Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Sweep the Floor & it Actually Gets Clean!

I don't need eye drops or anything like that, but thank you!  It's like every 30 minutes I have to stick my finger in my eye because there is a noticeable build up in my corners. If it's a really bad day, then my eyes just kind of fog over and I have to wash them out. (caused from dust, pollution, conditions, etc.)

Ty: Don't worry bro, I didn't do much this week either so its no problem!  We did move but I will be coming to that. So I hear you guys are doing some stuff with the trucks. Make sure you hook a few more speakers into it :)  That is the most important part!  Yeah for THE ELDER, a sound system is by far the most important!  My African request is to add at least 2 more speakers inside!  Here like everyone has huge speakers! You know the big concert speakers! Just bars have at least 2 of those! It's sick!  After you've seen what I've seen, anything you can throw together counts as safe driving! 90% of Ghanaians fixing a car includes hitting it.  30 percent of that time is with a hammer, but 60 percent can't get one, so they just give it a few smacks with a rock!  Painting is like by far the least important! At this point it's chill with the dirty red look!   If it's a nice paint job, it will have to be washed much more! Maybe they can fix the hole in the roof while they are at it!

Tay:  Flip perfect attendance! I don't think I have ever gotten that! I always get sick or just "get sick" and end up staying home!  Even here I can't even get perfect attendance for mish! I spent some days in the hospital and many times I have been sick in the house! flips yeah!

Tali:  A Hawiian themed party?! That's sick! For my birthday when I come home I think maybe I will do an African theme!

Gracie:  Oh my freaking goodness you were just meant for the stage weren't you! Sounds like you were a super cute monster weren't you! Man you are gonna be a drama queen when you are older now aren't you!  But remember:  save the drama for yo mama!

I think unofficially we are supposed to deworm every 6 months, but I doubt any one ever does it. More so just on an as needs basis.  Bbut if I had worms I would be hungrier, and I just haven't been super hungry as of late, but we shall see!

Ok so good news for this week! We moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking heck yes!!!!!! I am so pumped! the apartment is wayy smaller, but it is much much much nicer!  This is the first place I have lived that when you sweep the floor it actually gets clean!  There are 2 bedrooms each, with their own bathrooms, one lounge room, and one kitchen, and like 50 windows.  Our building is 3 stories tall.  We are on the second floor, the land lord is on the first floor, and the third floor is under construction.  But the land lord never stays here so it's basically just a big bad house to ourselves! Story buildings are not very common in our area, especially 3 story ones!  You can see it from far away, and you are just like "yeah baby some freaking rich people live there!"  Which is kind of true, the land lord is way rich.  But as Elder Itidjere describes us, we are just some broke #$##$#$ $##$#$ (broke bum black guys, except not these words :) Yeah it is sick! We got the big room, which is still small, but it is sick. It has 2 curvey corners, which is actually really inconvenient, but hey that's what fancy houses have here so ha!

This week we had stake conference, and it was so boring! WWayyy too many people, and too many missionaries trying to usher! 30 guys ushering one room doesn't work!
It was way weird seeing that many white people all in one place! Oh well, I think it was inspiring and some new people came to church again and asked me to teach them.  Some members volunteered to help me do my work, so it's all good!
The most difficult part for me was seeing all those white people, all together!  Like there was only 10, and it got me all uncomfortable!  In my house I'm the only white guy, in my ward I'm the only white guy. I mean there are 2 islanders, but they are still darker than me! Ugh it's just weird!  I can't wait to see how I adjust back when I come home!

I made spaghetti and beans today, and it was delicious!  It was way too spicy though, darn it pepe. You can get beans a lot, but they cook kind of funny, but they taste good. I had beans and endomie pizza the other day, and that was sweet! 
The spicy here is seriously just the painful spicy, and it sucks because I am always overheating!

Ok everyone have a spectac week!
Love Elder Legg

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