Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big 20th Birthday Bash (pictures)

Elder Fairwell & Trav made sure the decorations and party favors were all ready.

Here's the Birthday Boy wearing his b-day boy pin! 

Let the party begin! 
Elder Fairwell (from TX) was paired up with Travis after he was relocated from Liberia and the Ebola outbreak there.

Elder Okwu and Elder Fairwell. Was this before or after the pinata hit Elder Okwu in the face?

What could he be writing at a time like this??

What party is complete without a cauldron of popcorn and bobbing for popcorn??

Pin the Tail on the Donkey anyone??  Elder Moyer spent 13 minutes trying to find the donkey, and still ended up on the wrong wall--and the floor! Trav even started him pointed in the right direction. He stunk at the game, but he made a great cake!

Party favors and gifts for everyone. 

No party is complete without a little singing and dancing........
and Travis loves to do both!

Trav's had pinatas at his parties ever since he was little.  We couldn't let him turn 20 in Ghana without one!  But nobody likes it when the string comes off before the candy comes out.  Oh man! 
It was the 20th birthday he really wanted.  Thanks to all who sent letters/cards/goodies/presents.  It really was a total success!  He had the best birthday ever! 

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