Monday, April 28, 2014

What's Wrong With My Body????

Woo, today is so hot!  Like I hope you realize that we can't even wear real clothes just to wash our laundry.  You just strip down and get soaked from sweat.  It's no fun at all!

Gosh you guys be grateful, because one day you'll be here and you are going to love your home!!! Oh & mom Elder Chatterly and I were talking about Costco food, and yes you will be buying a ton of bulk microwave food when I get home!  Fast food here takes at a minimum 10 minutes.  And then you are sad because you wish you had taken another 10 minutes so that you could actually feel like you've eaten! Agh!  Tell me, can you possibly imagine what if feels like to be starving all of the time, and then you are still getting fatter!  What's wrong with my body?????

Because of my chest hair, if I was in Nigeria, I would get even more girls!! :)  I did tell the scary one to buzz off.   But I got reported for "being with a girl"!!! GOODNESS!!  A load of junk!!  It's part of their culture to hold your and and just lead you places.  So first, I had my hand held by a problem.  Then a few minutes later, my recent convert Sister Esther (YES another Esther) then leads me somewhere.......problem.  Then one of my girls (a family with like 6 little girls, but mostly like the oldest 3 which go from 8-14) Sister Theresa grabbed me and started walking me problem.  All within a half hour----3 hand holds, and because 1 was my age I got reported!  Ugh!!  Have I mentioned I get reported a lot!!

Man we have so many people coming for baptism that we don't have enough time to teach them all what they need to know.  We had to request an emergency baptism also for this week, because we have got 2 people going to school on next Monday.
Here a lot of the schools are boarding schools.  Because you don't get to choose where you go when you're older.  It's weird, but you get like 5 choices, and then according to your test scores and learning styles, the government places you!

Sorry this is short, but we haven't had water or power all day.  Our pump broke, and we are all out of food and money until next week.

Elder Legg

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