Monday, May 12, 2014

My Tribe Speaks Pig Latin (igPay atinLay)

Without power and water hmm. Well there is a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Without water I just went out without showering and we get these bags of pure water that we are able to drink.

Gosh I want fast food sooo bad! Dang it! And Yeah gosh choir is something I miss a ton!
Yeah woop woop gonna call! So we can talk more then! You guys should ask about my twi this time so I can Impress you, but don't ask me anything too hard because I still am not good at it! I will try to call between 1 and 4 here so like what 7 and 10 there maybe :)

 I just got some money out, because I will be going to Circle tomorrow so I will try to get a camera and some shoes.  I was going to buy shoes today, but the guy obroney priced me, so I got kind of grumps and just took my business elsewhere... but that elsewhere didn't have shoes.
Tay: flip like I coulda gone over that! im no good with notes and whatnot! but dont worry my first tryout I practiced just the day before :) you are gonna rock it! man you are hanging out with your friends too much! what am you gonna do when you can drive?!
Ty:hey sorry bro! its no good being sick! whats wrong? dont worry ill talk all about my nasty sickness thismorning :) gosh you just rockin it up in fx and goin on tour and just everything right now! you do way more stuff there than I do here! every day I do the same thing haha keep it up bro!
Tali:hey its good all those people are still doing well! glad the fx concert was awesome! what is this ballet dance that you are going to be doing?! why have I not heard about that? prepare a bunch of questions to ask me on sunday!
Gracie:freak how come when dad is in charge of the girls you guys always go out and do super fun stuff but when he is watching me he isnt wanting to do anything? ;p hey get ready for me calling sunday! things are gonna be pumpin!
Ok so this week I got super sick... well actually just this morning! I was dying! I was running and in pain and nothing was going right! It started at 5 in the morning and I wasn't able to leave the toilet for more than 30 minutes before I had to return. We tried to visit sister Hannah and her Daughter Charity, but nope. I turned the 25 minute ride home into an 8 minute ride home! Ugh but after 4 anti diarrhea pills, 4 tums and 3 advils I was able to finally get out of bed.  Oddly enough I still haven't eaten today!
The sickness was probably a result of the fufu I ate at the nasty girl's birthday party last night.  No the party wasn't that fun, but I hit it off with the little girls. They taught me all the Ghanaian dances, so I  can kind of do them now! yeah yeah!
Also we met a super sweet guy this week.  He showed up at church on his own. He told us he had met with missionaries a few months before, but he was in a nasty accident and just recently got out of the hospital. He said he used to go to his brother's church where his brother was a pastor, but he knew that Latter Day Saints was the true church and it was where he needed to be.   Studd!!!!!
Also once again I wooped on the African Elders in football! USA wins again and there is just no stopping us!
Also since I keep getting in trouble for not having a tribal language from back home, I have been perfecting my Pig Latin, and people are loving it!   I can speak it good now!

Alright so times up, but looks like the party is on so keep it up y'all!
Love Elder Legg

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