Friday, June 6, 2014

In Came the Super Missionary!

Ok so this week we have been suffering!  So first off, it was the last week of subsistence, so none of us had any money.  We had a problem with our power line, so we didn't have power for 2 days.  We haven't had our water working properly, and we don't know why.  So we haven't been able to clean anything properly!   Then Saturday, we all ran our of food and power credit, so we have been starving and hot for the last 2 days.  We got up early this morning to go get our money, but guess what???  Salt Lake didn't send us any!!  Can you believe it?  I had 150 that I was able to split for 4 people, and I had to use most of mine to buy stuff for the apartment like electricity and t-roll!

Ok, so cool story for our new investigator!
Woman named Beatrice is introduced to us at church yesterday. We sat down with her and her story went a little like this:
I am Beatrice, I am 50 years old.  10 years ago I lost my husband, and I have no job, no house, and no food. I don't want any from the church because that isn't why I am here.  A few weeks ago I had decided I had no more reason to live and I was always praying to die.  I moved out to the bush so that I could kill myself and now one would know.  One night in a dream, I had tied a rope around my neck and I was ready to die when I heard a voice tell me not to do it.  Out of the bush came an angel holding a book (our restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ Pamphlet). SO I called my mother that Saturday and asked if I could come stay the night with her and go to church with her and she agreed.  When I arrived, I was surprised to see the same book in my sister's hand.  I went with her to the church in Dansuman, and they told me to call these numbers and to come here.  Yesterday, I passed the church and I knew I could come today.  So this is my 3rd week coming, and I want to be a member, and I know this church is not like other churches. God is here.
So freak yeah, I'm not sure if she is crazy, but that sort of thing is pretty common here.  So she's at least serious, and it's sweet to be able to teach her!

Now its time for me to brag about myself a little bit!
So in our district there is a pretty crappy missionary who hates being here, and always has an excuse why he can't go out.  This has been happening for months.  So My companion and I got special assignments for their area.  Elder Azalwa (my companion) will go into that area to train the greeny (newer missionary) companion and to prepare a few sweet people for baptism.  Me?  All I have to do is work my butt off and get their numbers higher, so that they don't shut down the area.   Friday they had taught 4 lessons, and 2 were from elder Azalwa.  My area was at like 18.   So In came the super missionary to boost the numbers. Mind you......there was rain, so we started our day at 1:00 and came back at 9:00.  We taught 16 lessons. We got a bunch of new investigators, found some super sweet people, and even got a few to come to church.   Because of that day, they had 10 investigators at church on Sunday :)  Man I am just so good.  But hey remember:  teach people, not numbers!   Sometimes you just need to have a few numbers to increase productivity.
Also I was only able to do a half day the next day because on the way home in the dark I fell in a hole and jacked up my knee, but don't worry I am ok now!

Haha Yeah so when should I send a happy birthday to Tyson? Next week or next next week? Sheesh you guys seem to just do all the fun stuff now that I am gone! Not fair! I better get an equal amount of fun stuff when I get home!
Haha yeah I remember the rope course and the story of Cody and Jake getting busted at Eagle Island Park!
Yeah, they are like rounded corners, but it's rounded inside and out.  So actually the wall curve in our apartment curves... does that make sense?

Tay: Wait you haven't been taught how to drive yet? You could be driving next year bro! Just get your eagle project finished this summer and learn how to drive it! Hope roaring springs is fun!

Ty: I want the truck super sooped up when I get home. Don't forget to add some speakers! Freak yeah I think I am going to use the egg game as a FHE activity with some members sometime soon :)

Tali: Gosh how come you always get to go see your friends! It's not fair! I never get to see any of my friends!  Mom, Tali gets to have more fun than me!  :P ALso I want a movie night and treats !

Grace: Umm no I don't want a fish!  Yhey always die!  That's why their birthdays are each month because they get too old too fast!

Yep so that's the week!  Have a great one everybody!
Love Elder Legg

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