Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I AM the Rabid Monkey Whisperer

Ok, one I forgot was the Monkey story!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, just so everyone gets a preview.........I am the rabid monkey whisperer!!!!

I went on exchanges last week, and there was Chatterly, Jones, Reeves, and I.  Those are the guys in Kasoa 2nd ward. Elder Jones has an investigator with a little pet monkey tied to this big metal thing in a corner. 

Man it was cool!!  It's running and jumping all over this wall. PS...It wasn't rabid, just mean! We bought a bunch of biscuits, and wanted to try to feed it.  Apparently this is just one freaking racist monkey!!!!  The black people there could just walk right up to it, and hold it, or feed it, or whatever. But if we got too close, it starts hissing and jumping at us, trying to kill us!  
After Reeves had been bitten, and Jones had been scratched, it was my turn to make the attempt. I got real close-like, when all of a sudden, it came a-flyin at me! I fell backwards landing on my, already sore, buttocks!   But after a few attempts, I was able to successfully hand the monkey a cookie!  Pew pew pew gosh I am the bomb!
So all you guys who have been asking about the exotic animals I have been seeing..........there was a monkey, and I fed it!
If you want to picture what this monkey was exactly like, think of the one from Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Feed a monkey.......CHECK!

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