Thursday, April 17, 2014

Full on Movie Style----Like 2 Feet Off the Ground

Ok, so for this week it was pretty interesting! 

First soccer today:  We played at the chapel today and there were 3 teams--1 American team, 1 Ghanaian team, and Uganda/South Africa/Ethiopia/another African country.  It was me, Elder Jones, and Elder Chatterley on a team versus the Ghanaian team, and the mixed African team.   And yes, I am sure you are all wondering who won??  Just so everyone knows, we dominated and my American team went undefeated!  I only scored like a thousand goals though, so that was disappointing. ;)
We said it was foreshadowing for the World Cup with USA vs Ghana coming up! Oh yeah we trash talked it up!
In the midst of playing, my shoes totally blew out, so I will see if I can fix them again, but I am going to need new shoes.   After they blew I had to keep playing, so I went barefoot.  And now it looks like I have leprosy!   My toenails are all sorts of nasty and ripped up, there's cuts all over, and lots of blisters, and even more blood.  It is sweet!  Oh, plus all that extra layers of dirt up in there!
Ok now on to the real craziness!!!!!
So as I hope you are aware, we were robbed a little while ago.   This was the 4th time in a string of robberies plaguing us over the last 2 months.   We have been pretty sure who it is since the kid was caught in our house during the 3rd incident.   

The bishop and mission president got involved since the kid is a ward missionary, and basically nothing was done, so the kid just got more confident!  I mean flip he's thinking---- I'm robbing from some people that represent Jesus Christ, so no problem they can't do anything to me........ Muahhaaha (evil laughter).  

Well after the 4th time, we were kind of just chill.  You know, forgive and forget, let's give him a chance to repent and get this all fixed himself.... So Friday (a few days ago) we return home and this time everyone's luggage has been broken into.  We are pretty well cleaned out of anything electronic! Cameras, memory cards, speakers, and money. 

Yeah so maybe this isn't good, but we all kind of snapped!  Elder Azalwa and I know where the kid lives, so we called him to meet us at his place.  We get there and he never shows.   He's telling us he is at all these different places and a bunch of bull.  Then we go to call him again and his phone is off.   We talk to his sister and find out he had been kicked out for stealing from us and  he is now staying at the young men's president!   So we meet the young men's president at his shop, because we are worried he is in on it.  Then we get a call from the other missionaries saying he's in the apartment.   The other guys were waiting there for a call from us.  The kid said he had gone to our apartment to try to meet us there.  So they took him inside. Elder Azalwa and I rushed home in case something bad was about to go down.  We find him inside in a chair with 5 freakin ticked missionaries surrounding him. (luckily the crazy one was asleep at this time.)

Levels of anger:
Legg- calm, laughing, hungry
Azalwa- worried, cool, calm, collected
Jones- chill frustrated
Tony- chill grumps
Chatterley- controlled rage
Berisa- flippin ticked, ready to break 
Crotz- mob boss calm, ready to smack down
Damane- blood thirsty rage

So yes, it was intense and dangerous there!  I sat down and started eating while ELder Azalwa tried to talk to the boy.  Damane came out and tried to beat him, but Azalwa restrained him and got him into his room. He was down right spitting mad. And his mouth was spitting some fire the kid's way. 
But the kid started to talk a tiny bit.  So we knew some craziness was needed to get him to talk.   Suddenly out of no where Chatterley grabs him by the collar and slams him into our door then picks him up by the shirt.   Full on movie style----like 2 feet off the ground.  I took him to his room to get a hold on him.  While we were in the room we hear some crashing.   We thought Damane had gotten out again, but this time it was Berisa.
Ok so Damane was easy to restrain.  He's like 5'8" 
Now Berisa, he's 6'2", 230ish lbs, and back home he owns a gym where he teaches people to fight.  And his whole family are champion fighters..... Yeah that one was hard, since he was full on going for the throat! 

Gosh this kid  is stupid.   So  during these crazy outbursts he admits to having done it, and then later he denies it.   SO Elders Azalwa, Jones, Tony, and I went out with the boy to go get the stuff. 
He took us to the young men's president's house, and OOPS, the stuff wasn't there.  Then he took us to some little kid's house, and tried to blame him, but he was at school during all the happenings. We went on a wild goose chase for many hours.   At like 9pm, he said he would have the stuff to us by 8 the next morning, so we let him go.

Next day and nothing.  He tried to deny everything, and we were just getting more ticked.  The Assistants to the President came to try to help, and they got sick of the kid really fast too.   They ended up having to take ELders Damane and Crotz away for the weekend for the safety of the kid.
We met with the boy and Bishop and his counselor on Sunday and everyone knows he did it!!!  Gosh we have plenty evidence.   The counselor wanted to take the kid outside and beat the truth out of him.  But we finally decided that if he doesn't get us our stuff back, he should just go to jail. And that is the point we are at now.

So now some more frustrating details:

1.  Kid doesn't work, and his family is way poor.   Somehow he has a super nice phone and new clothes. Also he is taking driving lessons, which are way expensive here.   
2.  He has had access to the keys in the past, so he could get a copy easy, and we are missing some of them.   
3.  Also he has the knowledge to be able to get past our padlocks.   So do I now!  Apparently that is like common knowledge here!!! 
4.  In the Bishop's office he was asked, "The missionaries say you broke into their home and you have taken their stuff.  Is this true?"  He responded with, "I know they are not lying." And then,  "Where is the stuff?"  "It's not with me."  Agh!!  He just wants us to kill him!

Reason the young men's president is under suspicion:
1. took thief into his home
2. lied to us about the times when he saw the boy on Friday
3. he tried to threaten us for coming to his house and trashing his place (which we definitely didn't do at all!)
4. he and the kid talk in secret and then split when they see us
5 he sells all the gosh dang stuff that is being stolen! cameras, mem cards, all of those things!

Agh!!  But the kid's ultimatum now is to either get us our stuff, or you are going to jail!
Yeah so we have been having a right nice time here! 
Yeah I'm not sure what else but that's a nice story for you :)

Love Elder Legg

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