Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Poop Story

Ok, so first, yes I am emailing on the wrong day. (5/20/14) But there were more light problems and moving issues and painting and cleaning and ridiculousness! It is the most frustrating thing to be sitting in the cafe and the light goes out, then you look across the street and realize you are on the absolute edge of your grid and it's going to be midnight before you could get back on email!!! Ugh, but here we go!

Ok, so mom you wanted the poop story! Ok here:
So as I hope you all know I get runny tummy a lot here. Not completely sure what its from, but probably a mix of the food, the bugs, the rats, the cockroaches, and the mold all over our house! Ugh, but yeah nearly every day I make a mad dash to the toilet! 

So a few weeks ago ELder Crotz and I were on exchanges, but both us us were having really bad stomach troubles. We should have stayed in, but since we are just too hard working we thought we could just run out, see a few people, run back, and then we would be safe. We go out and at the first appointment Crotz tells the investigator we couldn't start the lesson yet, because he left something.  Then as fast as he could he dashed back to our house. We made it but only kind of. We got to the house, but bad news...........we were locked out.  The other guys had both keys, so Crotz grabbed a piece of cardboard and just had a nice squat in the bushes next to our house... ewwww!  But after that we were feeling ok.  So we decided to try again! 

We went out and had 3 failed appointments, which led us about a 45 minute walk from the house. We were just walking minding our own business, when it hit us like a poop train on overload!  We were looking all over for bushes and eventually found a nice little alcove a little ways off the road.  I was smart enough to bring a whole 4 squares of t-roll for us to share. We got down right there.  Crotz in some bushes, and me up against the foundation of a little house.  We do our business, and, of course, don't have enough tissue.......so I ripped some pages out of my planner and used those.  Feelling good and refreshed, I grab my trousers and stand up only to hear "HEY, who said you could **** there?! Who said you could make that into a toilet?" Great I thought I had escaped pooping in my drawers, but it appears not!
Some crazy old dude was just watching us relieve ourselves! |I guess I should thank him, because he was nice enough to wait until we were done before he yelled at us.

Elder Crotz and I tried to defend our selves for a little while, but since we were fighting a losing battle, we just kind of ran away..........yeah pooped in some dude's yard, got caught, and then ran away.
Now if any of you are wondering what missionaries do, that is exactly it.

Yeah for this week though my companion and I are killing ourselves because we are running 2 areas and training the new guy because Elder Damane is sick... again, well I guess still... for 2 months... ugh defs not sick!  But it's ok, because we were able to still get average numbers in our area. Kind of, not exactly average for us, but for the low working mission we are in. We would just drop their area, but 3 people from there need to be baptized, and these guys haven't taught them anything!  All's well that ends well though right? And  baptism seems like a pretty good ending to me.

We were able to meet Sister Hannah, who is this older lady, whose daughter was just baptized.  She has her husband and like 3 kids who are not members. Just she and Charity come to church. It's sad because almost every time we go there she asks us what she needs to do to get the rest of her family to come. I love this woman, but I hate going to see her.  It is just so painful to have to tell her that everyone has agency, and she just has to keep inviting them, even if she gets rejected every time... agh well we will just keep waiting. As she continues to be an awesome example, they will eventually see the true happiness she receives from this gospel, and that it really is the truth that she believes in.

Gracie: goodness now your a big bad middle schooler! Don't let it go to your head, or you'll be a spunky punk :P why are you getting so old? I am still the same as when I left!  You should stay the same too! How come you don't like the fun run? its way fun!!  Well don't worry I heard you did great!

Tali:  Of course you are going to be a future principal, and got that award for your class!  They  must have all known that you like to be the boss ;) and I heard you did the fun run super fast!   What the what!?!  Girl why you gotta be like that?  I don't think I can even do it that fast! Especially right now!  My tummy runs more than I do now!

Tay: YEAH FX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you made it!!! And what--- 3 of 4 freshman were from our ward! Gosh you are such a boss! Were you bustin a move and showin them what's what!?  And you go and rock it up at the stake dances!  Gosh keep it up bro chang!

Ty:  Yeah, what is up with this junky truck stuff!?  Next time just buy us something new right ;)  Of course you made FX and Madrigals!  You're like top of the school now, and everyone is looking up to you!  Show them what it means to be awesome!

Ok so Imma zip out because my lunch time is up so I see ya next week!
Love Elder Legg

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