Monday, May 12, 2014

Man This Stuff is Wack!

Ok so we don't have time today, so I will just try to get you the stories down for right now :)
Ok so this is for those that think their mission is hard, or their 3rd world country is bad, or that think they know what we are going through. Man this stuff is wack!

Ok so Elder Berisa is from Ethiopia. Which, yes, is another 3rd world country, which sounds way bad, but he has only been here for 2 months and he had a complete mental breakdown!

He gets up one morning acting a little weird.  Then during studies he talked to his companion for 2 hours straight about all sorts of craziness. Such things as:  when Italy tried to colonize Ethiopia it failed because Ethiopia is God's Chosen country, that the lost pages from the book of Mormon are hidden in Ethiopia, that the Ethiopian government is trying to kill his dad, and that black people are going to destroy the church! What the what!???

Then his companion takes a 20 minute eye rest, and wakes up to a missing companion.  We then discover that his bike is missing, so we go check outside.  When we arrive at the gate Elder Berisa flies past us on his bike with a wild look in his eye.  He rode back and forth really fast.  We wait for awhile for him to come back, but he doesn't.  We call it in that we have a missing missionary.  

We get a call from our bishop that a missionary had an encounter with a taxi, or something, and now he is at the police station.  We rush to the station and find Elder Berisa with chains wrapped around his wrists and a padlock keeping him at bay.  We asked him what happened and he couldn't remember anything.  

We went around piecing together the rest of the puzzle. Apparently he had tried to break into a car and steal it.  So some guys tried to fight him, and he got kinda beat up, and he spit into the car through the window he had just smashed.  Then the police had to wrestle him down to put the chains on him. So yeah, some serious craziness, and he has no idea. 

Did I mention when he left he was fully dressed in missionary attire except for he had no shoes on! Agh what is going on here??  This is hard that's all I can say.

Next week remind me to talk about me pooping in a guy's yard and getting yelled at.
But for today I'm out of time but I love you guys!
Love Elder Legg

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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