dang easy is it to get a baptism when your
branch president basically adopts a 12 year old boy and brings him to
church. Woop woop workin hard or hardly workin? Anyway we BAPTIZE!!!

Yeah honestly for those drugs no need to send more, they're kinda
spensive and they didnt do a whole lot, while I was on them it made it
way worse then when I finished it only helped for like a week haha but
dont worry I got enough drugs and the anti diahrrea ones help a bunch!

I left most of the Christmas decorations, but its ok I want to do a christmas outside if I
can get something going.

Ty: Ok so I am so mad that I am missing your senior year! it just
sounds like you are a total boss! you looked awesome for homecoming
and your soccer poster was crazy cool!!!! man I cant believe you're
doing so well! I left Sophmore you at home and now you're doing what I
was doing! its way cool! keep up the good work!

Tay: So how many seniors were on varsity? Ar you gonna be bumped up
next year? gosh second in districts is way good! of course you just
talked to them! wait how did you get to mcdonalds in caldwell?! who's
driving you?

Grace: where did she leave to? So now all of a sudden your a hunter?
how long have i been out here?! that's wild girlie! yeah I usually just
find a sinner and tell them to repent when I'm really stressed! but
hunting would be way cooler!

Tali: sorry you havent been feeling well! thats a pretty high fever! I
hope you are doing better! how are you liking watching the boys
soccer? what are you doing right now? were you in soccer or are you in
singing or whats going on?

Ok so this week has been cray so Ill try to get some good stories out
of it because we honestly haven't done a whole lot more than walk until
I am feeling like my legs are falling off and I start tripping a
bunch. Oh yeah and mom would it be cool if you could get me a
pedometer or whatever that thing is that you put on your hip and it
counts your steps? that would be a good package item!

Let's get yesterday out of the way! All the times I got frustrated!
First appointment isn't around and no members to help us to go teach,
solution to that:  call a teacher have him come with us, go to a
different investigator, and just chastize her on not coming to church,
and not keeping the sabbath day holy. Result of that action, she later
cooked us dinner, and so did the teachers mom!

Then Sister Patience didn't come to church, again! We thought it was
because her husband never comes, but he came and she didn't.  So from
their family the most progressing investigators are their 5 year old
twins. We ask why she didn't come to church and her wonderful excuse,
"I'm tired" I almost had a hissy fit right there since I just walked 5
miles 2 days in a row to come to her house! And of course what is her
work that made her too tired? She's a seamstress that works at home!!! Oh my goodness! I birthed a full on cow right there. We just had to walk away.

We walk about halfway to our next appointment, which we have to
traverse through the bush and we are starving, thankfully those 2
aforementioned people called us to come back and feed us! We got so
full we thought we were gonna die! So awesome!

Then we go the hour journey to the next appointment, and a dumb former
investigator gets mad at us because we don't  meet with him when we come,
but he is completely not serious because we tried to set an
appointment for him and he told us he's too busy. I don't care for that
man, but then out of no where this incredibly drunk guy comes out of
the house just going crazy. Wanting to get all in my face and know
everything about me! I was tryin to be cool but he kept swearing and
insulting me, so I just calmly told him to go and repent. It may not
have been those exact words, but he got of lucky!  If we weren't next
door to the branch president's house and this guy wasn't related to my
investigator he would have gotten wailed on!

Then we are now with our investigator Grace!  We are slowly baptizing
her whole house and shes gonna follow! We asked her why she didn't come
to church and what does she do? She starts playin the blame game! Ah
hecks no!  She said she couldn't come to church because her son wasn't
teaching her about it enough!  Verbally we told her that her son is
sorry and he will do better, and then she will also have to do better.
Mentally I told her Woman! how are you trying to make your son carry
you to heaven! You should be the one teaching you! Every time we come
here no matter where he is or what he's doing he stops and comes
running so that he can help you! He testifies to you, he prays for
you, he translates for you, he does everything you can ask for! You
didn't even take the thought to do anything! Flip come to church before
I have to get up at 5 to come and pick you! dang!
Yeah that was a fun lesson I think!

Yeah that's  proselyting after church.   Not all that much fun! But the
lessons we had were awesome and the people we taught were so great!
In our numbers that we report we can pretty well influence all of the
numbers except the amount that comes to church! That one is completely
on the investigators, and you don't usually get very many.  When Elder
Fairwell and I got here we could barely get one and now we average/
top out at 3. The work is coming and we are doing all that we can!
Just gotta put some trust in God and take a few thousand tired steps
of faith and He will do the rest! I can do hard things because I
successfully got out of bet 4 times today! But good news, that means it's
only the afternoon and  I've already been able to get back into bed 3
times! Man it's a sweet day!

Love you all and (catchy ending that I can't think of because my brain
hurts so horriby that I might just explode :) )

Love Elder Legg

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